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The choice regarding higher education is one of the most important ones in the life of a young adult. Why? Because, most likely, it will have a significant influence on the career path as well as the salary of the person. It is even more challenging when you realize that there are thousands of Universities and Business Schools from all around the world that you can attend. So selecting the only one is a particularly complicated decision that should be well-thought-out and researched.

At EDUopinions, we are well aware of the impact that this choice can have on the future of a young person. That is why we founded our website and created a place where everyone can check university reviews and rankings from top institutions in the world and choose the best available option. We aim to help as many people as we can, no matter where or what they want to study. EDUopinions currently holds student reviews for over 5000 institutions in 130 different countries, and both of these numbers grow with each passing day. Add your own opinion about school and help us evolve even more!


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At EDUopinions, we want to encourage students and alumni from schools all over the world to write about their experiences so the people following in their footsteps can make a well-informed decision about their future. That is why we include not only Universities and Business Schools rankings, but we also focus on the most popular disciplines, specialities, and programs those institutions offer. Users can search for institutions focusing on Management, International Business, Finance, Marketing, Social Sciences, Medicine, Arts, and many others. That way, each person can find the school most fitting to their interests.

Verified student rankings and reviews can be an essential factor for many students who are wondering about a certain school as they help to make a decision. Every review that you see on our website comes from a real person who attends or has attended said institution. How can we be sure of that? Users who want to post an opinion must log in with their LinkedIn or Facebook profile. Of course, then we cross-check that review, so the readers can be sure of its authenticity.


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We are well aware that Universities and Business Schools reviews are not the only essential factors when choosing a place to study. Another fundamental determinant is both the country and city where the institution is placed. Many young people prefer to study abroad, so they can travel, meet new people, learn more about foreign cultures and gain some valuable life experience. That is why at EDUopinions, we included university reviews and Business School rankings that show institutions from over 130 different countries. Among the most sought-after spots are such places as Spain, France, Germany, and The United Kingdom. Users can browse through the most popular destinations and learn more about the best Universities and Business Schools in each particular region. With EDUopinions, you will be able to quickly find a dream school in a dream country!

It is important to remember that EDUopinions offers not only Business School and University rankings but also focuses on giving students free personalized advice and assists in making an educated decision. So if you have any questions, or you could use some support, contact our team – experienced EDUopinions advisors will be more than happy to help you make the right choice!

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