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The 8 Best Masters in International Finance


Keen on numbers, strategy and business? Want to study a degree that combines all three? Looking for a programme to launch your career? If so, then you have come to the right place. In this EDUopinions’ article, we will list the 8 best masters in international finance and provide details of what sets these programmes apart from the rest.

What can you do with an international finance degree?

Business Schools in Finance

A degree in international finance opens doors to a number of career fields. Graduates of this programme go on to work in start-ups, multinational corporations, stock trading and financial analysis. More specifically, this degree can help you get a job as a financial accountant or advisor, an investment banker, a management consultant or a stockbroker.

Is a masters in finance better than an MBA?

A masters in finance, or international finance for that matter, is not inherently better than an MBA. Rather, they are different in scope and purpose. A masters in finance traditionally has less of a business focus than an MBA, but many of the programmes on this list incorporate basic business principles into their curricula. On the flip side, an MBA will not cover as many financial topics in as much depth as a finance degree would. Which degree is right for you depends on a variety of personal factors, like your previous experiences and career goals.

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What is the highest paying job in finance?

If you are after a lucrative job, finance is a good industry to join. Depending on where in the world you work, finance roles can pay over £100,000 in yearly salaries. Across the board, the highest paying job in finance is probably that of a hedge fund manager. Professionals in this line of work can earn £124,000 at entry-level, with their commissions quickly climbing as they progress in their careers.

EDUopinions’ list of the best masters in international finance:

MSc2 International Finance at INSEEC Business School (France)

The MSc2 in international finance at INSEEC Business School is offered 100% in English at the institution’s Paris campus and is the natural continuation of INSEEC’s MSc1 in the same subject. This degree equips students with all the tools they need to become successful professionals at the intersection of the finance and business industries. Learning in this programme takes places via engaging classroom discussions and debates, making use of real-world case studies. This pedagogical method ensures a deep level of knowledge comprehension as well as provides students with useful interpersonal and soft skills for their professional lives. For these reasons, and many more, this programme offered by INSEEC Business School is one of the best masters in international finance.

Master in Global Finance at CBS INTERNATIONAL Business School (Germany)

Studies in Germany in English

Next up, the global finance masters offered by CBS International Business School is another excellent option to consider. Boasting a network of over 700 corporate partners and 120 partner universities, CBS is a great place to launch a global career. This four-semester programme takes place at the institution’s Cologne campus but attracts students from across the world. The degree consists of a base of core business subjects, programme-specific units and interdisciplinary modules. As well, students in the global finance master at CBS undertake an integrated internship, where they learn hands-on skills, making them not only more employable but also better business professionals—which is one of the reasons why graduates of CBS have such an easy time finding jobs soon after graduation!

MSc in International Accounting and Finance at EDHEC Business School (France)

Next on our list of the best masters in international finance is the MSc in international accounting and finance at EDHEC Business School. This one-year programme has a unique format, beginning self-paced online instruction in July until August. Then, students join the EDHEC campus in Nice from September until May. Students in this degree learn all the skills necessary to become effective financial decision-makers at the international level. This focus is reflected in the programme’s outstanding employability rate, with 100% of graduates having found jobs within just two months after finishing the programme. Without a doubt, this EDHEC programme is great for anyone looking to launch their career in international finance.

MSc in International Shipping and Finance at ALBA Graduate Business School (Greece)

The MSc in international shipping and finance at ALBA Graduate Business School is another one of the best masters in international finance. Offered via a collaboration between ALBA, the American College of Greece and the University of Reading, this 10 – 12 month programme aims to produce business professions capable of making change in the rapidly evolving industry of international shipping. What’s more, students in this programme graduate with a dual-diploma, one from each of the partner institutions, and get the opportunity to spend time studying and learning hands-on about business in both the UK and Greece. For anyone looking to get involved in a lucrative and emerging industry, this degree may be perfect for you.

MSc in Banking and International Finance at TBS Education (France)

TBS Business School - campus2

Another excellent option to consider is the MSc in banking and international finance at TBS Education. This 12-month programme is offered 100% in English, both part-time and full-time at the school’s Paris campus. Importantly, this programme has earned the CGE quality label, certifying its status as a top-level business degree. Students in this programme can expect to learn cutting-edge concepts in finance related to the globalised nature of modern banking systems. Something that sets this degree apart from others is the integrated consulting mission, in which students gain skills as financial advisors and put their classroom knowledge to use. With so many great qualities, it is no wonder why this programme is considered one of the best masters in international finance.

MSc in International Finance at Paris School of Business (France)

The MSc in international finance at Paris School of Business is also one of the best masters in international business available in Europe today. In addition to providing a core knowledge base in financial systems, theories and tools, this programme trains students to be experts in important skills like leadership, teamwork and communication. In addition, students in this programme benefit from flexibility in their module selections, with plenty of engaging electives to choose from. Finally, another attractive aspect of studying at the Paris School of Business is its brand new Bloomberg financial trading room, bringing the professional world of business to students’ very own campus!

MSc in International Banking and Finance at Glasgow School for Business and Society, Glasgow Caledonian University (United Kingdom)

Glasgow Caledonian - campus

As the only programme on this list primarily based in the UK, the MSc in international banking, finance and risk management at Glasgow School for Business is unique for a number of reasons. The programme lasts 16 months full-time, or two to three years part-time, allowing students ample time to pursue work opportunities alongside their studies. The focus of this course is preparing students to enter the rapidly changing world of finance, an industry that is recently in need of more and more qualified professionals. Students in this degree can be sure they are getting a top-notch education, as the Glasgow School for Business and Society is ranked number three of its kind in all of the UK.

International Master in Fintech, Finance and Digital Innovation at MIP Politecnico di Milano Graduate School of Business (Italy)

MIP Politecnico Di Milano Graduate School of Business - campus

Last but not least, the international master in fintech, finance and digital innovation at MIP Politecnico di Milano Graduate School of Business is another one of the best masters in international finance. This programme is great for students who want to learn more about the lucrative and growing field of fintech. This is truly a degree for the next generation of business, teaching students the ins and outs of finance-related technology. Taking place over 12-months with an incorporated project component, this full-time programme produces graduates ready to handle any business’s digital transformation. For anyone with an eye toward the future of finance, this degree is a fantastic option for you.

Conclusion about the Best Masters in International Finance

We at EDUopinions hope this article covering the best masters in international finance has helped you understand what options exist for the next step in your academic career. If you have any questions about these programmes or want help finding others, never hesitate to reach out to one of our free, individualised advisors!

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