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8 Of The Best Masters in Business Analytics


Are you passionate about data? Does the world of business excite you? Today is your lucky day. We look at 8 of the Best Masters in Business Analytics as well as why analytical roles are becoming increasingly critical in the modern world, and what career prospects you will have after graduation.

Why study business analytics?

With a degree in business analytics, you will learn how to develop new business insights through the use of statistics and data modelling. If you are passionate about data and business, you will likely love this programme and the skills and tools it provides. Basic knowledge of coding might be highly recommended or required by some universities.

The programme will also help you develop the unique skill of taking extremely complex data sets and breaking them down into actionable insights and business strategy.

What jobs will this help me get?

If you’ve made the decision that Business Analytics is the right study path for you, you might be wondering what kind of jobs roles you can look forward to post-graduation. You can expect to carry out database management, build statistical models, or even work in finance. In other words, you can find a job as a Business Analyst, Financial Analyst, Marketing Operations Analyst, or HR Analyst, Web Analyst and anything in between.

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8 Of The Best Masters in Business Analytics

ESCP Business School – France, Germany

ESCP Berlin exterior

If you are planning to move either to Berlin or Paris, you will be able to study business analytics at ESCP Business School. They offer a 1-year MSc in Big Data and Business Analytics, in English, with a 1-week seminar in Beijing. The goal of the programme is to deliver an understanding of the importance of big data in the current business world. The programme starts in September and costs EUR 20,000. Tuition fees also cover travel and accommodation expenses of the mandatory seminar in Beijing.

BI Norwegian Business School – Norway

Norwegian Business School - BI - campus

Is Norway on your radar? We have good news for you. You can study business analytics at BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo. The full-time programme is delivered in English and lasts two years, with a start time set for August. One of the factors that distinguish this programme is flexibility. In fact, it allows students to study from anywhere during their second year. Additionally, they can either do an internship, become a consultant, or a research assistant. The programme costs approximately EUR 11,000 per year.

SRH Heidelberg – Germany


SRH Heidelberg

Is Germany going to be your next home away from home? The programme offered by SRH Heidelberg might be just right for you. It is a 2-year MSc in Big Data and Business Analytics, available full or part-time, with start dates set in April or October. Additionally, a big part of the programme focuses on creative questioning techniques, storytelling, international law and ethics. The part-time option is perfect for working professionals as lectures take place over the weekend and online support (live chats and self-paced e-learning) is available. You can expect to pay around EUR 8000 per year for tuition fees.

ESC Clermont Business School – France

ESC Clermont

Does France sound good to you? Great, because you have the option to study there! ESC Clermont Business School offers a 1-year full-time MSc in Business Intelligence & Analytics with a September intake. While in Clermont-Ferrand, you will be able to work and study with a multicultural group of individuals, use a market-leader software, and get familiar with business intelligence and analytics concepts, methods and tools. Moreover, you will be able to take internships in France or elsewhere. Tuition fees are EUR 11,500.

UPF Barcelona School of Management – Spain


How does it sound to study in the beautiful coastal city of Barcelona? UPF Barcelona School of Management offers a 1-year full-time MSc in Management (with a specialization in Business Analytics) for future managers and consultants. They will acquire the analytical and managerial skills needed to turn strategic plans into substantial business performance. The right candidate for this programme needs to prove a background in either Economics, Business Administration, Engineering, Mathematics, Physics or a GMAT score of 600 or higher. Tuition fees for the UPF programme are EUR 18,500.

Nova School of Business & Economics – Portugal

Nova SBE

Dreaming of studying by the beach? Nova School of Business and Economics‘ facilities are nearby the famous Portuguese beach of Carcavelos, just a few kilometres away from Lisbon. NOVA SBE offers a full-time MSc in Business Analytics, in English, with a September intake. This 3 semester long programme aims to teach students how to design and manage data-driven organizations. The programme has a cost of EUR 11,900.

Vrije University – The Netherlands


You can also learn Business Analytics in Amsterdam by attending Vrije University. They offer a 2-year full-time degree that starts in September. During the programme, students can specialize in the following areas: business process optimization, computational intelligence, and financial risk management. The programme is in English and has a cost of  EUR 14,600 for international students and EUR 2,083 for European students.

University of Bath – United Kingdom

University of Bath

Last but not least, we are going to talk about the MSc in Business Analytics at the University of Bath. The programme will teach you how to create business opportunities using big data and develop the skills required to get into this career. It is a full-time 1-year course that starts in September. The cost of the degree is GBP 20,000 for international students.


Many universities and business schools offer business analytics degrees. Now it’s time to choose the right programme. To make an informed decision! EDUopinions can help you find the right programme based on your needs.

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