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The Most Practical MBAs in Europe


Master’s degrees in business and management have become fairly commonplace in today’s world. At the same time, the business landscape is demanding more specialisation from recruits. This is not to say your typical MBA is worthless, rather that there are certain types of Masters in Business that may make you more likely to be hired. In this article, EDUopinions will outline the most practical MBAs in Europe to give you an idea of what degrees with best prepare you for future success.

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What is a practical MBA?

While there is no exact definition of what makes a ‘practical’ MBA, there are certain programmes or specialisations that can increase your employability. These degrees usually include an international component, as today’s economy has become increasingly globalised. In addition, the most practical MBAs offer an option for specialisation. You may not know what area within business management you would like to specialise in, but fortunately, most programmes allow students to decide once their course has begun.

What are the benefits?

As mentioned above, the benefits of practical MBAs include increased employability and more hands-on experience while in your studies. A practical MBA should provide students with first-hand insights into the business world, usually through placed internships or by having business professionals teach part of the programme. Business degrees which are purely theoretical cannot provide students with this type of knowledge and therefore could not be considered some of the most practical MBAs.

What skills will I learn in a practical mba?

Skill acquisition is the main focus of the most practical MBAs. To be practical, a business degree must equip students with pragmatic information and experiences so that graduates are ready to dive into their careers. These specific skills will vary by programme, but in general, the most practical MBAs will teach students about business strategy and vision, managing internal and external aspects of a company as well as interpersonal skills to aid communication and negotiation.

EDUopinion’s list of the most practical MBAs in Europe:

ESLSCA Business School

ESLSCA business school students in Paris

Located in Paris, ESLSCA is one of France’s top business schools. Their MBA programme is flexible and customisable, taking in new students twice per year (in March and October). As well, after a year of core business and management education, ESLSCA’s MBA offers the option to specialise in the second year in one of four areas: finance, management, economic intelligence and marketing. Within these specialisations, there are additional tracks students can focus on like digital marketing, big data management, risk management and international cybersecurity. This programme at ESLSCA is definitely a great example of one of the most practical MBAs in Europe due to its flexibility and options for specialisation.

Paris School of Business – PSB

Paris School of Business - campus

The next on our list of the most practical MBAs in Europe stands out on account of its wide range of highly-specialised master’s in business. Of course, their MBA is part of the Paris School of Business‘s signature programming. Known for its timeliness, this programme changes in real-time depending on what content is most relevant in the contemporary business world. In this respect, this degree is certainly one of the most practical MBAs offered in Europe. The Paris School of Business also offers a number of highly-specialised MScs like Marketing Strategy and Data Analytics, Luxury and Fashion Management, or Arts and Cultural Management, just to name a few. If you are looking to hone in on a specific skill set in business, the Paris School of Business may be the place for you.

Brest Business School

Brest business school exterior

Another great business school in France, Brest has a few options for those looking for a highly practical MBA. Most notably, Brest Business School is considered the first Franco-Chinese Grande École due to its partnership programme with a number of top-notch Chinese universities. This MBA takes place in China and aims to foster a new generation of global management professionals. Of course, Brest offers other programmes which are based in France, including an MSc in international business and a master’s in management. All of these degrees are well-known for their focus on skills-based learning and quality of education, which is what makes them some of the most practical MBAs in Europe.

Alliance Manchester Business School

The Alliance Manchester Business School Full-time MBA is one of the world’s most practical MBAs. You will gain unbeatable experience for your CV by taking on three consultancy projects with real clients. This MBA gives you the flexibility to study over 18, 15 or 12 months. It also includes personal career support, an optional internship, global study opportunities, a wide range of elective courses and more. You will join a diverse, supportive community of MBA students from around the world. This is a great opportunity to study at one of the UK’s most popular universities, at the heart of one of the UK’s most exciting cities.

The University of Law Business School

University of law business school flyer

Based in the United Kingdom, the University of Law offers also highly practical MBA programmes. With 96% of graduates going on to work, training contracts or further study after graduation, this institution has a proven track record of equipping students for success. Though the University of Law offers only one MBA (in leadership), there are a plethora of MSc degrees in business fields like international marketing, project management and cybersecurity and data governance. Finally, most of these degrees are accredited by the Charted Management Institute, meaning that students at the University of Law graduate with a highly-regarded CMI qualification in addition to their master’s degree.

United International Business Schools – UIBS

Students graduating from UIBS

A unique institution with campuses across Europe and Asia, the United International Business Schools offer some of the most practical MBAs in the world. With countless options to customise your degree, studying at UIBS allows you to design the perfect degree for your needs. UIBS offers flexible study programmes, multiple starting dates, opportunities to transfer campuses and an interactive education taught by business professionals. Another advantage of this business school is its internationality, with staff and students representing 95 different countries and with campuses in nine different cities. Without a doubt, studying at UIBS can equip students with practical know-how for their futures in business.


OHM Professional School

The OHM Professional School (OPS), located in Nuremberg is the most experienced business school in Germany (founded 2001). The OHM Professional School offers customised MBA Programmes for professionals with and without a business background. Students get an internationally recognized degree, a localisation in one of the strongest economies in Europe with an extremely stable labour market, as well as close collaboration with multiple companies. Especially in management, there is a reasonable requirement of practical experience and soft skills. This is why OPS proposes a perfect balance between the theoretical lectures and practical orientated exercises. Starting dates are in March and October and the administration is very supportive to ensure a great experience in the heart of Europe.

ESEI International Business School


Last but certainly not least, the International Business School of Barcelona (ESEI) is another great option for those looking into the most practical MBAs. Students can take any of the one-year master programmes at ESEI, such as the MSc in International Relations and International Business, Digital Marketing, Digital Entrepreneurship, Tourism and Hospitality or Sports Management, and extend the programme to a specialised MBA during the second year. The first semester of the second year is spent in an internship, whereas the second semester focuses on the theory. Students participate in intensive weekend workshops focused on Business Agility and Sustainable Business Strategy, on-campus or remote. ESEI’s MBA programme also includes one-to-one career coaching sessions for personal and professional development, as well as access to the job market in Barcelona.

Of course, this list is not exhaustive, but the universities presented above were selected by EDUopinions as some of Europe’s most practical MBAs. If you are a student in search of the perfect degree to prepare you for a career in business, we think these are some of the best options to consider. You might also be interested in reading about the benefits of an executive MBA vs a standard MBA or what experience you need to study an MBA. Alternatively, if you don’t have much work experience, here’s an article on the best MBAs in Europe without much work experience.

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