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The 9 Best Masters in Data Science in Europe


Data Science is a subject that is growing in popularity. Companies create a huge amount of data every day and will continue to do so in the future. As a consequence, there are plenty of opportunities for grads who know how to analyse data. But which are the best Masters in Data Science in Europe? We’ve decided to find out.

The year-on-year growth in data science job listings between 2019 and 2020 was 37%. But the global tech talent shortage will grow to 85 million by 2030. This means that in the future there will be more opportunities in this sector.

If you’re planning on pursuing a career in data science, you’ll want to follow the best programme. Luckily, we’ve tracked down the 9 best Masters in Data Science in Europe. From Germany to the UK, these are the programmes that will give you a headstart in your data science career.

Best Masters in Data Science in Europe: What are they?

9. Master in Data Science and Advanced Analytics, with a Data Science Major at NOVA Information Management School (Portugal)

Nova IMS Portugal

The Master’s programme at Nova IMS in Lisbon focuses on big data and computational science. First-year courses include Machine Learning, Data Mining, and Big Data Analytics. There are also elective data science modules if you want to go deeper into niche subjects. The programme’s biggest attraction though is the work experience opportunities that are available. The best first-year students have the chance to complete a 6-month paid internship at a partner institution where they’ll get real-life work experience in data science.

8. Master in Computing Science: Data Science at Radboud University (Netherlands)

Radboud University Data Science

Radboud University’s Data Science programme is a specialisation on their Computing Science degree. Taught by the Institute for Computing and Informational Sciences, the two-year programme covers all aspects of data science. This includes machine learning and Bayesian networks to philosophy and ethics for computing science. You’ll also have the option to take electives in related areas like chemistry, biophysics, and language studies to complement your degree. Students who excel in the programme can also complete a dual degree in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence over three years. With this, you’ll gain skills that may be crucial in the future.

7. Master in Data Science at Rome Business School (Italy)

Best Data Science Programmes In Rome

The Data Science Masters at Rome Business School has a broad curriculum – students study scientific processes in data science as well as managerial skills. Consequently, students get a well-rounded look at the business aspects of data science. After graduating, you should be ready to take on senior positions in organisations as well as technical roles in data science. One of the standout parts of the programme is the international boot camps in Rome and Barcelona, giving you the chance to work with many other students from Europe.

6. MSc Data Science at IU International University of Applied Science (Germany)

Data Science Programmes in Germany

The Masters in Data Science at IU International University is one of the most affordable around €183 per month for the full-time, 12-month programme. Students can also complete a dual degree with London South Bank University, graduating with both a German and British degree. With 35,000 students from 110 nations studying at the university, you’ll get an international experience while studying the technical aspects of data science. Compulsory modules include Python programming, machine learning, big data, and cyber security – so you’ll get a broad overview of everything data science can do.

5. MSc Business Intelligence & Data Science at International School of Management (ISM) (Germany)

ISM University Germany

Students at ISM offers flexibility lacking from other Master’s programmes. Students can study in the city of their choice: Dortmund, Munich, Hamburg, or Stuttgart. The ISM curriculum focuses on a blend of technical skills and creativity; students will also follow modules on consulting and business analysis alongside software engineering and database systems courses. ISM is one of the best private universities in Germany and attracts students from as many as 75 different nationalities.

4. Master in Data Science at ETH ZÜrich (Switzerland)

Masters in Data Science Zurich

The Master in Data Science at ETH Zürich is taught in collaboration with the Mathematics and Electrical Engineering departments, so it definitely embraces the technical side of this niche subject. The two-year programme centres around advanced subjects like neural network theory, advanced machine learning and algorithms. Students also spend time in the Data Science Lab, where they will gain hands-on experience with real-life data.

3. Master in Data Science and Management at LUISS University (Italy)

Luiss University Rome

LUISS’ programme features a blend of technical data skills and economics. Students will follow courses on the digital economy and data protection law, as well as statistics and data visualisation. This unique pairing creates students skilled in both data science and business – a useful pairing for future jobs. With under 10,000 students, LUISS has a strong community with a big international population. So, it’s a great place to network and look for future opportunities in both Rome and the rest of Europe.

2. MSc Data Science at the University of Edinburgh (UK)

Data Science Masters Programme in Edinburgh

If you’re looking for a Masters in Data Science in the UK, then the University of Edinburgh is the place to go. The one-year programme covers all aspects of data science including extreme computing and accelerated neural language processing. As well as the subject matter, you’ll be joining a prestigious university. The University of Edinburgh ranks as one of the best universities in the UK, and you’ll join a community of 13,000 international students.

1. MSc Data Sciences and Business Analytics at ESSEC Business School (France)

ESSEC Business School Data Science

Finally, the best Masters in Data Science in Europe – the Data Science and Business Analytics programme at ESSEC. QS ranked this programme the best Master in business analytics in the world, and it’s easy to see why. The Master is a hybrid of data science, business analytics, and digital strategy and focuses on practical applications of skills. As a result, students can pursue technical roles in data analysis or opportunities in strategy and management.

Conclusions about the best masters in data science in Europe

Ten years ago, data science might have been a niche subject in a traditional business studies programme. Now, though, many universities across Europe offer dedicated Masters programmes in the subject. Whichever of these top Masters in Data Science programmes you choose, you’re sure to gain the skills and experience needed to undertake a career in the field. Good luck!

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