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Why You Should Consider Studying at SKEMA


Are you in search of a world-class business school where you can learn the skills necessary to launch your career? Is studying at a school with a long history of academic excellence important to you? If so, you should consider SKEMA Business School! SKEMA is world-renowned for providing top-notch business education in France, as well as its four other locations around the globe. In this article, EDUopinions will go through everything you need to know about studying at SKEMA.

Studying in France

MBAs in France

France is home to a number of excellent business schools and is a popular destination for students no matter their field of study. The reasons why students choose to study in France are numerous, but for many the food and wine, art and culture, healthy work-life balance and incredible natural landscapes are important, not to mention the tradition of high-quality education. Particularly for those interested in studying business, France is a destination to consider, home to nearly a quarter of the top 100 European business schools. As well, studying in France is a great way to learn the French language, a highly useful skill in the business world.


Internationality is essential to SKEMA’s educational and experiential programming. With campuses in France, Brazil, the US, South Africa and China, SKEMA maintains a global network of learning and exchange thanks to its seven worldwide locations. In addition, the SKEMA student body represents over 120 nationalities, meaning that international students studying there are sure to be in great company. All in all, such a highly international environment is perfect for students looking to broaden their horizons and break into the world of global business. It goes with saying, but internationality is a major part of why students love studying at SKEMA.

Innovation & entrepreneurship

Another reason why students have such great experiences studying at SKEMA is the school’s emphasis on innovation and entrepreneurship. Every SKEMA campus is located in a technology park and recognised business centre, meaning students benefit from close contact with real-life professionals and business activity. SKEMA facilitates a vision of “glocal” entrepreneurship, which means their students view business on a global level but maintain roots in local markets and industries. This vision is widely viewed as the most sustainable form of business and helps students make an impact in a wide variety of sectors and locations. If you are searching for a business school that can teach you the ins and outs of starting your own business and how to navigate your entrepreneurial journey, SKEMA is just the right school for you. In order to help students and alumni put their ideas into action and launch their startup, the SKEMA has created a great initiative, The Venture Factory, which is a unique incubation-acceleration system available at all its campuses.

Programmes on Offer

Next, it is worth discussing the wide variety of courses offered at SKEMA’s seven worldwide campuses. With options at undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral and executive levels, SKEMA has a course for almost every level of study. Their undergraduate programmes include a Global BBA. These are excellent options for those who know they want to get a head start in the business world and are motivated to build-up their business profile. At the postgraduate level, SKEMA offers many different options, including their traditional Grande École, Master in Management programme in specialised fields like luxury marketing or artificial intelligence, as well as unique globalised programmes offered jointly by SKEMA and their numerous educational partners around the world. And finally, SKEMA also provides a number of PhD, DBA and executive MBA programmes for business professionals looking to refine and hone their skills. Thanks to such a diversity of programmes, studying at SKEMA is something any business-minded person would benefit from.

Accreditations and rankings

Finally, SKEMA’s accreditations and rankings truly set it apart from other business schools. A degree from SKEMA holds a distinctive recognition, accredited by EQUIS, AACSB and EFMD EMBA; this level of accreditation is held by only 1% of business schools around the world and is referred to as the “triple crown.” Further, many of SKEMA’s programmes top the world rankings year after year. Their Grande École Master in Management is ranked 12th worldwide and 4th among all French schools. Even more impressive, their MSc in Financial Markets and Investments is ranked 3rd worldwide by the Financial Times. Unsurprisingly, most of the SKEMA’s masters-level programmes hold single-digit positions in rankings from the Financial Times, Forbes and QS.

Conclusion about Studying at SKEMA

In this article, we have discussed some of the most important aspects which make SKEMA an excellent option for your business studies. That said, there is so much more to discover about SKEMA and what sets it apart from other business schools. To learn more, get in touch with EDUopinions for free one-on-one advice!

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