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How To Find The Right Business School


Have decided to study business? Great! The next and most important step is to find the right business school based on your needs. Business degrees are the most popular courses in universities and getting professional advice based on your needs is something that EDUopinions specialised team can help with. Check out how.

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How To Find the Right Business School

Choice of majors and focus area

Many Business Schools differentiate themselves by specializing in a particular area of studies. Therefore it is imperative to understand what specialisation area do you want to focus on. Then, spend some time on the university’s website, look at business school reviews and rankings to know about the best schools in your chosen specialisation. If you are not sure about what you want to focus on, that is also okay. A lot of business schools have a strong general management programme so that you’ll get a firm grounding in the management and finance basics.

Student Reviews

One main point to note when choosing the right Business School is that you should pay attention to what students say about institutions. While looking at Business Schools’ websites and rankings is great, student reviews really tell you what studying at the university is like from the point of view of another student. Student reviews are quite personal but they are quite descriptive. It is up to you as a reader decide what to pay more attention to. Students and alumni rate different aspects of their study experience such us: Facilities, Accommodation, Professors, Internationality, Location, Value, Student life and Career prospects. On EDUopinions, you can read real and verified student experiences for thousands of institutions worldwide. With a particular focus on business studies in Europe, EDUopinions can also offer you personalised guidance to the best Business Schools based on your needs.

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Whether you hate them or love them, rankings can really help you find the right business school by providing insights on specific topics. While rankings are not paramount, it is a way of weighing your degree by future employers. Usually, high ranked schools matter more for people who have not ever really worked and need to prove their worth to future employers. However, if you have already worked for 5-10 years and are looking to get a management degree, rankings might matter less since you have real-world experience to bulk up your portfolio and help you land that post-grad job. Important rankings you can check are The Financial Times and Times Higher Education.


If you are an international student, then even more so, the location of the school really matters. You are going to live in that place for the next few years, therefore make sure that you understand the vibe of the city. The location of your business school also has long-term implications: it is where you will grow your personal network. Do you see yourself developing your career there? Make sure it is a city you want to explore more of so that you can easily invest your free time. Last but not least, keep in mind your budget. London or Paris are great places to study business but can really drain your wallet. To find out the best business schools in a particular location, you can take help from EDUopinions Business & Management discipline. Just type in the search or select in the filters the city you are interested in and you will be able to see the best Business Schools in that area.


Find an MBA based that suits your needs: Are you looking to study full-time or part-time? If you have other commitments apart from school, then you could consider business schools that offer programmes that require less on-campus time, part-time studies, or distance learning programmes. In addition, many companies can sponsor your studies, given that a flexible programme will allow you to stay with them and directly apply at work what you learn at school.

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To find the right business school by yourself can be a tough task and your final decision is very important as it may affect the rest of your life. EDUopinions can help you facilitate the process in the right way with free personalised advice and student reviews.

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