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European Business School Rankings for Undergraduate Study


Are you in search of the best business schools for undergraduates? Looking for the perfect programme to introduce you to the business world and prepare you for work in an exciting industry? Look no further! Below, EDUopinions will present the best-ranked business schools offering undergraduate programmes, based on The Financial Time’s European business school rankings.

Why study a bachelor’s at a business school?

Studying business at the undergraduate level offers a number of advantages. For students who know their interests lie in the business world, committing to a business degree early on can demonstrate your genuine dedication to future employers. Additionally, it offers an additional three to four years of studies compared to those who only undertake a master’s in business. On the flip side, maybe you are not sure about what career you would like to pursue. For those who are unsure, business can be a good option, as the degree can open many doors down the line and doesn’t tie you into a particular specialism.

Studying business at a business school rather than a general university is also a good idea. You’ll be enriched in an environment that is dedicated to the world of business, whilst also gaining access to more specialised research, peers and mentors.

How is this list compiled?

The list below is based on The Financial Times European Business School Rankings. These rankings are based on the schools’ postgraduate programmes, as most business schools traditionally offer master’s degrees. That said, several of the institutions on the FT rankings also offer bachelor’s in business, which is the focus of this EDUopinions article. By doing so, we hope to connect students with the best business schools for undergraduates specifically.

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Financial Time’s Best Business Schools for Undergraduates

Bocconi University

Lasting four years, this undergraduate degree begins in Los Angeles at the University of Southern California. In the second year, students live and study in Hong Kong at the HK University of Science and Technology. The third-year takes place in Milan at Bocconi, after which students choose one of these three universities to finish their studies. On account of its internationality and high ranking, Bocconi University is definitely one of the best business schools for undergraduates.

University of St. Gallen – HSG

The University of St Gallen takes its name from the picturesque and historic town its located in. For students looking to study business at the undergraduate level, St Gallen offers a few options. The business school, ranked fourth in Europe by The Financial Times, offers bachelors in business administration, as well as in economics and law and economics.

These options afford students some flexibility, while still preparing them for work in the business world or future studies in business. After three years at the University of St Gallen, students can be sure to have gained both theoretical and experiential business knowledge preparing them for their futures in business.


Ranked the number one bachelor’s degree in France by Le Point, ESSEC’s Global BBA is definitely worth considering. Taking place over four years in either France, Singapore or Morocco, ESSEC’s bachelor in business administration is another highly international programme.

Students can choose which campus they study in depending on personal preferences and career goals. Guided by their pioneering spirit, ESSEC has been educating change-makers in the business world since 1907. Graduates of their Global BBA quickly find success, with over 70% working internationally for an average starting salary of $45,000. Clearly, ESSEC’s long history of education makes it one of the best business schools for undergraduates.

IE business School


Another top-notch business school is at IE University in Spain. Offering a number of different bachelor’s programmes in Business, IE University is a good option for those who may not want to focus exclusively on business alone. For example, in addition to their four-year BBA, IE offers five-year dual degrees between business and data analytics, international relations and law. This variety of options is ideal for students who may have other interests they would like to pursue alongside business.

All of these programmes take place in Madrid and Segovia, each with their distinctly rich histories and cultures. Altogether, it is easy to see why both EDUopinions and The Financial Times ranked IE University among the best business schools for undergraduates in Europe and postgraduates alike.

Saïd Business School

The University of Oxford’s Saïd Business School also offers one of Europe’s best undergraduate business programmes. Their BA(Hons) in Economics and Management aims to equip students to be problem-solvers in the business world. For three full years, students in this degree will learn via the Oxford method, which involves highly-personalised lessons from tutors.

To complement this theoretical knowledge, skills-based learning is also at the heart of this bachelor’s degree. Unsurprisingly, Oxford has one of the best business schools for undergraduates, with students travelling from near and far to attend Saïd.

Rotterdam School of Management

Located in one of the Netherlands’ best student cities, the Rotterdam School of Management offers a bachelor’s in international business administration. The three-year programme includes opportunities for hands-on learning, internships and international exchanges. What’s more, Rotterdam is home to Europe’s largest port, meaning that there are plenty of international corporations nearby and opportunities for networking.

Finally, an advantage of studying in the Netherlands is its affordability compared to many other schools on this list. Altogether, it is clear what makes the Rotterdam School of Management one of the best business schools for undergraduates.

ESCP Business School

For students looking for a particular global bachelor’s degree, ESCP Business School is certainly one of the best. Their BSc in Management gives students the opportunity to choose where they study for each year of the three-year programme. (Options include: Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris, Turin and Warsaw).

The course provides a comprehensive introduction to principles of business in the first year before allowing students to specialise via a bachelor’s thesis and a 12-week internship. Another exciting part of this programme is its focus on languages, with students having the chance to learn French, Spanish and German. This ESCP programme makes it easy to see why the institution is one of the best business schools for undergraduates in Europe.


EDHEC’s slogan, “make an impact,” says it all. Preparing students to drive positive change in the business world, EDHEC is naturally one of the best business schools for undergraduates. Their campuses in Lille and Nice offer several different BBAs in English and/or French, meaning there is sure to be something for everyone at EDHEC.

These courses last four years and provide both basic business education and space for specialisation later in the degree. If you want a more international experience, EDHEC’s Global BBA is offered entirely in English on three different continents, making for truly international education. Without a doubt, a degree from EDHEC is sure to equip graduates for future success.

Based on Financial Times rankings, this list of the best business schools for undergraduates has hopefully given you an idea of what sets these programmes apart from the rest. Maybe one of them caught your eye and you would like to apply! ! Or, maybe you need help continuing your search for the best business school for undergraduates. You might also be interested in checking out our article on the best summer schools in Europe or the best business schools according to students if you want to read more on European universities. Whatever your situation, EDUopinions can help .

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Editor’s note: This article was first published on the 27th of September 2020. We’ve updated it for current readers.

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