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What are Arts and Humanities?

Arts and Humanities programmes include both the traditional elements of the arts such as painting, sculpture, music, theatre and dance; along with the more modern elements of humanities which are more difficult to define. The humanities include many of the more modern additions to higher education curriculums such as media and communication studies, which includes specialisms such as PR and journalism; they also include other more traditional areas of study such as archaeology and philosophy.

Specialisms within the arts and humanities very widely and cover a vast range of topics. Whilst studying under the wider umbrella of arts and humanities you could be studying the languages of ancient civilisations, theology throughout history and cutting-edge graphic design. This variety means that art and humanities specialisms appeal to many people, giving them a study option for them to follow their passion, or an opportunity to study vocationally for the start of a career path.

Best Art and Humanities Universities

1. Stanford University
2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
3. University of Oxford
4. University of Cambridge
5. Harvard University

Benefits of Arts and Humanities

Arts and humanities students are often very passionate about their subject which helps to create driven individuals that have skills that are extremely useful for the workplace. Even if they are not working in their field of study, this passion and enthusiasm make them a valuable asset to a workforce.

As well as passion, arts and humanities students can also bring a large amount of creativity to any role. This creativity gives them the option to adapt to a workplace and think laterally to bring something new to a position, something which in the age of content is invaluable to any employer.

Along with creativity, arts and humanities students are often equipped with key transferable skills such as critical thinking and analysis, the ability to analyze information along with the crucial ability to work autonomously and to deadlines which any employer likes to see.

Structure of Arts and Humanities

The diverse nature of the arts and humanities discipline means there are several common course structures for various specialisms along with the standard undergraduate 3-year full-time option. Some courses allow for shorter, more intense periods of study over one or two years depending on the specialism. The more modern specialisms within the field of media and communications commonly have 4-year courses that include a one-year vocational placement to give students the opportunity to apply their skills on a work placement, however, there are also shorter courses for more specific study areas.

Many of the arts specialisms follow a more traditional structure with a set study period of one, two or three years where portfolios and pieces are worked on to achieve a final grade, along with learning about theory within the specialism.

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Why to study Arts & Humanities?

It is worth studying Arts & Humanities there are plenty of universities you can choose from. Based on student reviews on EDUopinions, the overall rating of the Arts & Humanities is 4.2.

What is the best university to study Arts & Humanities?

The best university to study the Arts & Humanities is the University of the People with an overall student rating 5 on EDUopinions.

How many universities offer the Arts & Humanities?

5139 of universities and higher education institutions offer the Arts & Humanities .

Is it easy to find a job after studying Arts & Humanities?

If you're wondering if it's easy to find a job after studying Arts & Humanities , let's check out the EDUopinions blog and find out!

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