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10 Top Jobs of the Future for 2030 and Beyond


Our world is changing fast – so fast that the jobs that university graduates get today might even be completely redundant in 10 or 20 years’ time. We all know the value of technology in 2024 – but do you know what jobs are going to be the most in-demand? What are the top jobs of the future?

Based on the last 5-10 years, the jobs market of the future is probably going to look very different. Certain skills – particularly in innovative techs like blockchain and AI – will be more important, while other roles in more old-fashioned technology will be changed to reflect the modern world.

If you’re currently deciding what to study at university, looking at the top jobs of the future can give you a good idea of which careers might be particularly valuable in a few years’ time.

So, let’s find out which jobs are going to be most important in 2030 and beyond.

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10 Top Jobs of the Future

1. Software Developer

Software Developer Top Jobs of the Future

Software developers are already in demand, but jobs in software development are expected to grow by at least 25% between now and 2031. As more and more organisations embrace the power of technology, particularly innovative and complex tech, they’ll need more engineers to help run that technology and develop capabilities matched to each company.

2. Renewable Energy Expert

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is (hopefully) going to explode over the next ten years as global phasing out of fossil fuels gains ground. The EU, for example, is aiming for between 27% and 45% of all energy to come from renewables in 2030 – the figure currently stands at 22%. With demand growing for sustainable alternatives like wind and solar power, experts who know how to integrate renewable energy into the existing energy infrastructure will be incredibly in demand.

3. Blockchain Developer

Blockchain Developer

Among innovative tech jobs, blockchain development is definitely one of the top jobs of the future. Demand for blockchain is expected to grow massively over the next 10 years as industries like banking, travel, and healthcare realise the possibilities of this technology. As a result, blockchain developers will be needed by a whole range of industries that want to build digital databases to improve the security and effectiveness of data transfer.

4. Cyber Security Specialist

Cyber Security Expert

As more data is held in the cloud or in digital databases, cyber security specialists are going to have a lot of work. A recent survey has shown that the damage from cyberattacks could increase to an eye-watering $10.5 trillion in 2025. Consequently, every company will be looking to retain cyber security specialists to help reduce that risk and respond effectively to any attacks that do occur.

5. Ethical Hacker

Ethical Hacker Job

Similar to cyber security specialists, ethical hackers are also going to be increasingly called upon to verify the security of data. Ethical hackers replicate security breaches in order to find faults in a data system and, ultimately, increase security. Overall, the job market for information security analysts and ethical hackers is strong – it’s expected to grow by 33% by 2030. So, you can expect there to be many more opportunities for ethical hackers and other security professionals in the future.

6. AI Prompt Engineer

AI Prompt Engineer

Have you played around with AI art or text generators recently? Then you’ll know that the quality of the prompt really affects the output. With AI expected to impact almost every industry around the globe, the demand for prompt engineers who can get the most out of this technology will be huge. With AI set to cause the loss of seven million jobs, getting clued up in prompt engineering could be a way to beat the tech job rush.

7. Environmental Engineer

Environmental Engineer

It’s vital that the world tackles its pollution and waste problem to save the future – and environmental engineers are skilled at doing that. This job has become more important over the last few years and could grow further by 2030. With their practical understanding of machinery and systems, they can help design sustainable replacements for current technology.

8. Digital Currency Advisor

Jobs of the Future Digital Currency Advisor

As controversial as it still is, it looks like cryptocurrency is here to stay. And as more people turn to digital money, the role of a digital currency advisor is going to become even more important. Today, almost half of the financial advisors say they expect clients to request crypto advice in the future, but very few of these same advisors are currently experts in crypto. That’s going to change.

9. Autonomous Car Mechanic

Autonomous Car Mechanic

Autonomous cars – are they really the future? Well, many executives from the automotive industry still think the possibility is there and that regulation is the main thing preventing large-scale adoption of autonomous tech. And when all the autonomous cars finally enter the market, traditional mechanics just won’t be enough. You’ll need specialist knowledge of autonomous engineering to fix these cars – and there’ll be lots of jobs available for experts.

10. Augmented-Reality Journey Builder

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality hasn’t quite hit the mainstream yet, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t. Companies like Meta and Google are investing heavily in augmented reality worlds, and for those to be engaging and entertaining, you’ll need augmented reality journey builders. A blend of a traditional content creator, storyteller, and UX designer, these expert creators will ensure that users get the most out of augmented reality.


There’s no doubt that the world is going to change over the next 10 years – and that includes the kinds of jobs that are available and in demand. However, if you’re planning your career around the top jobs of the future, these are the ones to look out for.

Whether you’re interested in sustainability, technology, or content creation, there are evidently lots of ways you can apply your skills to innovative future jobs.

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