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What Is A Business and Management Degree?

Business and Management degrees are one of the most popular study topics for students around the globe and are a staple course for business schools and specialist institutions.

Business and Management degrees are designed to give candidates critical knowledge on running a business, whether it’s taking an SME and growing it into a larger corporation or looking for ways to innovate already established businesses in your target sector.

Unlike many programmes, business management covers most areas of industry with lessons that can be taken and applied to most business models, although there are certain courses that specialise in certain areas.

Best Management and Business Schools

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) – Sloan School of Management
2. Stanford University
3. University of Oxford
4. University of Cambridge
5. Duke University

Benefits of a Business and Management Course

The advantage of a business and management course is that you are highly employable for most industries – there is little specialisation amongst the courses unless you seek it out which means your skills and knowledge are highly transferable.

Candidates studying a business and management course will also usually be given knowledge and experience of the difficulties of starting a business and of growing businesses, something which is extremely important for any SEM or start-up who wants to make their business thrive.

This enterprising nature means that business and management graduates are highly sought after and their transferable skills make them valuable assets to businesses around the world; making them one of the most versatile groups of graduates.

Business and Management Structure

Business and management courses are three-year commitments although there are many institutions which now include an option for a ‘sandwich course’; which allows the candidate to include a 12-month work placement in industry as part of their studies.

These courses with a work placement allow candidates to gain valuable work experience to help them find work after their studies are complete, many of which will return to the company they were placed with a job offer upon completion.

Whilst this is a popular option, there is also the option to study a standard three-year course without the placement which means you will be finished quicker with your studies. Some universities and business schools also offer the option to study the course remotely which can last up to five years, although these are much rarer.

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Why to study Business & Management?

It is worth studying Business & Management there are plenty of universities you can choose from. Based on student reviews on EDUopinions, the overall rating of the Business & Management is 4.3.

What is the best university to study Business & Management?

The best university to study the Business & Management is the University of the People with an overall student rating 5 on EDUopinions.

How many universities offer the Business & Management?

5407 of universities and higher education institutions offer the Business & Management .

Is it easy to find a job after studying Business & Management?

If you're wondering if it's easy to find a job after studying Business & Management , let's check out the EDUopinions blog and find out!

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