About EDUopinions

Who is EDUopinions?

EDUopinions is a student centered platform with real reviews from students to students as well as a valuable tool for universities.


At EDUopinions, we strongly believe there is an excellent education for everybody.

We are determined to connect current students with prospective students and create valuable reviews easily available and accessible to everyone.


  • Transparent and verified student reviews
  • All reviews are cross-checked and meet specific guidelines before being published
  • Students must authenticate via LinkedIn or Facebook
  • Students data privacy is important


Our team consists of Higher Education experts, backed by a venture capital company with presence in Andorra, Barcelona, London, and Sydney.

Want to join our team? We want to hear from you! careers@eduopinions.com

You can contact us at:

Andorra: (+376) 363 441
Barcelona: (+34) 933 968 691
London: (+44) 20 3287 8515
Sydney: (+61) 2 800 34834