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The Most Affordable Bachelors in Economics


Are you about to finish high school and are interested in exploring the opportunity to pursue an Economics degree in Europe? Do you have a limited amount of money you can invest in education? EDUopinions has gathered the most affordable Bachelors in Economics degrees in Europe.

Is it worth studying a bachelors in economics?

A bachelors in economics offers students the right skill set to build the foundation of a career in finance. In other words, yes, getting a degree in economics is worth it if you are interested in a job role that requires such a foundation.

What career options will it open up for me?

If you see yourself working as an Economist, Accountant, Financial Risk or Investment Analyst, Banker, Researcher, or similar positions, a bachelor of economics is the right choice for you! Some students opt for a degree in Finance. That said, what is the difference between a degree in Economics and one in Finance? For an Economics degree, you will essentially be studying the management of goods and services, while in Finance, you will gain knowledge in the management of funds.

BA or BS – Which is better for economics?

They are both equally good. Generally speaking though, a BA gives you enough preparation to enter the job market as soon as you graduate. A BS is good if you are thinking about doing a postgraduate degree, as it teaches you the sciences behind economics.

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The Most Affordable Bachelors in Economics

BSc in Economics and Business Economics at Radboud University (The Netherlands)

Radboud University

If you’ve set your eyes on the Netherlands, don’t miss the opportunity to study at Radboud University! This institution in Nijmegen offers an English-taught BSc in Economics for all of you who are interested in financial management, exchange rates, and the global economy in general. The course starts in September and lasts for 3 years. After graduation, you will have the opportunity to work at international non-profits or companies, the European Central Bank, or at Financial Consultancy firms. The programme cost starts at €2,143 per year for EU & EEA citizens.

Business Management and Economics, M.A. at University of Aberdeen (United Kingdom)

Aberdeen - campus

Interested in studying in Scotland? The University of Aberdeen offers a 4-year undergraduate in Business Management and Economics beginning every September. Aberdeen is considered to be the oil and gas capital of Europe, so international companies seek business graduates at Aberd. The programme provides students with a wide range of skills within management, people and organizations. Once graduated, you will be able to work in a variety of fields, including Trading, Finance, and Development. The programme cost starts from €1,820 per year for EU & EEA citizens.

International Bachelors in Economics at Nova School of Business and Economics (Portugal)

Nova SBE

If you desire to live in sunny Lisbon, at Nova School of Business and Economics you will find an international community of students willing to learn and develop in teams. The position of Nova SBE continues to rise in Financial Times Rankings. It is also the only Portuguese institution to appear in the top 40. Modules include Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Management, Calculus, Econometrics, Finance, Statistics, and more. The programme cost starts from €697 per year for EU & EEA citizens.

Economics and Business Economics, B.Sc. at Erasmus University Rotterdam (The Netherlands)

Erasmus University Rotterdam - EUR- campus

The B.Sc. in Economics and Business Economics offered by EUR is a 3-year English taught programme in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. It is the perfect programme if you are interested in learning about economics from an international point of view. Graduates usually find a job in the following areas: banking, accountancy, tax consultancy, economic research, and trade. The programme cost starts from €2,083 per year for EU & EEA citizens.

Business Enterprise and Economics, B.A. at University of Strathclyde (United Kingdom)

University of Strathclyde - campus

If you are interested in gaining professional experience while studying, Strathclyde Business School, which is triple-accredited and part of the University of Strathclyde, offers the right programme for you. Throughout the BA in Business Enterprise and Economics, you will develop outstanding analytical and problem-solving skills. It is particularly good for students who seek leadership positions or aim to start a new company or manage an existing one. The programme cost starts from €1,820 per year for EU & EEA citizens.

BSc International Economics at Jönköping University (Sweden)

Jönköping University - JU - campus

Landed your eyes on Scandinavia? We’ve got you covered. Jönköping University offers an Economics major along with classes on statistics, econometrics, business administration, accounting, and leadership. This mix is going to give you the right knowledge to apply for jobs after graduation. During the course, you are given the option to study abroad. At Jönköping International Business School, JIBS, approximately 40% of the student body comes from outside Sweden. The programme is for free for citizens of the EU, EEA and Switzerland, citizens from outside this region pay €9,747 per year.


We hope that these programmes meet your needs and that after reading this article you have a clearer understanding of where and what you want to study. If that is not the case and you need further assistance, our team will be happy to help.

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