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The 5 Best Masters in Finance in Europe 2022


Masters in Finance provide a deep understanding of important financial concepts, models and theories that can be applied in a corporate environment in roles like Finance Manager or Portfolio Manager. In the next few paragraphs, EDUopinions is going to present the best masters in Finance in Europe.

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Requirements for Masters in Finance

Masters in Finance require a strong quantitative analysis and mathematical skills. It is an intensive course and typically requires two years to complete the course. Students of Masters in Finance should have an undergraduate degree in finance or a related field, like accounting, and should have a background in calculus, statistics, economics, and financial accounting. Other requirements may include satisfactory scores in the GRE or GMAT exams. It is also a plus if they have worked in finance or any business field. Every school has different pre-requisites for work experience, so you may want to check with the schools you want to apply in.

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Best fields in Masters in Finance

Masters in Finance allow students to major in a lot of different fields according to their interests. Depending on the course curriculum, you may start out by studying a selection of core finance topics, such as accounting, corporate finance, financial valuation, behavioural finance, etc. Let us explore some popular courses:

  • International Finance: This is a broad branch of finance which is related to macroeconomics, interrelating money between countries. Topics may include international monetary systems, international taxation, exchange rates, foreign direct investment, etc.
  • Financial Management: This is a good option for those seeking financial careers in banking, insurance and finance sectors. Topics covered are likely to include corporate finance, accounting, financial markets, capital budgeting etc.
  • Financial markets: Ideal for those interested in financial or banking sectors. These markets explore topics such as financial institutions and regulation, monetary policy, debt.
  • Financial planning: This involves learning about financial goals through proper planning and wealth management. Topics include retirement planning, risk management or employee benefits.

The 5 best Masters in Finance in Europe:

Master’s in Finance at Nova School of Business and Economics

Nova’s Masters in Finance programme enables students to develop a solid knowledge, analytical and problem-solving competencies in the financial area. Nova School of Business and Economics is located in Lisbon, Portugal. This institution prefers to receive applications from candidates with less than two years’ professional experience and below or equal 26 years of age. The working language of Nova SBE is English and it is one of the best masters in finance in the country.

MSc in Finance at Montpellier Business School

This specialization is an advanced programme built to sharpen your expertise in finance and business analytics. Via this course, you will learn to engage in financial analysis in areas such as forecasting, budgeting, cost reduction techniques, and operational performance. Montpellier Business School also has specialisation courses such as Finance Simulation and International Finance. This course is 18 months long and includes a 4-6 month internship. Tuition fees are 13,900€ for the entire programme.

Masters in Finance at EU Business School

This applied branch of economics explores the challenging technical theory and a wide range of topics, including asset pricing, portfolio management. The Master in Finance is a one-year, three-term, full-time degree. Students will complete twelve courses in key finance areas such as corporate investment, financial policy, cryptocurrency portfolios, and mock coin development. This master programme is available on EU Business School‘s Barcelona, Geneva and Montreux campuses.

Masters in Finance at Alba Business School

For those interested in an international career in Greece and abroad, this programme is the best choice. Alba Graduate Business School offers specialization streams in investments,  Corporate Finance, Risk Management, Fintech. The programme is both affiliated by CFA and PRMIA, accredited by EPAS and NECHE and regularly reviewed by both academic and practitioner committees. This is a 14-month programme which includes 8 core modules and 2 workshops. Current student profile at AGBS is around 29.5 years of age with 6-7 years of work experience.

Master IB Financial Management at Cologne Business School

This four-semester master’s degree programme at Cologne Business School with a focus on Finance at Cologne Business School qualifies you for higher management tasks in international corporations. In the first semester, you will begin with subjects like Global Finance and International Investment. In the second semester, you will be dealing with risk management and the many influencing factors in transnational business.


If a career in finance is your calling, then a masters in Finance will surely add to your resume. Choose from the best masters in finance programmes and see how your career can benefit from it!

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