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What Do Students Think about SKEMA?


Have you considered studying at SKEMA? Wondering what it is like to be a student there? If so, then you are in luck! In this EDUopinions article, we will highlight a number of different programmes offered by SKEMA Business School and provide testimonials from real students. Keep reading to find out what students think about SKEMA:


SKEMA is a business school based in France, but with campuses located in technology parks and recognised business centres on five continents. Students at SKEMA have the opportunity to study in Brazil, China, South Africa and the United States in addition to the original three campuses in France. Logically, SKEMA prides itself on its international strategy, which values both global interconnectedness and synergy with local environments. Another essential part of SKEMA’s identity is its student body, which is currently composed of over 120 different nationalities.

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Programmes at SKEMA

The following will provide an overview of some of SKEMA’s most popular programmes at both the bachelor and master levels. To give you an idea of what it is really like to study at SKEMA, check out these testimonials from students!

Global BBA

SKEMA’s Global BBA offers a unique undergraduate experience for students looking to embark on careers in international business. The four-year programme includes international exchanges, basics in business and specialised intercultural learning opportunities. To learn what students think of the programme, check out this testimonial by Daria:

“The BBA programme allowed me to explore the variety of concepts that can be implemented in business. Courses in PR and digital marketing particularly sparked my interest and influenced my professional path.

Most classes were exceedingly collaborative and I valued that professors were focussing on how to put theory into practice. What’s more, the environment with students of many nationalities was excellent for learning to deal with different ideas and behaviours, it has helped me to become an efficient decision maker.”

MSc in Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Design

SKEMAParis - campus

Offered at the graduate level, the MSc in entrepreneurship and sustainable design is another excellent course available at SKEMA. This degree is well-suited for young business professionals or students who aim on making it big and charting their own path. Students can expect to learn the essentials of starting their own business in addition to important ethical and sustainability considerations when doing so. For a first-hand perspective on this programme, read Lola’s testimonial below:

“The creation of the MSc Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Design this year was an opportunity for me to link my business background and my personal interest for artistic and design sectors.

So far, I have succeeded to make the most of this opportunity by working in a project team that mixes competencies of both design and business students. I am also particularly pleased to see that we are challenged every day on our ideas to take our project a step further.”

MSc Global Luxury And Management

Next, the Master of Science in Global Luxury and Management is another top-notch programme offered by SKEMA. This degree teaches students everything they need to know in order to launch their careers in the luxury industry. Thanks to one semester in Paris and one semester in Raleigh, North Carolina, numerous company visits and several study trips, students on this programme benefit from hands-on learning, guaranteeing they graduate with the skills necessary to be top professionals in their field of choice. To get an idea of what students think about studying this programme at SKEMA, see Takeshi’s testimonial below:

“My MSc Global Luxury and Management journey helped me to acquire indispensable skills and knowledge to work not only in luxury but also in other industries. Doing the master degrees in two countries, the United States and France, leveraged my cross-cultural communication and made me more open-minded to diverse points of view.

All the courses and industry experts inspired me through practical case studies, challenging group work and insightful discussion for future career pathways. In particular, since I did not have much experience in anything but retail and sales, courses for marketing/ data analysis, branding, digital marketing and network events developed my opportunities in new interests and positions.

Thanks to these experiences, I am now starting my internship in marketing in Danone, well known as a leading global food and beverage company. I believe that this internship is the chance to enhance my marketing skills and to combine knowledge related to luxury with a different industry to create new value.

Without question, this MSc has marked a turning point in my life.”

MSc Luxury Hospitality and Innovation

SKEMA’s MSc in Luxury Hospitality and Innovation is truly a one-of-a-kind degree. France is one of the world’s top travel destinations and, logically, is also one of the best places in the world to study hospitality. This programme at SKEMA offers students all the benefits of studying a business degree in addition to obtaining a professional certification in hotel industry analytics, recognised around the world. For a student’s perspective on what it is like to study this programme, just read what Alexandre had to say about their experience there:

“As I’ve always wanted to work in the hotel industry, this MSc Luxury Hospitality & Innovation was the perfect option for me.

As students, we benefit from both schools as all courses are related to hospitality with a business approach.

We meet and learn from professionals during the weekly masterclasses and we have the opportunity to take two highly valuable certifications: the CHIA and the Wine & Spirit Education Trust.

I’m currently doing my internship at the Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc as an executive assistant.”

Grande École Programme: Master in Management

SKEMA Sophia campus

Last but certainly not least, the Master in Management, Grande École programme is one of SKEMA’s most popular. Students in this degree benefit from flexibility as to where they study (France, China, USA, Brazil or South Africa), opportunities for internships and options to select specialisations. This degree is specifically designed for each student “to identify their talents and learn the keys and tools to use them.” Check out what great things Emily had to say about their experience in the Grande École programme:

“I decided to come to SKEMA because of its excellent global reputation and the wide range of course offerings. Being an exchange student from Canada, I was a little nervous about venturing abroad for my studies, but at SKEMA I have not been disappointed.

The professors are all very knowledgeable and have extensive experience in their fields. Everyone here has been so lovely and helpful and the South of France is beautiful. All in all, SKEMA has been a wonderful experience for me so far and I’m delighted to finish up my studies in the Grande Ecole programme here.”

Conclusion about what students think about SKEMA

Clearly, students at SKEMA have great things to say about their experiences there. With so many different study programmes, there is most likely an option for you at SKEMA. To find out more about the business school or to get free advice on applying to another business school, feel free to reach out to EDUopinions for help!

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