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10 Great Bachelors of Business in Europe


Are you trying to find the perfect undergraduate studies in business? With so many options available, it is easy to get overwhelmed. Luckily, in today’s article, EDUopinions will list and describe ten great bachelors of business in Europe to give you an idea of where to start looking. Keep reading to find out what makes these programmes so great!

What is a bachelor of business degree?

A ‘bachelor of Business’ is a broad category referring to any undergraduate degree in the field of business. The bachelor of business administration degree (BBA) is a very common example of this. Other degree types, including a bachelor of arts (BA) and bachelor of sciences (BSc), can also focus on business-related topics but usually differ in terms of quantitative versus qualitative skills, their emphasis on critical thinking and inclusion of STEM-related topics. All three degrees teach you the necessary skills to become a business professional and often lead to masters programmes in business too.

What are job prospects after a bachelor of business?

After completing a bachelor of business, students have the opportunity to pursue a wide variety of careers depending on their focus on university or passions. Some typical industries among BBA graduates include financial services, sales and marketing, human resources, tourism, consultancy and information technology (IT). Again, which field you pursue depends on your own interests and experiences, but graduates of bachelors of business degrees have good chances finding work after their studies.

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What is the difference between a BA Of Business and a BBA?

As mentioned above, a BA of Business degree is more akin to another bachelor of arts degrees in that it focuses on general education, a liberal arts curriculum and critical thinking skills. A BBA on the other hand provides a broad overview of business practices, including management, organisation, soft skills, economics and marketing. Logically, a BSc in Business covers the maths-orientated and quantitative aspects of business.

EDUopinions’ list of 10 great bachelors of business in Europe:

BA Digital Business & Management at Berlin International (Germany)


The first on our list is a programme offered by Berlin International. Their BA in digital business and management is a great option for anyone looking to be on the cutting edge of industry practices. In this course, students can obviously expect to gain a deep understanding of digital business but also a solid foundation in other relevant topics like international business, economics, entrepreneurship, finance and collaboration. In their own words, Berlin International explains how “data is the new oil in business.” Accordingly, students in this programme are well-prepared to become successful business professionals with a focus new, digital approaches to business.

BBA at the American Business School of Paris (France)

American Business School Paris -igs-campus

The bachelor of business administration offered by the American Business School of Paris is another excellent option to consider. This four-year degree is recognised both in the US and across Europe as a great way to enter the world of international business. The curriculum covers professional activities and skills including strategic marketing, international sales, risk management, finance, project management and more. As well, this programme provides students with a degree of flexibility, with two different entry dates per year and the opportunity to choose a specialisation (a major) in the third year. For these reasons and many more, this is definitely a great bachelors of business to consider.

Global Bachelor in Business Management and Entrepreneurship at Universidad Europea (Spain)


Next up, the global bachelor in business management and entrepreneurship offered by the Universidad Europea in Valencia is another great bachelor of business to take into account. Their four-year programme is exceptionally international, with the student body being composed of 55% non-Spanish students and their curriculum’s focus on global business practices. In addition, students have the opportunity to embark on a one- or two-semester study abroad experience where they undertake internships or study at one of the university’s world-class partner institutions. More than anything, what sets this programme apart from the others on this list is its experiential learning methodology, in which students are the drivers in the classroom and help decide what to learn and how.

BSc Business and IT at IU International University of Applied Sciences (Germany)

IU International University of Applied Sciences offers a BSc in business and IT, another great bachelor of business. This three-year online degree programme offers a number of advantages, including highly flexible scheduling and the ability to start your studies at any point during the year. What’s more, this degree is one of the more affordable on this list, with tuition fees starting from €109 per month. In terms of the contents of the course, students can expect to learn the insights of both business and technology industries, allowing them to pursue careers in a highly sought-after line of work. In choosing elective modules and undertaking a thesis, students also have the opportunity to customise their degree to their area of interest— just another reason why this degree at IU International University is considered a great bachelor of business.

BBA at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid – UC3M (Spain)

The BBA programme at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid is yet another great bachelors of business to consider. This four-year undergraduate degree comprises a wide variety of modules—with topics ranging from international trade and statistics to data mining and the Spanish fiscal system—helping students to become well-rounded and successful business professionals. Another unique advantage of this programme is that it is bilingual, offering instruction in both English and Spanish. Finally, students in this degree have no problem finding work after graduation thanks to the 3000 partnerships maintained by the university for internship and job openings. Without a doubt, UC3M offers top-quality education and will set you up for a successful business career.

BSc International Business Administration (IBA) at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University

The next programme worth considering is the BSc in international business administration offered at the Rotterdam School of Management at Erasmus University. In three years, this bachelor of science provides students with a broad foundation in business, with options to specialise in their third year. In addition to lectures and seminars, team projects, soft skills workshops and a focus on IT skills all ensure students graduate with both knowledge and skills. Erasmus University has been accredited by AMBA, EQUIS, AACSB and NVAO and is top-ranked by Financial Times and QS, meaning you can be sure this programme to top-quality. In sum, it is no wonder why this programme made it on EDUopinion’s list of great bachelors of business.

BSc in Business Management at IBS International Business School (Hungary)

Another programme well-suited for those keen on international business, the BSc in business management at IBS International Business School in Budapest offers a truly globalised education. Lasting three years and offering two different start dates per year, this programme covers all the bases necessary to launch your career in the business world, including finance, marketing, human resources, project management and organisational behaviour. What sets this business school apart from others is its highly diverse student body and its partnership with the University of Buckingham, meaning that students graduate with both Hungarian and British degrees. Finally, this bachelor is relatively more affordable than others on this list, making it an even more enticing option for your undergraduate studies!

Bachelor in Economics and Business Economics at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam - campus

As well, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam offers a degree in economics and business economics, another great bachelors of business to consider. This programme is a marriage of an economics degree and a business degree, with students gaining a strong foundation in both disciplines. This type of curriculum is ideal for employment opportunities, along with the school’s career services department which helps students find and interview for jobs. Another attractive aspect of this degree is the cost, with tuition fees in the Netherlands fixed at just over €2,000 for most bachelor programmes. Thanks to the degree’s two-pronged focus, great employability and affordability, we at EDUopinions definitely recommend looking into this programme.

BBA at IPAG Business School (France)

IPAG business school - campus

For those looking to study a BBA with a twist, the programme offered by IPAG Business School may be just for you. This three-year BBA takes place mostly in France, either in Paris or Nice. What makes this programme unique is the opportunity to embark on a study abroad programme in your third year at the University of Nottingham. Doing so allows students to earn not just a French diploma but also a British one. As well, this degree has an integrated internship component in the third year, ensuring students gain valuable industry experience before even graduating. Clearly, this degree is a great bachelor of business and an excellent option for anyone who wants a more international take on the traditional BBA.

BBA, International Business at University of Applied Sciences Utrecht—HU (Netherlands)

Finally, the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht offers yet another incredible option for undergraduate studies in business. Their international business degree provides students with a BBA and comprehensive education in the globalised nature of business today. In their own words, this degree helps students become “problem solvers, savvy business people, truly global citizens and adventurous entrepreneurs.” Thanks to immersive simulations, students gain insights as to what it is really like to work in the global world of business, reinforcing their theoretical knowledge and developing their skill sets. Offering some flexibility, this degree can be completed in a regular four-year period or a challenging three-year fast-track version, depending on students’ needs and career goals. All in all, this programme has a lot to offer, which is exactly why it is on EDUopinions’ list of great bachelors of business.

Conclusion on the great bachelors of business:

Having detailed 10 great bachelors of business, we at EDUopinions hope some of these programmes caught your attention. For more information on any of these degrees, or for help finding other degrees, feel free to reach out to EDUopinions’ specialised advisors for help finding the perfect programme for you!

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