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Why to study Global Management at Luiss University


Located in the global capital city of Rome, Luiss University is an international institution, specialized in the field of social sciences, providing a diverse learning environment based on entrepreneurship, responsibility and sustainability.

Master in Global Management at Luiss University

Today, we present to you the Master’s in Global Management and Politics at Luiss University. This 2-year program is addressed to BSc graduates who want to excel their skills required by companies and institutions operating on a global scale.

We contacted two key people from that MSc: Luca Giustiniano, Professor of Organization Studies and Gianfranco Pellegrino, Associate Professor of Political Philosophy. Let’s see what they told us!

What is the most important reason to choose the Master in Global Management in Luiss?

The Master represents a unique blend of managerial and socio-political topics, based on the ground that global managers must be aware of the intricacies of global politics. Our strategic analysis has shown an increasing need to respond to those economic and institutional changes through the adoption of inter-and trans-disciplinary educational approaches. The course of study, therefore, has been developed as an intersection of fields necessary to undertake specific career paths, to which other programs in Economics, Management and Political Science currently provide only partial answers. This need is particularly felt in graduate programs, as natural and immediate channels towards the labor market.

Is the program based more on theory or does it also have practical elements?

We believe the theory/practice contraposition is misleading. To understand the world, we need data; to analyze data we need theories. Hence the program is based on the assumption that theories and data equally inform understanding and therefore practice. In order to achieve the actionability of social sciences, each topic is presented and equally distributed in terms of conceptual models and reference to practice. Furthermore, inspired by an inquiry-based approach to teaching, the learning journey in a Lab on Research Methods for Social Science and professional development workshops.

What kind of soft skills do students obtain, and why is this important?

Dealing with complexity and bridging disciplinary domains are two distinctive soft skills stimulated by the program, which aims to create professional figures who can predict, support and govern complex phenomena that require interdisciplinary approaches and skills.

What is the background of current students and alumni?

The background of students generally falls under the large umbrella of social sciences, with a prevalence of management and economics, and political sciences.

What are the career prospects after graduation?

The program trains professionals to undertake positions of responsibility and perform managerial and specialist functions within profit and non-profit international organizations especially in the context of global industrial companies and services and strategic consultancy firms, as well as to represent interests (lobbying)for institutions operating at the supranational and international levels. The expected professional profile differs from the ones acquired via a pure managerial education due to the addition of political skills, including understanding political and bureaucratic logics compared to the corporate world (in abstract and in practice); perception of how national and international public institutions are changing, and how managers should interact with them; risk assessment with respect to political-institutional transformations; issues of business ethics and CSR.

Do you have any application tips and suggestions for prospective students?

The main tip is to be ready to engage with real problems from different conceptual perspectives, in order to appreciate the richness of a multi- and inter-disciplinary program.

Conclusion about the Master in Global Management at Luiss University

Studying Global Management at Luiss University can be an excellent option for anyone who’s interested in top-ranked education. Students will be interacting with highly qualified lecturers from all over the world, both practitioners and academics. They can select several modern, diversified academic programs which will prepare them for the world of work.

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