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The Best Online BBAs


Now that online programmes are on the rise and becoming more accessible, many students have started to turn towards a remotely taught BBA. A Bachelor of Business Administration is perfect for students looking to learn all about management and business theory. These degrees may also help you to learn more about specialised subject areas like marketing, financial planning, leadership, theory or entrepreneurship. In the next few paragraphs, EDUopinions explore the best online BBAs and what kind of opportunities this qualification will open up for you.

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What kind of jobs can you get with a BBA?

A BBA programme will help you open up thousands of career possibilities. BBA is a versatile business degree as it can generally be obtained by studying a variety of fields. Here are some jobs which you can get with a BBA:

  • Marketing: If the world of advertising and communications enthrals you, then a BBA can open many doors in the field of marketing for you.
  • Financial Advisor: Financial advisors are key to ensuring the health, stability and future viability of a company. They manage, allocate and plan business capital and are a critical part of the business operations. A BBA is a great start for this career path.
  • Human Resources: If you love dealing with people then HR could be for you. HR professionals typically create and build their companies people management processes and culture.

Other areas you can explore are accountancy, management, real estate and becoming an entrepreneur.

Is it better to study online or on-campus?

Both have their own pros and cons. If you prefer learning on your own pace and have other commitments like a family or a job then there is nothing better than an online course. These days online programmes are equally as good and there is lots of flexibility as you learn at your own pace.

If you want to study on-campus, then there are benefits to that which you won’t get from a purely online course. The classes are more interactive as you study real-time with multiple students and teachers. Plus, you have face-to-face time with teachers to get support as you go. The best part is, of course, the university culture, which you can’t get in an online class. You can socialise with your fellow classmates, make friends and study together.

The decision to choose online or on-campus very much depends on your individual needs, motivations and circumstance.

How much does an online BBA cost?

An online BBA might cost anywhere between EUR 6500 to EUR 26000. The main factor is the university in which you choose to study. Then some offer different options based on the style of learning which you choose to adopt.

We’ve outlined the tuition fees below. We can also  offer free advice if you are unsure of which BBA best suits your requirements and budget.  .

the Best online bbas

BSc in Business Administration at the University of London (UK)

University of London

The BSc programme at the University of London is a three to eight-year-long course, depending on your pace of study. In this programme, you will learn more about the historical, political, and institutional forces shaping business. Plus, you will also be able to tailor the degree in line with your future career aspirations by choosing a specialist path.

The tuition fees for this programme depends on the kind of course you choose. One is a Recognised Teaching Centre based course which is GBP 8137. The other is an independent learner programme which is GBP 9607.


Bachelor of Business Administration – BBA, Swiss School of Management (Italy)

Students graduating from SSM

This online programme of BBA at the Swiss School of Management is an undergraduate programme of three years. It is designed to teach students the skills necessary to perform leadership roles in the business world. There are four majors which you can do: Marketing Management, Financial Management, Operational Management and Human Resource Development Management.

The programme is subdivided into three steps which are made up of 10 modules awarding 60 ECTS each year approximately. The tuition cost for this programme is EUR 26100.

Business Administration B.B.A. at EU Business School (Switzerland)

EU Business School

BBA at EU Business School is a three-year-long programme which is taught in English. This online course is a comprehensive degree that will prepare you for a full range of functions within the business world.

Here you will learn international negotiation, cultures and languages and also intricate hierarchies within a company. Convenience and flexibility is the key to this programme. The tuition cost for this programme per semester is EUR 6450.

Bachelor Degree in Business Administration, Open University Of Cyprus (Cyprus)

Open University of Cyprus

The BBA programme at the Open University of Cyprus is a four-year-long course. The classes are held in the Greek language and it is an online programme. The teaching is done via study guides, self-assessment and written papers. E-courses and seminars are held via the cross-platform e-learning platform.


Needless to say, online BBAs are here to stay and are growing in popularity at a really fast rate. Not only do they provide a plethora of career options after graduating, but it is a respectable programme as well.

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