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The 10 Best Masters in Corporate Finance


Are you looking to take your career to the next level? Want to learn the ins and outs of the numbers behind business? You should consider undertaking a masters in Corporate Finance. In this EDUopinions article, we will discuss the ten best masters in Corporate Finance to give you an idea of what programmes are on offer and which ones best suit your needs.

What is a masters in corporate finance?

Studying Corporate Finance at the masters level involves both classroom and hands-on learning. This type of programme equips students and professionals with the necessary tools to manage a company’s finances. Graduates of this degree often go on to work in financial advising, corporate banking, private equity and investing. In terms of admission requirements, most masters in Corporate Finance require that students have a background in finance, such as a bachelors degree or several years of work experience.

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EDUopinions list of the 10 best masters in corporate finance:

MSc in corporate finance at City University of London – City (United Kingdom)

First up, City University of London offers an MSc in Corporate Finance which is definitely worth considering. This 12-month full-time programme is ideal for highly motivated students who may not have a specific background in finance but are willing to commit to a rigorous curriculum, including core modules in corporate finance, acquisitions and mergers, financial accounting and risk management. As for the practical aspects of this course, students gain hands-on experience in various financial software and have many opportunities to network with industry professionals. For these reasons and many more, this programme is easily one of the best masters in Corporate Finance.

MSc in corporate finance at Queen Mary University of London – QMU (United Kingdom)

The next on our list of the best masters in Corporate Finance is the MSc offered by Queen Mary University of London. Students in this year-long degree learn from research-active professors as well as industry professionals, providing a combination of academic and practical approaches to Corporate Finance. For those with less experience in finance, the university offers pre-semester classes in statistics and maths, ensuring that students are ready to take on the six compulsory modules, three electives and dissertation that form the bulk of the degree. In addition, students benefit from close access to London’s financial district with plenty of opportunities for networking and internships.

MSc in finance at University of Amsterdam—UVA (The Netherlands)

Next up, the University of Amsterdam offers an MSc in finance with a specialised Corporate Finance track. This programme delves into the multitude of ways in which businesses can maximise returns for stakeholders, providing a multi-faceted and comprehensive approach to Corporate Finance. Students in this degree pay special attention to contemporary issues as a way of staying up to date on the business world as well as applying the theoretical knowledge they gain in their taught modules. Finally, another advantage of this programme is its relatively low cost, with tuition fees set at just over €2,000 per year for European students. Without a doubt, this is one of the best masters in corporate finance available today.

MSc in sustainable finance at KEDGE Business School (France)

Kedge Business School - campus

Another one of the best masters in Corporate Finance is the MSc in Sustainable Finance at KEDGE Business School in Paris. KEDGE Business School has led the way in developing this cutting-edge, dual-focused programme, meaning students can be sure to come away from this programme with unparalleled knowledge in both corporate responsibility and financial management. The business world is increasingly focusing on sustainable practices, which is part of the reason why graduates of this master’s have no trouble finding a job. Through modules and hands-on activities, students gain a multi-faceted and internationally mindful perspective on corporate finance, equipping them with everything they need to excel in the industry.

MASter in corporate finance at LUISS Business School (Italy)

LUISS Business School offers a Master in Corporate Finance – Major of the Master in Financial Management which is another top-notch degree worth considering. This programme gives students the opportunity to hone their specialised financial skills whilst pursuing a broadly-focused management degree. LUISS Business School is a highly international institution, with students coming from across the world to study there. This diversity, combined with the school’s many industry partnerships, means students benefit from plentiful networking opportunities, helping them gain insights into the world of corporate finance and opening doors for future employment. In this light, it is no surprise that this programme at LUISS at LUISS Business School is one of Europe’s best masters in Corporate Finance.

MSc in corporate finance and fintech at ESC Clermont Business School (France)

ESC Clermont

Located in the scenic city of Clermont-Ferrand, the MSc in Corporate Finance offered by ESC Clermont Business School is another great option. As one of the top business schools in all of France, ESC Clermont is one of few institutions bearing a ‘triple crown’ of accreditations, meaning students can be sure their education is of the highest quality. This programme in corporate finance is focused on applied knowledge, preparing students with real-world skills to help launch their careers. In addition, this programme is unique on account of its dual focus on traditional corporate finance and fintech, an emerging and highly lucrative industry. For these reasons, this degree at ESC Clermont is perfect for those aiming to be innovative and successful financial professionals.

MSc in corporate finance and banking at EDHEC Business school

Next, the MSc in Corporate Finance and Banking offered by EDHEC Business School in France is also an excellent programme. This degree lasts one year full-time but is delivered in a highly flexible format. From July to August, students take on self-paced remote learning, then live and learn on the EDHEC campus in Nice. This format affords students a considerable degree of flexibility in the summer months and is well-suited to those who plan on undertaking an internship then. Another way in which students can tailor their learning within this programme is by selecting electives which align with their interests and career goals. This degree allows students to choose from a variety of elective modules, including project finance, financial regulation, investment banking and international accounting.

Finance MBA at INSEEC Business School (France)

Also located in France, INSEEC Business School offers another one of the best masters in Corporate Finance. Uniquely, this programme is an MBA in finance, meaning that students learn about both business management and finance. Within the degree, students can explore eight different areas of expertise, including digital, finance, sport, management & business development, luxury & wine, communication, marketing & management and health & human resources. Another advantage of this programme is its internationality, both in its student body and its curriculum, preparing students to work anywhere around the world and in a wide variety of fields.

MSc in international business, strategic corporate finance at Maastricht University School of Business and Economics (The Netherlands)

Maastricht University offers a one-year MSc in International Business with a strategic corporate finance specialisation. Students in this track have eight hours of class per week, 20 hours of group work and 10 hours of individual study. This study format prepares students for the realities of professional life, where collaborative work is very common. In addition, this programme covers topics like risk management, financial research methods, strategic planning and entrepreneurial finance. Clearly, this programme at Maastricht University School of Business and Economics is one of the best masters in corporate finance.

MSc in finance (corporate and international) at Durham University Business School (United Kingdom)

Last but certainly not least, Durham University Business School offers an MSc in Finance with a specialisation in corporate and international finance—another top-quality option to consider. This degree lasts one year and aims to prepare students to take on the competitive world of finance thanks to the faculty’s years of industry experience. As well, graduates of this degree benefit from some flexibility thanks to the programme’s focus on theoretical knowledge and practical preparation for various financial qualifications. With this degree, students can expect to become successful finance professionals and excel in whatever field they choose.


We at EDUopinions hope this article has been helpful. There are many options available for studying Corporate Finance at the masters level, but our research has found the ten listed above to be the best of the best. For any questions about these degrees, or for help finding other options, feel free to contact one of EDUopinions expert student advisors for free, personalised advice!

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