The 5 Best Business Schools in Portugal based on Student Reviews (2021)

The 5 Best Business Schools in Portugal


Which are the 5 Best Business Schools in Portugal?

Despite being a small country, for years Portugal has been known for having excellent weather, culture, and good universities. Amongst them, the ones that stand out are the business schools, which have been increasingly praised and recognised by top entities, such as the Financial Times and Eduniversal.

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Therefore, EDUopinions is going to look at the 5 Best Business Schools in Portugal. Feel free to ask our experts for any questions you might have.

Business Schools in Portugal

The 5 Best Business Schools in Portugal are:

ISCTE Business School:

Iscte Business School was created in 1972 and is recognised for its excellence in learning and research, innovative and entrepreneurial focus, international environment and exceptional work placement rates for its graduates. The school offers 7 Bachelors, 17 Masters and 4 PhD programmes and partnerships with more than 50 universities. Iscte Business School is accredited by A3ES, AACSB, EUA and AMBA. It is currently rated by the Financial Times as the 66th best business school in the world. Apart from the excellent quality of education, friendship, sport and culture occupy a very important space in Iscte Business School.

Nova School of Business and Economics:

With new facilities right in front of the famous Carcavelos beach, NOVA has 2 bachelors’ programmes, 3 masters’ of science programmes and 3 PhDs. It is currently rated by the Financial Times as the 25th best business school in the world. With 40% of their students coming from abroad, over 300 different partnerships with other universities internationally, and a 96% graduate employability rate in under 3 months, NOVA is a place with a competitive environment where you can develop yourself and be more independent while you build your own path to a successful future.

NOVA School of Business and Economics also runs The Lisbon MBA programme in conjunction with Lisbon Catholic School of Business and Economics.

Lisbon Catholic School of Business & Economics:

Located in the neighbourhood of Laranjeiras, this school was established in 1972 and was the first business school accredited by Triple Crown (AACSB, EFMD, and AMBA). Check out the institution’s EDUopinions page. It is currently the second-best business school in Portugal, being right after NOVA School of Business and Economics in 26th place as the best business school in the world, as rated by the Financial Times. Católica offers 2 bachelors’ programmes (Management and Economics), 1 PhD, and 3 masters’ programmes: an MSc in Management (with 2 different specialisations to choose from), an MSc in Economics, and an MSc in Finance. In addition, 50% of the students are foreign, and the university has over 140 different partnerships with prestigious international schools. Furthermore, 96% of their students are employed in under 3 months after they graduate.

As a joint venture with NOVA School of Business and Economics, Lisbon Catholic School of Business & Economics offers The Lisbon MBA programme.

Porto Business School:

With 30 years of history, Porto Business School is currently the 59th best business school in the world, according to the Financial Times. Being the 1st Portuguese university to have the LEED certification in the GOLD category, they are currently located in Matosinhos, in the new facilities opened in 2014. They currently offer a variety of programmes such as MBAs, a wide range of postgraduate courses, training programmes for executives, as well as hosting seminars for top management. Despite not offering bachelors’ programmes, Porto Business School is a place where you can specialise in the area you want, as well as expanding your knowledge and network.

ISEG – Lisbon School of Economics and Management:

Located right next to Parliament and 5 minutes away from the city centre, ISEG is the oldest business school in Portugal and has educated students like Cavaco Silva (former president of Portugal) and Mário Centeno (current president of the Eurogroup in 2018). Known for receiving a great number of foreign students every year,  promoting a friendly and very cooperative environment on campus between the students, and having a great student life that can’t be compared, ISEG also has many long-standing traditions and a wealth of culture that is evident in their students. ISEG currently has 5 bachelors’ programmes (2 of them in English), 20 masters’ of science, as well as 9 PhDs.


There are 5 of the top 95 business schools in the world and one historical school that has an excellent international reputation which makes up the best business schools in all of Portugal. Additionally, all of them are schools that promote international cooperation and welcome international students.

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Editor’s note: This article was first published on the 8th of August 2018. We’ve updated it for current readers in January 2021.

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João Ribeiro studies at the University of Lisbon and will soon be graduating with a bachelor's degree in Business Administration. He intends to undergo a master's programme as well, and has worked for AIESEC for over a year. His biggest dream is to inspire youth to never be complacent and to unleash their inner potential as leaders. His biggest passions are playing the guitar and travelling.
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