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The Best Online Part-Time MBAs


Are you looking to take your business career to the next level? Maybe you are struggling to find the time and the place do so? If that is the case, consider applying for an online part-time MBA. Programmes like this are increasingly popular and offer a top-notch education. In this article, EDUopinions will discuss some of the best online part-time MBAs.

Online part-time MBAs

Is an online MBA respected?

Many may be concerned about whether an online MBA is just as valid or respected as an in-person degree. However, most employers will not mind the format in which you complete your MBA, especially if you are working a part-time job at the same time. Further, the Covid-19 pandemic has caused many universities to transition to distance learning. This is to say that undertaking a degree online is very common now and also that the quality of online learning has increased dramatically.

Is it difficult to study online?

For those never having studied online, doing so for the first time may be a bit of a shock. But there are many advantages to doing so. Namely, distance learning allows students more flexibility in their schedules and the ability to study anywhere they have an internet connection.

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Is a full-time MBA better than a part-time one?

Whether a full-time or part-time MBA is better for you depends on your personal situation. If you are looking to finish your education as quickly as possible and already have work experience, then obviously a full-time degree is preferable. For those looking to gain some career experience, doing a part-time MBA is a great way to continue your education while learning the ins and outs of the industry through a job or internship on the side.

EDUopinions’ list of the best online part-time MBAs:

Master of Business Administration at IUBH University of Applied Sciences Online

First up, IUBH University of Applied Sciences Online offers a uniquely flexible MBA programme, with no fixed start date nor a fixed length of study. Students at IUBH have the chance to undertake an online MBA at their own pace (though most complete the programme in 1-2 years). In addition, IUBH offers specialised MBA lasting 18-36 months in subjects like big data management, engineering management, finance & accounting, IT management and marketing. For those in search of a flexible, high-quality degree, IUBH certainly offers one of the best online part-time MBAs.

Online MBA at EU Business School

Ranked 11th in the world by QS, the online MBA at EU Business School is an excellent option to consider. Part of the reason why this MBA is so highly ranked is the quality of EU Business School’s online teaching. Through interactive and dynamic digital content, students at EU feel engaged in their classes, making real connections with their professors and classmates. This benefits them not only during their degree but afterward, too; graduating with a network of contacts helps young entrepreneurs launch their ideas into action. Without a doubt, this programme at EU Business School is one of the best online part-time MBAs on the market.

Live Online MBA at Hult International Business School

Next up is the Live Online MBA through Hult International Business School. This degree allows business professionals to earn a meaningful MBA with minimal disruption to work and home life. The programme takes places over a four-day weekend each month which includes live lectures, seminars and talks from leading industry experts. In addition, distance learning students at Hult benefit from opportunities to extend their education through a leadership immersion week in Boston or London as well as options to take electives at one of the school’s campuses in six of the world’s most influential business hubs. With some many options for customisation, the Live MBA at Hult easily makes this list of the best online part-time MBAs.

MBA at University of Essex Online

The world-renowned University of Essex Business School boasts a top-notch online part-time MBA. Accredited by the Association of MBAs (AMBA), this certification can add a lot to your degree. Over 24 months, this MBA through the University of Essex focuses on equipping students to be change-makers in the business world. Through interactive tutorials and group projects, students learn both from qualified professors and from their classmates’ wealth of business experiences. Finally, students in this programme culminate their studies by undertaking a dissertation or business plan based on their own research, launching them into their future careers.

Global MBA at Cass Business School

The next on EDUopinions’ list of the best online part-time MBAs is Cass Business School’s Global MBA. Providing a highly international education, this programme focuses on preparing students for work in a global business world. To accomplish this, Cass makes use of its powerful and diverse network of alumni, totalling 49,000. As well, students at Cass have the option to study an international elective from various locations around the world to help gain experience learning and working across cultures. What’s more, at the end of their degree, graduates can apply for the Cass Entrepreneurship Fund, totalling £10 million, to help finance their business dreams.

MBA at York Business School

The York Business School MBA conversion programme is a unique and innovative offering that allows students around the world to study online, part-time and in one year gain their MBA. This unique MBA conversion programme builds on both the prior knowledge that students have from their MA or MSc in a related management area and on their work experience. In this way the programme asks students to reflect on their already-acquired knowledge and experience of the world of work, putting theory into practice in a continuing professional development environment. The programme helps professionals to develop self-awareness through analysing critical incidents of practice thus providing the opportunity for deeper self-reflection leading to enhanced awareness of self in becoming a critically reflexive practitioner in the context of personal leadership strategies.


Part-time MBA at Global Business University – Europe

If costly tuition fees are something you worry about when it comes to undertaking an MBA, then you should consider the part-time MBA at Global Business University Europe. With fees at €4000, this programme is certainly more affordable than most. At the same time, GBU offers some of the best educational outcomes. Learning at GBU is two-directional, with professors instilling their expertise in students at the same time as students are pushed to learn from their own prior work experiences as well as those of classmates. For these reasons and many more, this degree at GBU – Europe is clearly one of the best online part-time MBAs out there.

Online MBA at Maastricht School of Management

The Maastricht School of Management (MSM) offers an online MBA which is perfect for those who may want at least some face-to-face educational experiences. Students at MSM have the option to complete their MBA 100% online or partially in-person by undertaking a specialisation track on campus in Maastricht. Further, students at MSM are well-prepared for their future careers thanks to the schools’ dedicated team of career experts, who guide students through the job-finding process. With so much to offer, it is not hard to see why the Maastricht School of Management’s programme is one of the best online part-time MBAs available.

MBA in Information Security at Apsley Business School

Next, the MBA in Information Security at Apsley Business School is another outstanding option to consider. This MBA is unique among this list because of its emphasis on information security. Offering all the essentials that a normal MBA would, this programme at Apsley goes above and beyond, providing students with an understanding of cyber risks, security and effective management frameworks. These skills are highly valued in today’s business world, meaning that graduates of this MBA can expect to come away from their degree being uniquely employable.

Online MBA at Business Institut EDU

Finally, our list of the best online part-time MBAs concludes with the programme offered by Business Institut EDU. Students in this programme can expect to feel especially supported throughout the course of their study, with lecturer teams and departmental advisors ready to help out around the clock. Further, students at Business Institute EDU benefit from digital access to the school’s vast library system of over one million titles, allowing them to carry out in-depth research from anywhere in the world. In addition to required classes, Business Institut EDU offers a great deal of bonus content for students to help deepen their subject knowledge. Offering nearly limitless opportunity, Business Institut EDU is a truly one-of-a-kind place to study an MBA.

Conclusion about the best online part-time MBAs

Having gone through EDUopinions’ list of the best online part-time MBAs, we hope some of these programmes have caught your eye. If you are in search of more advice or other recommendations for MBA programmes, do not hesitate to reach out to EDUopinions for personalised help!

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