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The Best Masters and MBAs in Shipping


Have you ever considered doing a graduate degree in shipping? A master’s or an MBA in shipping may be less common than other types of specialized business degrees, but it can lead to a surprisingly lucrative line of work, with graduates potentially earning up to €50,000 per year. For more information, continue reading this article on the best masters and MBAs in shipping.

Is it better to get an MBA or a master’s?

Whether you decide to undertake an MBA or a master’s depends on your previous experiences and future aspirations. If you have never formerly studied business, you may feel it necessary to do some classroom learning in order to further your degree, in which case an MBA would make more sense. At the same time, doing an MBA after a BBA is not a bad decision either. In general, if you are looking to further your career in the business world, an MBA is probably the best decision. Of course, everyone is different, so be sure to reach out to EDUopinions for individualised advice .

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What skills will I learn?

This programmes included on this list of the best masters and MBAs will equip students for work in the quickly-evolving shipping industry. Specifically, students can expect to focus on legal matters related to shipping, information technology, marine insurance, financial management and global marketing.

What will be my career opportunities post-graduation?

Following a degree in shipping, a number of different employment routes are available for graduates. These include procurement managers and consultants, sourcing analysts and strategists as well as supplier managers. Given the rapidly-evolving nature of the shipping industry, professionals with area-expertise are highly sought after, meaning plenty of employment opportunities after your degree.

EDUopinions’ list of the best masters and MBAs in shipping:

MBA in Shipping at ALBA Graduate Business School

The MBA in Shipping offered by ALBA Graduate Business School is one of the best of its kind. Taking a two-prong approach to its curriculum, this MBA focuses on important leadership and managerial strategies as well as industry-specific knowledge of the shipping world. In addition, ALBA goes to great lengths to provide their students with ample opportunities to expand their business networks so that students graduate with a wealth of contacts for their future business endeavours. Also, students satisfaction at ALBA is very high. Just see what one student wrote:

Distinguished professors from Europe and USA

Excellent, distinguished professors are coming to Athens for the program therefore there are focused to the students and there is great interaction, a lot of awards in international contest ie best business plan etc competing with top global

Programme: MBA
Degree: Master's
Graduation: 1994
Campus: Athens
Career Prospects
Student Life

MSc in Shipping, trade and finance at Cass Business School

The City University of London’s Cass Business School is home to the next programme on our list of the best masters and MBAs in shipping. Their MSc in Shipping, Trade and Finance is unique among the other programmes on this list due to its multidisciplinary approach. Students in this degree benefit from studying the intersections of these three fields in that their career prospects afterwards are numerous and wide-ranging. In the final term of this year-long degree, students have the option to take on a business research project. Supported by the academic and professional expertise of your professors, research like this is a great way to prepare for your future career.


MBA in Shipping at Hamburg School of Business Administration

Last but certainly not least, the MBA in Shipping at the Hamburg School of Business Administration is making EDUopinions’ list of the best masters and MBAs in shipping for a few reasons. First, HSBA is known for its high-quality education, meaning students in this degree can be sure to gain an in-depth understanding of business practices and developments related to the European shipping industry. Next, this programme also includes a globalised element, with certain modules being remotely taught from London and Dubai, allowing students to come away from their degree with international experience.  Finally, studying shipping at a university-based in Hamburg, one of the largest port cities in Europe, lends itself to countless future career opportunities.

MBA in Shipping at Global Business University – Europe

Global University of Business Europe

Also, in our list of the best masters and MBAs in shipping is a programme offered by Global Business University – Europe. Students undertaking this MBA in shipping have flexibility in that they can begin their year-long degree at any point during the year. The content of this programme focuses both on managerial and business strategies as well as shipping-specific knowledge, producing well-rounded graduates ready for work in the real world. Finally, another advantage of this programme is its relatively low tuition fees, set at only €4000!

Conclusion about the best masters and MBAs in Shipping

Having read EDUopinions’ list of the best masters and MBAs in shipping, hopefully, you have a better idea about what you are looking for in your graduate-level studies. Whatever your situation may be, EDUopinions is here to help with anything university-related. Do not hesitate to reach out for free, personalised advice!

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