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Are you curious about the legal aspects of companies and how those play out in Europe? EDUopinions has created this article for students and professionals who want to start a career in any field related to business law. That includes lawyers and business advisers, but also journalists, consultants, NGO workers and many other professions. Therefore, this article explains why it is useful to study business law, what professional opportunities it can lead to, and it briefly explains why Europe is a great place for such studies.

Study Business Law

What is a business law masters useful for?

Business law is very important to regulate the world in which companies and other business organisations operate. Just like humans, a business can commit crimes, such as fraud, buy and sell things, sue and get sued. Therefore, a master in business law equips you with the knowledge and skills to be able to deal with corporate, security, commercial, or even banking legal issues and international economic law in our globalising world.

What opportunities will this give me?

Such a degree opens up a world of professional opportunities. First, as you become an expert in business law you are able to set up your own business. In other words, you can work in any kind of field, depending on what goods or services your company offers. A master in business law also often leads to careers in banking and insurance, administration and management, government services and consultancy. Of course, it also puts you on the right tracks to become a business lawyer or paralegal. More generally, these studies make you acquire extremely valuable skills that can be used in virtually all areas of business and beyond.

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is Europe a good place to study law?

Europe has a very high concentration of great universities, as well as important legal institutions. For example, the International Criminal Court is located in the Netherlands, the European Court of Justice is in Luxembourg. Furthermore, the economic mechanisms of businesses in the EU and the EEA make it an interesting place to work. Therefore, if you want to work in a European country, it is a great asset to have studied at a University that offers courses focused on case studies about European businesses and European law.

The best masters of law in Europe

MSc in Business for Lawyers at ALBA Graduate Business School (Greece)

Alba Graduate Business School

The ALBA Graduate Business School in Athens has created this programme exclusively for legal professionals. It prepares lawyers to understand the complex legal environment of businesses and it provides interdisciplinary competencies.

Classes take place in the evening between 18:00 and 21:00, twice a week, for 16 months and the programme costs EUR12,500. Therefore, it can be followed next to a professional career.

Specialised Master in International Business Law and Management at ESCP Business School (France)

ESCP Europe

The ESCP Business School has a campus in Paris, where you can study to become a corporate juror or a business lawyer. The programme lasts 12 months on a full-time basis and uses case-based teaching. It starts with four months of theoretical courses to learn the fundamentals, followed by three months of international seminars and field trips to companies. Next, you undertake a four-months long professional mission (similar to an internship) before starting a thesis project. This specialised master costs EUR20,350. ESCP Partnered with the Queen Mary University of London, meaning that the programme can also be followed in the British capital for an additional GBP2,200.

Master’s Degree in International and European Business Law at Universidad Pontificia Comillas (Spain)

The International and European Business Law programme at Universidad Pontificia Comillas – ICAI – ICADE, in Madrid, is a one-year masters’ degree taught in English. The courses are all based on international and EU law. Therefore, it prepares you to become a legal adviser to companies or a business lawyer who will operate on the international scene of the EU. Additionally, you will go on a field trip to meet with political leaders in Brussels and Luxembourg, attend a hearing at the Court of Justice of the EU, and take part in a paid internship in one of several prestigious companies in Madrid. The tuitions fees are EUR28,815.

Master in Law Specialisation in Business Law at Radboud University (The Netherlands)

Radboud University campus

Radboud University, located in Nijmegen, offers a specialisation in business law. In other words, the programme is not an entire masters degree in business law, but an academic specialisation within the International and European Law Masters programme. Therefore, it focuses mostly on EU laws, businesses interacting in Europe, and the internal and external markets of the EU. As a student, you hone your knowledge about critical policy analysis, corporate mobility, restructuration and many more. You also get the opportunity to work with the royally accredited Radboud Business Law Institute and benefit from their expertise working with renown law firms and companies. The basic tuition fees are EUR16,000 (EUR2,168 for EEA nationals), but the school takes into account your financial situation to ensure that the programme is accessible to all.

Business and Financial Law, LL.M. at University of East London – UEL (United Kingdom)

University of East London - UEL - campus

The LLM in Business and Financial Law at the University of East London – UEL, offers a straightforward programme. It includes interesting additional modules that address themes such as banking law, corporate social responsibility and the World Trade Organisation. All lectures are made available as podcasts for you to always be able to go back to the material learnt in the classroom. Furthermore, you are given the option to write a research thesis.

A specificity of this programme is that it can be followed without a law background. Indeed, it prepares students to become professional lawyers and legal advisers, as well as journalists, NGO workers and consultants. It costs GBP 10,800 for UK nationals and GBP14,340 for others.

International Business Corporate and Finance Law, LL.M. at Liverpool John Moores University (United Kingdom)


At the Liverpool John Moores University, the LLM in International Business Corporate and Finance Law is a one-year programme emphasising positive learning. Additionally, the university is known for its focus on research. In fact, the only mandatory modules of the programme are research methods and a thesis project. All other modules are electives. Therefore, you are free to shape your education as you please through a large course offering, with modules covering corporate law, maritime law, and many others. This university offers great networking opportunities which are useful for employability later on. 96% of graduates find a job within six months. The tuition fees are GBP7,250 for UK nationals, and GBP15,600 for others; numerous scholarships are available.

International Arbitration and Business Law at Erasmus School of Law (The Netherlands)

Erasmus University Rotterdam - EUR- campus

At the Erasmus School of Law, you can acquire unique international arbitration skills through this one-year degree. Additionally, this programme also provides valuable insights and courses on business law. The university offers skills courses through contract drafting and independent legal research modules. Another particularity of this programme is that it sets itself apart from its competitors by offering courses that focus on procedural aspects of business law and international arbitration. Furthermore, you are often given the opportunity to see how things work in practice in the port of Rotterdam, thanks to which the city has become one of the leading commercial centres in Europe. The tuition fees are EUR2,168 for EEA national and EUR12,300 for non-EEA nationals.

Conclusion about the Best Masters in Business Law

We hope that you found valuable information in this article. Don’t hesitate to ask for free guidance and check out our blog. It contains numerous other articles to further your research and find other interesting study programmes. Read about The Best UK Universities for International Students or The Best Student Cities in the Netherlands.

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