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Locations: Utrecht, The Netherlands

HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht is also one of the so many vocational institutes in the country. Established in 1995, the university opens not only to local students but international as well. Currently, approximately they have 38,000 represented by more than 100 nationalities are enrolled at the university. They offer Bachelor and Master’s degree courses such as:Show more

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  • Daniel
    HU, the trade-offs school.

    As the title suggests, in my experience as a third-year business student, that is the best short description that can be given to HU. It definitely is not the best school and there are flaws, very annoying and disappointing at times, which take time to be solved. Most of these flaws are related to communication issues.
    In contrast, it has some advantages too. I had the opportunity to meet and be taught by experienced professionals who helped me develop my skills and enhance my knowledge and abilities as a young business student and professional.
    Another very good advantage is that at HU you get to do 2 internships and one study abroad, trio that other universities do not offer. Also, with the new program, there is so much flexibility to shape your own path but also the opportunity to study more languages which constitute a great asset for one’s future career.
    The city represents a good pawn as well since it is very central, modern and student friendly. Also, for someone who wants to travel every now and then, it is a perfect location.
    What I can recommend you, the one who reads this review, the undecided student, is that you should consider these things when you decide which school you want to go to, try to have your own trade-off between what is important to you and how the institution is ranking in different aspects. HU is, in the end, a good school and the issues that are going on are not major and are fixable so do not worry too much about that. I just wanted to be realistic while writing this review because this is what I would have liked to read when I was in your place.
    Good luck!

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  • Alex
    Learning for life

    The HU is a fantastic university of applied sciences and I’m happy that I have chosen to study here! I enjoy being part of honours programs and GetConnected our student organisation. Looking forward to be moving into the new building soon as the current one is definitely not the best. I think that I would like to see change is the food choice. Healthier in overall and warm options for dairy or gluten intolerant people.

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  • Daan
    Prepared for my work field

    The University of Applied Science in Utrecht is a perfect university for students who live by the motto ‘learn by doing’. As an active student within the HU I see across different faculties the same satisfaction of being thought how to work on different components of cases for your future work field. As an International Communication systems students, I have had many opportunities come my way from cases I worked on, the network and partnerships that the Hogeschool Utrecht provides and within the University itself. I have started my own study association, worked for a sustainable organ within the university that makes sure all students and employees are aware of how involved the university and the city is with the Sustainable Development Goals. The courses vary in theory and more practical courses, which prevent students of either feeling that the study is too practical or too theoretical.

    As an International, I can highly recommend the HU, but do take into account that the University of Applied Sciences has quite a few (International) study programs have grown massively over the past few years thanks to their popularity. This means I sometimes felt a bit like a number instead of a student. Another major problem is housing in the city if you decide to study in Utrecht make sure you start searching for a room in time.

    Furthermore, I can only recommend the city for everyone who enjoys a city that supports students and International environments. I enjoy both studying and living in Utrecht and at the University of applied sciences.

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  • International Communication and Media

    I’m a fourth-year student at the HU, currently following ICM and specialising in Marketing.
    The course in itself is very good, you learn a lot that you can put into practice in your future career. I had no problems during my internship with tasks I had to do because I feel ICM has prepared me enough for challenges and tasks I had to encounter with the courses they offer at ICM.
    However, I cannot begin to explain in a short paragraph how disorganised and unprofessional this faculty is. It reflects the wrong side of HU and completely changes the prestigious image the university holds.
    There is little to no communication at all between students and lecturers. The curriculum is being changed like there is no tomorrow, hindering students who are studying abroad or doing their internship abroad (which is mandatory for ICM) leaving us powerless and with debt due to delay.

    Furthermore, this school has no compassion for its students and they do their best to not answer concerning emails or help any student.
    So to sum it up, ICM is a fantastic individualistic course that prepares you for what your future beholds with extra debt thanks to the horrible administration of the ICM faculty.

    Thanks for the courses and I’ll be sure to send a bouquet of flowers to everyone who helped me during these 4 years and a half (which is 0) when I graduate.

    I will never recommend this course to anyone I know.

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  • Lorenzo
    International Business and Management Studies (IBMS)

    The HU is a very large university of applied sciences, (HBO level) it is the largest university in the Netherlands and I think this affects a bit the overall organisation.
    Many processes take up longer than expected (receive grades, getting documents processed etc…)
    As an international student, the university could do much more to create a community feeling. Currently, the number of internationals in my program is low, about 30% of the total (the remaining are Dutch natives) and the integration between these is poor.
    Concerning the content of the program, IBMS gives you a good taste of many areas of business. The content does almost never go deep into the subject, except for the specialisation you are able to choose during your 3rd year (finance, management or marketing). A good point in favour is the practical approach (assignments related to actual companies).
    Most of the professors are competent, international and readily available to answer questions or assisting.

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  • Julia
    Review HU

    I like the HU, and I like the fact that almost all the classes are practical. They prepare you for real projects. I also like the fact that my course allowed me to do a minor abroad and that it was very easy to apply for it.
    Among my dislikes are the locations, but I can understand that it isn’t always possible to be in the center of Utrecht. What I also dislike is that in the 4 years of the course, you only get 1 subject about how to write a research. Next year I have to do my thesis and I have no clue what I have to do and how it works. Also, I have to do my internship next year and I already started applying at different organisations, but I haven’t received any information about it from the HU, I have to search for it all by myself.

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  • Davide
    Engaging Business Education

    I’ve been following the International Business and Management studies at the HU for the past two years. I am really happy with the choice of studies because of the quality of teaching and the practical approach to every subject taught.
    I like the fact that I can go abroad multiple time while studying and that the university has a wide network of partner universities. In addition, I am really pleased with the university life in Utrecht which is engaging and fun for internationals.
    The only remark I have is that many official documents and procedures from the HU are still available only in Dutch which makes it complicated if you don’t know the language.

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  • Astrid
    nice facilities

    I love the fact that most of the teachers have real life experience, and most of the students here are just as motivated as I am. In general quite positive about the HU however they could adjust the location of the schools

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  • Michelle
    International Communication and Media/Creative Business

    ICM was pretty nice, it was practice-oriented which I liked. I loved the designing classes and the opportunity to do a minor in Madrid. Also, the fact that we have to do an internship was nice, I learned a lot by ‘working in the field’.

    The communication of the HU was not always clear. They changed the curriculum in the middle of the year which was not communicated very well. Also, when I had to write my thesis I had a good supervisor but we didn’t learn anything throughout the 4 years of writing an academic paper. I am doing a master now and I have learned a lot more in 2 months about writing a paper than the 4 years on the HU. I think it is nice that the HU is practice-oriented but they could have learned students more about writing a paper that in the end will help them with writing a thesis.

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    Degree: Master's
  • Martijn
    Listening to the needs of students

    HU seems to only care about costs. I do not see any transparancy with students. 3 starst because there are good sides as well. Approximately 50 percent of the teachers are on the right level to actually teach.

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