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The 10 Best GMAT Prep Courses in 2022


For any of you who have decided that you want to study business, the next step on your cards must be how to prepare for GMAT. It is an important exam that determines which business school you end up attending. This is the reason why many students end up hunting for the best GMAT prep courses on the market. EDUopinions is going to talk about the best GMAT prep courses as researched by MBA insight.

GMAT prep courses

About GMAT

The GMAT is a test to get into some of the best Business Schools in the world. It is also one of the great equalisers admissions boards can use to compare students who went to different undergraduate schools, and who have different backgrounds. Still, you can find some Top Business Schools with a low GMAT and options of Top MBAs without GMAT.

The GMAT includes four sections: Integrated Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, and the Analytical Writing Assessment. The course is also computer-adaptive, which makes all the difference and also makes the exams tougher.

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The 10 Best GMAT Prep Courses

1. Target Test Prep

The average rating for this course is 4.89 which makes it the best GMAT prep course on the list. The price range for this course is around $99-$399. They have a three-pronged learning process which is to learn, practice and review. In the learning process, Target Test Prep breaks down 20 rigorous chapters into 500+ lessons covering high-value GMAT quant topics such as number properties, word problems, and geometry. For the practice stage, they have 3,000+ realistic quantitative problems covering the most important topics provide ample, targeted practice for even the most ambitious students. To understand the progress of the students, they review the students progress with Smart learning analytics which provides you with intelligent, actionable analytics allowing you to strategically focus your study efforts.


They have a 4.73 rating on the list of best GMAT prep courses for 2022. The price range is $99-$349. Their highly structured lessons help you master the GMAT at home. Every topic in GMAT is followed by an expert video breakdown. have different study plans for every kind of student, whether you are just starting out or retaking the GMAT, they can help you with it all.

3. Manhattan Review GMAT

With an average rating of 4.74, the Manhattan Review GMAT makes it to the third position on the best GMAT prep courses for 2022. Their price range is between $990-$1,590, they also have an hourly rate fee of $150. The Manhattan review’s group test prep courses are both in-person and interactive online classroom courses as well. The courses are taught by highly qualified instructors who have demonstrated mastery of the test by scoring well on the GMAT themselves. The class sizes are small and an instructor-led classroom setting allows students to address obstacles as they arise.

4. Magoosh GMAT

The average rating for Magoosh GMAT is 4.65 and the price range for the courses is $219-$799. They have 300 lessons with 1250 questions. Their courses are accessible as you can study anywhere and anytime. Plus there is email assistance anytime you get stuck. Their courses are also digestible which means that their lessons cover every concept, pitfall, and shortcut on the exam. Plus they also provide the best value which is ¼ the price of competitors.

5. Manhattan Prep

Scoring a 4.51 in the list of the best GMAT prep courses for 2022, Manhattan Prep’s price range is $549-$2,699. They offer two types of training for GMAT – either with the instructor or self-guided. They have brilliant instructors who adapt to your individual learning style. Plus their small size classrooms helps achieve the right balance of individual attention and active participation. Also, the curriculum is written by their instructors, based on actual exam questions, and updated regularly.


Scoring a 4.46 on the list of the best GMAT prep courses for 2022, the price range of their eGMAT prep courses is $249-$349. They have some of the best GMAT instructors who are leaders in their fields. Their instructors are also full-time which ensures they are completely dedicated to creating, enhancing, and supporting their offerings. They have progressive learning architecture, high definition video lessons and ability-based assessment engine.

7. Veritas Prep

With a 4.43 in the list, Veritas prep comes at the 7th position. Their GMAT prep courses range from $699-$2,650. You can choose from three types of studies. They have their self-study courses, live class courses and also their private tutors. By combining a solid foundation in the core skills and knowledge required by the GMAT with the ability to apply higher-level reasoning and interpretation skills, you will be able to achieve the highest GMAT score you can with Veritas Prep.


They scored a 4.41 in the list of best GMAT prep courses for 2022 and their prices are very reasonable, ranging from Free-$39.95. The course includes over 100 instructional videos with Instructor Dr Stergious Alexandris. 800score includes over 400 pages of basic and advanced information on reading comp, math, grammar and critical reasoning.

9. The Economist GMA tutor

With a 4.16 score, the price of their courses varies from $799-$1099. The Economist GMA Tutor also has three plans which range from Complete Prep, Premium Prep to Ultimate Prep. They offer individual tutors and support fro world-class GMAT tutors, in addition to 100+ ask-a-tutor questions via our online tutor support. Their courses are available online and through our iOS and Android apps, to support both on and offline study. They also have a 70 point guarantee otherwise they give the money back.

10. Kaplan Test Prep

With a score of 4.15, the Kaplan test prep makes it to the 10th position on the list. Their courses range from $99-$2,499. They offer full GMAT prep courses online or on-demand. They also offer 140+ hours of online instruction and practice, plus 9 full-length, computer-based practice tests. With 2,300+ questions driven by an algorithm that adapts to your performance, you’re not just taking a quiz. You’re answering the right questions (at the right difficulty level)- all available at the Kaplan test prep.


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Now that you know a little more about GMAT, you can choose from the best GMAT prep courses to take your scores to the best they have ever been. Find here the GMAT Test Dates for 2022. Wishing you best of luck!

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