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What is the Power MBA


Have you ever heard about the Power MBA? It is an interesting, state-of-the-art programme created by business leaders for anyone who wants to hone their business skills and knowledge. Indeed, the programme aims to offer affordable, non-selective access to MBA material.

In this article, EDUopinions introduces you to the Power MBA and highlights the main differences with traditional programmes.

What Is The Power MBA?

The Power MBA is an online business programme with the goal to make MBA knowledge and skills accessible to all.

Traditional MBAs have the reputation of being inaccessible due to their demanding selection process and very high tuition fees. In order to enable that material to be accessible to a wider audience, the Power MBA has developed an affordable online curriculum based on the experience of business leaders from thriving companies like Airbnb, Waze and Shazam.

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What are the differences between a power MBA and a Traditional MBA?

The Power MBAs identified a series of MBA topics, such as strategy, marketing, digital entrepreneurship and many others, that were found to really matter to business leaders. In other words, prominent and modern business figures find that these fields are the ones that truly make a difference in creating great business workers when included in academic curricula.

Unlike traditional MBAs, Power MBA classes are based on microlearning. Therefore, your classes last 15 minutes and can be followed on any internet device, at any time, from anywhere. The programme focuses on practical and fun material that you can apply as you learn them. You are also assigned business cases, some of which you will have the opportunity to further discuss with the founder or co-founder of the company, as the programme involves numerous guest lectures.

Another significant difference is that the Power MBA is not a university nor an accredited programme. Some might see this as a disadvantage. However, the programme uses this as a strength. Indeed, the absence of accreditation means that the syllabus can easily be changed and adapted to incorporate the latest events in the business world.

Finally, the programme costs USD975, in comparison to tens of thousands of dollars for traditional MBAs. It can be paid in instalments and includes a 100% cash-back guarantee.

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Is the Power MBA legit?

With more than 50,000 Power MBAs worldwide, this new way to study business is certainly gaining in popularity. Websites like TrustPilot rank it as excellent. Furthermore the participation of co-founders of companies that we all know, such as Netflix and Shazam, definitely advocates for the seriosity of this education programme. Furthermore, Forbes suggests that the Power MBA has enabled thousands of people to benefit from this high-quality business education.

Will a Power MBA help your career?

The fact that the Power MBA is an online programme means that networking is a challenge. However, the programme includes plenty of physical events that take place every week all around the world. You can attend those freely and meet alumni and other business professionals. The programme does not include a career service, but the vibrant Power MBA community is filled with valuable contacts. Furthermore, you will be able to demonstrate the knowledge and skills acquired throughout the programme, which was created by prominent business leaders who highly value what you learnt.

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Conclusion about The Power MBA?

In conclusion, the Power MBA is an affordable alternative to traditional MBAs that can be followed by all. There also exist other alternatives such as the Mini MBA. However, our library of articles also includes numerous articles about excellent MBA programmes all around the world.

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