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The 6 Best Masters in Project Management


Are you interested in becoming a project manager? There are many great universities to choose from in order to obtain the right project management skills. In this article, EDUopinions will explore the Best Masters in Project Management.

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Why Study Project Management

What is Project Management?

Project management is the process of applying knowledge and tools to meet project requirements. It includes five tasks: initiating, planning, executing, monitoring & controlling, and closing. Project management brings a great focus shaped by the goals, resources, and schedule of each project.

What can I do with a Master in Project Management?

A project manager can assist in providing a diverse array of opportunities. Project management professionals can find work in engineering, technology, construction, manufacturing, and telecommunications. After obtaining a masters in project management, you can become a project manager, project coordinator, or a project scheduler. A project manager leads a project. He reports to the client who has requested the particular project, and he or she is responsible for its oversight from start to finish.  A project coordinator is often an entry-level position as one may have less hands-on experience than other positions within the field.

What industries are project managers in high demand?

Most industries need project managers. That said, there are many universities that provide you with project management courses. However, there are certain industries where the skills of a project manager are more in-demand. Construction and engineering, financial services, information technology, healthcare, law, are all industries where project managers are in high demand.

Which are the best Masters in Project Management in Europe?

MSc in Project Management at ESC Clermont Business School

ESC Clermont

This MSc in Project Management at ESC Clermont Business School is addressed to students who want to advance their skills and potential as highly efficient project leaders. They will be preparing both the PMI and lean/agile certifications. Also, students will have the opportunity to develop diverse real projects during their academic journey conducted by practitioners coming from market-leading international companies. Tuition Fees for the MSc. Programme: € 11,500

MSc in Project Management at City University of London

This postgraduate in Project Management, Finance and Risk programme at the City University of London is made for students who come from a scientific or financial engineering background. This is a full-time course, but can also be taken as a part-time course. The fees for the course is £20,000.


MBA in Project Management at IPAG Business School

IPAG business school - campus

This MBA in Project Management offered by IPAG Business School is open to students holding a 4-year degree. This course allows students to acquire an in-depth understanding of detailed planning, logistics and personnel management. The teaching language is French. This MBA includes business and industry trips as well as a 6-month internship abroad.

MBA in Project Management at Dublin Business School

best masters in project management

This MBA enables a deep understating of the theories and practices of Project Management that can help the students gain new insights to identify new problems essential to project management. The aim of the programme at Dublin Business School is to critically evaluate the importance of project management within organisations. The key features of this MBA include personal & academic development, lectures & assessment methods.

MSC in Project Analysis, Finance and Investment at the University of York

best masters in project management

This MSc at the University of York in project analysis, finance & investment helps you gain the skills you need to pursue a successful career with a financial institution or a consultancy firm, or government department or international agency. This is a one-year full-time course. The course content includes learning about finance and investment, corporate finance and econometrics. The tuition fees for this course stand at £24,620 for international students. After graduating from the course, you can build successful careers in banks, consultancy firms, government departments.

MBA in Project Management at WU Executive Academy


This MBA in project management at the WU Executive Academy helps you provide key skills and expertise to enhance your project management skills. This course is designed around the requirements of executives with an emphasis on the application of theoretical concepts. This is an 18-month part-time programme and the teaching language is English. The tuition fees for this course are €33,000.


There are many great universities which can help you become a project manager as they provide the Best Masters in Project Management. Since project management applies to varied industries, it is a skill that is much in-demand.

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