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The Pros and Cons of Studying in Paris


Making the decision of studying abroad is not too difficult. In fact, many students nowadays are actually inspired and motivated to do so. What is hard though is choosing your next home abroad, we get you! In fact, that is intense for many different factors. Today here at EDUopinions we are going to tell you why Paris is one of the top student cities in the whole world and we are going to break it down into sections, highlighting the pros and cons of living and studying in Paris.

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The Pros and Cons of studying in Paris

To begin with, the French capital is one of the top student destinations, followed by cities like London, Melbourne, and Montreal. Paris’ Universities offer a wide range of Bachelor and Master degrees which costs are somehow low. Being able to find affordable accommodation in the French capital is a difficult task but the low tuition fees balance the costs of living in one of the most famous capitals worldwide.

Some of the major institutes are the following:

Something to be considered is that basic proficiency in French is required by some institutions as most courses are only offered in French and not in English or other foreign languages.

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Experience the City like a Local

Paris qualifies as a big city but its centre is not immense and if you decide to spend a semester in the City of Love, not only you have access to a good public transportation system consisting of buses, underground, and suburban trains, but you will also have plenty of time to discover each neighbourhood one by one. The French capital is one of the most expensive places ever and there is no doubt about that, although it does not mean that you necessarily have to spend money to enjoy it like a local.

Forget all the touristy and expensive sights

One of the best ways to enjoy the Eiffel Tower is by sitting around it with a group of friends, some baguettes, and a nice bottle of wine. There is not anything better than a French picnic on a sunny day!

Did you know that climbing the Arch of Triomphe is actually free for students who hold a visa? The waiting time is way smaller than the one at the Eiffel Tower and the view is equally good, if not better! In fact, from the arch, you can see the tower.

Some of the museums offer free admission with the following conditions:

  • you are a student under 25;
  • you enter after 6 pm;
  • or the first Sunday of the month between October and March.

Just a heads up, the waiting time tends to be longer when admission is free, so we recommend to get in line earlier than the time you expect to enter the museum.

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Moving to Paris

One of the most concerning things about moving to Paris is finding affordable accommodation prior to moving there. Depending on the area, studios can exceed even 1000 euros. Make sure that you allow yourself enough time to carry out intense and efficient research of the different kinds of housing solutions available. What many students do is that they find a private room in a shared apartment so that they can live closer to their Universities and cut down the costs. If you value your privacy and prefer to live on your own, finding a studio will be harder but not impossible, although, you may have to consider areas further away from the city centre.

Finding a job in Paris if you do not speak French is hard, but is possible if you speak English and perhaps another language on top of that. Many students find part-time jobs as waiters, translators, interpreters, or babysitters.


Studying in Paris seems to be the dream of many. French cuisine, the arts, and the sights attract many students from all over the places. Tuition fees for public universities are low and the city has a good public transportation system, which gives students the possibility to live in the suburbs and save some money. On the other hand, though, accommodation might still be expensive, and basic knowledge of French is required by many institutes and employers. If moving to Paris is what you are looking for, start saving money now and work on your French. Bonne Chance! 

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