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7 Great Programmes in International Trade


Have you ever looked at an online map displaying the location of all ships in real-time around the globe? You would be surprised at how many there are. Yet, it makes sense: countries have never imported as many goods and services as they do now. This is International Trade, and it is constantly changing through policies, new products, new supply chains, and many other factors. Moreover, the people who are working in these fields have fascinating careers. That is why EDUopinions presents you with 7 great programmes in International Trade. But first, let us introduce you to studying and working in International Trade.

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Why Should you study international trade?

International trade is the exchange of goods and services between countries. In the past decades, globalisation has expanded markets and has lead to a drastic increase in such exchanges.

The complexity of international trade requires a set of strong skills and an understanding of global operation management practices. Therefore, the goal of studying this field is to acquire those essential skills to be able to deliver the right goods and services across different countries. Your teachers will help you to build strong foundations to manage products from start to finish or control what comes in and out of your borders.

What will you study in international trade?

Most of your courses will focus on finance, management, global markets and procurement. Instead of studying finance, like in the majority of management degrees, you will study international management; instead of Supply Chain Management, you will learn about international Supply Chain Management; et cetera. The international perspective of your classes is at the core of what makes such degrees different from other business programmes.

As we mentioned earlier, skills also play an important role in setting you up for a career in international trade. Hence, classes will include case studies, debates and other activities so that you also develop practical experience next to academic knowledge.

What jobs can you get with an international trade degree?

International trade is intrinsically connected to two fields: Business and Politics. Hence, you will be suited to take on a variety of jobs depending on your interests. Several fields, such as governments, policymaking, advocacy, multinational companies, and certainly in consultancy, look for graduates in International Trade. However, do not be fooled: your degree will be an advantage, but not a golden ticket to a successful career. These positions are highly sought after, also by people without a degree but well relevant industry experience. Therefore, make sure to use all the resources at your disposals, such as network, internships, in order to set yourself up for great positions in various institutions.

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The best programmes in international trade:

International Trade and Finance, M.SC. at London Metropolitan University (United Kingdom)

London Metropolitan University - campus

This master at the London Metropolitan University includes core modules in International Corporate Finance, Research Methods for Global Business, Growth, Trade and Development, and Financial Derivatives and Risk Management. In addition, you can choose electives from the following specialisation modules:

  • International Logistics
  • Financial Derivatives and Risk Management
  • Environmental Economics and Investment
  • Practical Sustainability
  • Consultancy

Next to your classes, you will have the opportunity to follow various formal and informal events such as guest lectures and excursions. Finally, in order to get you ready for a great career, the assessment methods are adapted to work on the skills required by the industry, many of which are soft skills.

International Trade, M.B.A at IPAG Business School (France)

IPAG business school - campus

The MBA of the IPAG Business School suits mostly students who want to work in business or consultancy. It is taught on the Paris campus and includes various track; the International Business Development track focuses on International Trade. Moreover, it includes extensive practical training. Indeed, the programme is separated into 2 phases:

  • 6 months of learning about management theory
  • 12 months of applied management and internships

International Business and Trade, Bachelor at Thomas More University of Applied Sciences (Belgium)

Thomas More University of Applied Sciences - campus

The Thomas More University of Applied Sciences in Belgium offers an outstanding bachelor’s programme for entrepreneurial minds. Through this 3 to 4 years-long degree, you will learn to transform theoretical concepts into concrete models. You will also have the opportunity to learn several languages, which is a great asset for your future international career.

Classes focus on theory and case-based learning. In other words, you will learn the theory and then integrate it through debates and real-life examples. Finally, the courses have a small credit load (most often 3 ECTS) which means that you will be able to study a wide variety of topics at an undergraduate level.

MSc in International Trade at Apsley Business School (United Kingdom)

Apsley Business School - campus

The Apsley Business School in the UK only offers programmes that are recognised on the EQF (European Qualification Network). This means that they can easily be compared to European degrees.

The MSc in International Trade is aimed at professionals who want to improve the academic side of their job while maintaining their daily professional life. Therefore, the school enables students to create a personalised study plan to best suit their other commitments; classes can be followed online, at the university, or in hybrid mode.

By the time they receive their diploma, most graduates have already moved to a position with more responsibility or are establishing their own private company.

Foreign Trade and International Marketing, Master at INSA Business, marketing & communication school (Spain)

INSA students

Located in the heart of Barcelona, INSA offers a unique programme that appeals to recent graduates, professionals and companies that send their staff there for training. The classes take place on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 19:00 until 22:00 to enable the students to continue working. Moreover, the philosophy of the school focuses on enabling all students to quickly get their first job/improving their current position. In fact, most graduates go on to work as Foreign Trade Managers or International Marketing Director. So if you cannot wait to work, but think that you could use a little bit of extra academic expertise, INSA is a great choice in a great city.

International Trade, Bachelor at Bogazici University (Turkey)

Bogazici University - campus

The Bachelor’s degree at Bogazici University, in Istanbul, offers several specialisations, including one in International Trade. All students have to follow courses in economics, law, business administration, quantitative analysis and information technologies. However, electives will be based on your chosen concentration.

Bogazici University allows you to combine your main specialisation with another one: Management Information Systems or Tourism Administration. In addition, you will have to do a summer internship to gain practical experience. Therefore, over this 4-years programme, you will specialise in one or two fields, acquire a strong background in various disciplines, and get hands-on experience.

International Trade and Operations Management (Hons), B.A. at University of Plymouth (United Kingdom)

University of Plymouth - campus

If you want to learn directly from professionals, the BA of International Trade and Operations Management at the University of Plymouth might be a perfect fit. Your classes will be taught by professors with relevant industry experience and will prepare you to continue your studies in one of the following graduate programmes:

  • MSc International Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • MSc Business and Management

Moreover, you will automatically receive a 10% discount if you decide to pursue your graduate education at the University of Plymouth. Hence, this is a great option if you don’t want to move around during your studies.

Degrees in International Trade usually offer a great mix between theory and practice. Moreover, several programmes attract as many graduates as professionals. Hence, they are great to build your network and to identify more specifically in what field you want to specialise. For example, after having looked at a shipping map you might be curious to read about The Best Masters and MBAs in Shipping.

Finally, on our blog, you will find countless resources to help you identify the fields and schools that best fit your needs and wishes.  

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