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Review Guidelines

Guidelines to write reviews

Your opinions are extremely valuable to other students. With them, you share your experience about your University or studies.

Our moderation team reserves the right to reject any review that doesn’t follow these guidelines.

Advice to give useful reviews


  • Describe your educational experience like you would describe it to a friend.
  • Give specific and useful details:
    1. Was the course as expected?
    2. What did you like the most?
    3. Would you recommend it to a friend?
  • Share reviews that are concise and easy to understand.
  • Take a moment to read your review before publishing to minimize any errors or omissions.


  • Don’t share reviews without specifics or facts. (e.g. “magnificent”, “terrible university”, “the best MBA in the world”).
  • Don’t give reviews about Universities or masters where you have not studied.
  • Don’t copy text from other sources.
  • Don’t include links. The reviews can’t be used as commercials or ads.
  • Don’t insert in the review email addresses, phone numbers or any other personal details.
  • Don’t mention professors, colleagues, or employee’s names or personal information.
  • Don’t use any inappropriate or sexual language.


During the approval process, EDUopinions has the right to contact you asking for proof of your studies at that university.

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