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Best Part-Time MBAs in Barcelona


MBA’s have almost become essential to advance your management career. However, not everyone has the time to commit to a full-time program of study, which is when a flexible MBA becomes a great option. In the next few paragraphs, EDUopinions are going to explore the best part-time MBAs in Barcelona – including what you’ll need to apply if you are considering studying in Spain.

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What is the eligibility for a part-time MBA in Barcelona?

Most of the universities in Barcelona require a Bachelor’s degree, a minimum of four years of experience and advanced English level (if the MBA is taught in English).

If you are an international student then they will also require your ID and passport along with your academic record and university degree. Universities might also ask you for an additional admissions test like GMAT or GRE.

Which are the best universities to study a part-time MBA in Barcelona?


This part-time MBA at IESE is 15 to 19 months long. It was also voted as the best MBA in Europe in 2018 by The Economist. Most of the students have 5 years of work experience and 85% of the class are international students. The program begins with one week at Barcelona where you will get to know your fellow classmates and also touch base with your faculty. This Orientation Week sets you up for the academic challenges that lie ahead.

IESE looks for students who want to become business leaders or entrepreneurs. An ideal student will have academic ability, leadership, work experience, confidence and an international outlook among other qualities.

You must hold an undergraduate degree and must pass an English test if you are not a native speaker. Contact us for more information about tuition fees.

ESADE Executive MBA at ESADE

The Executive MBA at ESADE is one of the best part-time MBAs in Barcelona according to Barcelona MBA Rankings. It helps you with leadership development, has a global perspective and most importantly be flexible. In this programme, you can choose a format which suits you and you can choose your schedule or location as per your choice. The ESADE EMBA also helps you grow an international mindset as you can choose from study abroad modules and study in cities like Tel Aviv, Mumbai, Shanghai, Boston or Berlin.  Contact us for more information about tuition fees.

EU Business School MBA’s

EU Business School gives students an option to take all the MBAs as a part-time programme. The language that the programme is offered in is English and the MBA can be complete in two years as a part-time course. The classes take place in Barcelona and there are plenty of programmes to choose from – MBA in International Business, MBA in Communications and Public Relations, MBA in International Marketing, MBA in Global Finance and Banking, MBA in Leisure and Tourism Management, MBA in Entrepreneurship, MBA in Digital Business, MBA in Sports Management, MBA in Human Resource Management, MBA in Design Management, MBA in Blockchain Management.  Contact us for more information about tuition fees.

Global Executive MBA at EADA

The Global Executive MBA at EADA is a 14-month long programme with six residential weeks and six online courses. The programme also includes two study trips to Singapore and Silicon Valley. The focus of this MBA is on leadership, technology awareness, management and Innovation. The Global MBA will help you to anticipate and drive disruption. This MBA has a modular format as well where it combines online and on-campus learnings.  Contact us for more information about tuition fees.

Executive MBA at LaSalle

The Executive MBA at LaSalle is 3 semesters long and the teaching language is Spanish and English. This EMBA will help you update your knowledge to take on new digital business models, improve your management skills and grow as a person and launch your own start-up or business project. The programme includes management in a modern organisation, Management Skills, Social Media, Staff Management and more.  Contact us for more information about tuition fees.


A part-time MBA can add a lot to your resume if you want to expand your horizons, open a business or just propel your career ahead. There are many part-time MBAs in Barcelona which you can choose from.

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