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The 9 Best MIM Programmes in Europe


There is no better way to understand the world of business than studying a Master’s in Management. MIM is one of the best programmes one can pursue and for many experts is considered as good as an MBA.

What is Masters in Management (MIM)

This programme provides advanced general management knowledge for students, whether they have studied business before or not. In fact, a MIM is for students in their early careers with generally little to no work experience. In the next few paragraphs, EDUopinions is going to shed some light on the best MIM programmes in Europe and what makes the MIM a valuable degree.

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Is MIM better than an MBA?

To start off, the MBA and MIM programmes suit different needs. The Masters in Management is better for students who are just starting out their business career, whereas an MBA is more suited for students who already have a few years of work experience. A Masters in Management also allows you to specialise in one field, such as accounting or marketing. In addition, Masters in Management programmes are less costly if compared to an MBA. Another difference is that a Masters in Management does not require work experience.

Is GMAT required for MIM?

GMAT score or GRE score for a Masters in Management degree can be required but it is not always the case. In fact, each business school has different requirements. The TOEFL or other English proficiency tests are needed to ensure international student class participation.

Which are the best MIM Programmes in Europe?

Master in Management at THE European School of Management and Technology

ESMT campus

The Masters in Management at ESMT is divided into two portions with a focus on international management. One track is designed for quantitative decision analysts and one track for creative and strategic thinkers. You can choose from four specialisations in the second year – Business Analytics, Finance and investments, Global and digital strategy and finally Entrepreneurship & Innovation. This course lasts for two years and is split into six modules and is one of the Best MIM programmes. Full programme tuition is €29,500.

MIM at IE University

IE campus

This is a ten-month programme at IE University in Madrid. During the course, you can choose from 5 different tracks and more than 50 free electives. According to Financial Times 2016, Masters in Management at IE University was 7th worldwide. The Master in Management tuition fee is €38.200.

Global Masters in Management, MiM and MSC at London Business School

This is a 24-month course which is located in London. With this course, you can lay the foundations for global business success. In this course, you will study at two outstanding institutions – London Business School and the School of Management, Fudan University in Shanghai. This is the number 3 MiM in the world ranked by Financial Times.

Master in Management at ESCP Europe

ESCP Berlin

The MIM at ESCP Europe ranks 5th worldwide in the Financial Times. 99% of students from this two-year programme found a job within 6 months of graduation. As the name suggests, this institution has campuses all over Europe. You can get your MIM degree at any of the following locations: Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris, Turin, Warsaw. Because of this, students can easily start international careers with the help of the career centre. One of the advantages of studying at ESCP is that students graduate with a minimum of 10 months of working experience. The fees are €17,900 for EU citizens and €21,500 for non-EU citizens per year.

MIM at EDHEC Business School

EDHEC campus

This Masters in Management also called “Grande École”, is a two-year academic programme, taught entirely in English. It is a course for anyone who wants to have a career in business. This course awards a double degree: the Master in Management and the Master of Science.  The course also includes their European apprenticeship track which you may choose to do in Paris. This 24-month, the part-time track has placed more than 1200 apprenticeships (115 places each year) with 300 partner companies. This MIM programme at EDHEC Business School comes in the top 15 in Master in management worldwide according to QS in 2020.

MSc in International Management at Bocconi

SDA Bocconi School of - campus

This MSc offered by Bocconi University in Milan gives students the opportunity to understand in-depth the global world. It is training prospective managers and entrepreneurs to contribute to the performance of organizations and companies of all types around the globe while applying the concepts of effective and sustainable futures to business operations in practice. The MSc in International Management is divided into three different programmes, which will expose students to different international learning environments (International Management, CEMS MIM, China MIM).

MSc in International Management at the Rotterdam School of Management


This MSc programme offered by the Rotterdam School of Management – RSM, Erasmus University, prepares students for their international management career in this top-ranked, highly motivating environment. They will grow a strong academic foundation with a focus on practical applicability through skills seminars, an international internship, and a consultancy-like international business project.

International Management, MSc & MIM at UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School

UCD campus

This is a dual degree where graduates are awarded an MSc in International Management from UCD Smurfit School and a Masters in International Management (MIM) from CEMS. This course is a direct bridge between the academic and corporate worlds. The core module includes international business strategy, global leadership and business research insights. The tuition fees are €19,900.

International Management – CEMS MIM, MSc at University College Dublin

University College Dublin

This MSc in International management is also a dual degree awarded at UCD Smurfit School and a Masters in International Management (MIM) from CEMS. 95% of the students got employed after six months. This is a 16-month dual programme at University College Dublin.


As we saw, Masters in Management is a viable course for someone who wants to go ahead in the business career. One can choose from the many Best MIM programmes as discussed above.

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