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The Best Online Business Schools


Have you been wondering what the best options to study business are, now that the majority of education programs have had to switch to online teaching? Look no further as we explain the basics of online business schools, discuss how these programmes can be beneficial to you and look at the best online business schools.

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What are the benefits of studying business online?

Online programs are very versatile. Following courses online allows you to study from anywhere! Whether you’re seated at your desk in your parents’ home, in an apartment with friends, on a sunny terrace in the mountains or in a little bungalow on a pacific island. As long as you have an internet connection you will be able to learn important new content and skills. Online business programs also usually enable you to make your own schedule, watch recorded lectures at your own pace, and submit assignments at your convenience. Therefore, these are great degrees to get without disturbing your professional routine, personal endeavours, or even your family life.

On top of that, online courses are usually more affordable and, as counterintuitive as it may sound, distance learning also offers valuable networking opportunities by spending more resources on interactive spaces and time spent exchanging ideas. By following business courses online, you will be able to directly apply what you learn in the classroom to your professional life.

What skills will I learn?

Business studies combine an important variety of skills, interactions and content to start or boost your career. First of all, it enables you to drastically improve your time management skills, which are crucial in the professional world. People at different stages of their lives land in the same classroom, meaning that you can learn alongside, as well as directly from, experienced professionals. This helps you to perfect your soft skills. The seminars and projects also equip you with efficient organization and management skills, problem-solving competencies, and improve your decision-making abilities. As you can see, the skills that you learn in business schools are transferable, which means that they are important in many different disciplines and that you will always be able to “transfer” them to a new job. What you learn in business school can never go to waste.

How do I know if business school is right for me?

Business schools offer an incredible diversity of options to put you on track for a successful career in various professional environments. You can find courses about hotel management, IT, eCommerce, finance, cryptocurrencies, data analysis, and many more. These institutions also welcome students from all over the world and provide you with an international environment to foster your growth. If you are hungry to be active, acquire useful life skills, become critical and gain knowledge, business schools will provide you with the ability and confidence to pursue your dream career and never get stuck in one type of job.

Which are the best online business schools?

IUBH University of Applied Sciences – Online

IUBH Students working online

The IUBH University of Applied Sciences Online is a German university which offers online bachelor’s degrees in business and MBA. The courses are taught in English but provide a German degree which focuses on European dynamics, businesses, and culture.

It is an affordable university that attracts many international students thanks to its extremely flexible education style and its expertise in online teaching. This university also offers scholarships to support students who have been more significantly affected by COVID-19 in any way.


Open University Business School

The Open University Business School (OUBS) is part of one of the largest universities in the world. This university has been a pioneer in flexible learning. They offer an MBA that is centred around professional approaches and looks at business through new perspectives.

The school fosters important real-world skills such as critical and constructively challenging assumptions. The programmes provide relevant experience that follows current business trends and offers major networking opportunities in various industries from across the globe. In general, people who follow online programs at OUBS are able to shape and reshape their careers in countless ways, therefore embracing challenges and overcoming difficulties.

OBS Business School

Student Studying Online

The OBS Business School, located in Barcelona, offers professional study programs in Spanish. All students are already in the working world and are attending this school to make their career grow, for example by interacting with their peers, some of whom might even be CEOs and directors. It is an amazing opportunity to perfect your knowledge and competences through a flexible schedule alongside your career. Students are trained to react to quick changes and adapt. This international university has consistently been among the best ones in various academic business rankings.

Global Business University – Europe

Global Business University-Europe is a renowned and trusted institution that has been offering distance education Diplomas, Bachelors, and Masters for over 20 years (under the name Cyprus Institute of Marketing BVI). GBU-Europe has a presence in more than 50 countries and a growing ambition befitting of an institution offering world-class university-level education in many different fields of business, all around the globe. Global Business University-Europe embraces a global family of more than 10,000 students and offers top quality, affordable, and accessible education to in-career individuals. GBU-Europe is listed in the IAU/UNESCO International Handbook of Universities and has several international and respected partnerships.

Online Business School

The Online Business School is an England-based university for individuals, colleges and corporates, that values the diversity of experience and viewpoints inside the classroom. This university has stood out on several occasions for its expertise in online/distance learning. Indeed, they offer extensive student support and have created a comprehensive platform/application that enables the students to study anywhere, at any time (even from your phone). The programs are cheaper than the majority of other business schools and provide students with accredited diplomas equivalent to various types of degrees. These diplomas can easily be topped up to become a recognized foundation year, BAs, MAs and MBA degrees from one of many partner universities. Additionally, the Online Business School offers short courses to give the opportunity to become acquainted with business studies without big academic commitment.

ESNECA Business School

ESNECA Business school in Spain offers an entirely-online campus for its students. With over 400 Masters courses on offer, most students can find something that suits their goals and aspirations. This leading business school also specialise in developing programmes which adapt to the realities of businesses today, so students can rest assured that they are receiving skills that are directly transferable to the world of work.

ESNECA offer both online and distance learning options, with distance learning equipping students with the physical materials they need to complete their course while studying remotely. The online programmes deliver everything entirely in digital format.

Hopefully, this list of top online business schools will help you find the right programme and school to suit your needs. If you’re still unsure then EDUopinions offer free, impartial support to help students onto the right path.  .

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