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When are the GMAT Test Dates for 2023?


If you are wondering how much time you have to prepare for this year’s GMAT test, then rest easy. The best thing about GMATs is you can take these tests at any time of the year. You can a test centre and time around your schedule.

In short, you can register for the GMAT test anywhere between six months to 24 hours before your preferred test date. We’ve covered some more vital information about the test and more specifics around the GMAT test dates for 2023 – read on to find out more!

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what is IT?

GMAT stands for Graduate Management Admission Test and is a computer test aimed to assess analytical, writing, quantitative, verbal, and reading skills in written English. It is required by business schools to start a graduate management programme, for example, an MBA.

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Why should I take the GMAT exam?

Taking the GMAT test shows your motivation and ability to succeed in a business school and you are going to increase your earning potential. By taking the test you are also going to measure your critical thinking and reasoning skills but also receive recommendations on the best-fit programme for you.

Who can take it?

Anyone above 18 years of age can take the test. If you are aged between 13 and 17, you should have proof of your guardian’s consent to take the test.

WHEN are the GMAT 2023 dates?

You can register for the GMAT test anywhere between six months to 24 hours before your preferred test date. In addition, you can take the tests only up to 5 times in one year. Secondly, each of these attempts should have a minimum gap of 16 days.

It is better that you register for a GMAT test as early as you can to get the time slot and date you prefer. The GMAT time slots tend to fill up quickly. While GMAT test dates are open all year, MBA college admissions are open only for a specific period of time. You have to make sure your test results’ timing aligns with the admission timings of your desired college.

How difficult is it?

Make sure you have plenty of time to prepare before the test to get the highest possible scores. The test itself is difficult, especially because the computer introduces the easiest questions first and it increasingly introduces the hardest ones. The test is not going to be too hard if you familiarize yourself with the kind of questions the GMAT test has and know how to approach them.

The total duration of this exam is 3.5 hours and you can take up to 2 breaks. The first two sections of the test (Analytical writing and integrated reasoning) are assigned 30 minutes each. The other two sections (quantitative reasoning and verbal reasoning) are assigned 62 and 65 minutes, respectively.

The good news is, these test scores are valid for 5 years. So, in case, you miss this year’s college admissions you can apply the next time they are open.

Most business schools open their admissions twice a year. The first round of applications begins in September and the second begins in January. You can always schedule your tests around 2 months before the admission dates. Which can be either in July or October.

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How to Register for GMAT 2023

GMAT registrations are open online. You need to create a profile on GMAT’s official website by providing your personal details including name, nationality, and date of birth. The Registration process is as follows:

  • Click on the Register button;
  • Fill in your personal and educational details;
  • Verify that your name, citizenship, and date of birth match the details on your ID;
  • Choose the test centre that you’ve researched beforehand;
  • Pick a suitable date for the GMAT test;
  • Pay the examination fee;

The registration fee is $250 worldwide. If you would like to reschedule the exam or cancel you can but you will have to pay respectively $50 or $80.

You can register for the GMATs via any of the three options; Online (Website), by phone, or through the mail.

GMAT test 2023 Results

The GMAT test results are quite different from many other MBA tests. These test results are available online as soon as you give the tests. The instantly appeared results are the total score of marks obtained in Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and Integrated Reasoning. You can accept the scores within 2 minutes of when they appear. The result gets cancelled automatically if you do not accept them in 2 minutes. After that, the total scores are sent to you via email in the next 3 weeks.

in Conclusion

GMAT measures your ability to interpret and simplify the information that you have studied. It depends on how much and how well you study. So make sure that you are thorough with your studies and prepare well. Since the test scores are valid for five years, you can study your best once and keep applying for business schools with the same scores for that period of time.

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Editor’s note: This article was first published on the 18th of November 2019. We’ve updated it for current readers.

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