FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

I want to write a review, how can I do it?

Fantastic! Look for the university you want to write a review for, login with your LinkedIn or Facebook profile and write your review!

Why can’t I see the review I gave?

All the reviews are checked by the EDUopinions moderation team. The reviews will be published once they are approved, usually in a 48-hour period (excluding weekends).

Are there any guidelines to write the reviews?

Of course! You can read our guidelines before writing your review.

How can I be sure that the reviews are from real people?

Anyone writing a review must login via LinkedIn or Facebook. Our platform uses tools to determine that all the reviews come from real people.

Can I add a University?

Make sure the University doesn’t appear in the search results. If it doesn’t, you can easily add the university.

Does EDUopinions offer scholarships?

EDUopinions does not offer scholarships. You should contact the university of your choice or other specialized sites on the internet.

How can I find more information about a university of my interest?

EDUopinions is a platform to give reviews. You can contact directly the university of your choice to get more information. You will find the website of that university in the EDUopinions page with all the reviews about it.

I am a student; can I work with EDUopinions?

It’s an honor for us to get to know ambitious students and to investigate possible collaborations. You can read our page Work at EDUopinions and get in touch.

I work at University. How can I establish a relationship with EDUopinions?

We are delighted to associate with universities. Please contact us, it will be an honor to know about your needs.

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