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The Best Business Schools in Italy in 2023


Looking for the perfect opportunity following your undergraduate studies? Considering a master’s in business? Italy is home to a number of top-notch graduate programmes, each offering something unique. In this blog, EDUopinions have listed and outlined the best business schools in Italy to help you navigate your options for post-graduate education.

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Why study a master’s in business?

Studying a master’s degree in business is a great way to continue your education after undergraduate studies and develop some transferable skills to help you pursue your passion across a wide range of sectors. Many master’s programmes include a placed internship, meaning that an MBA in business is a surefire way to gain some hands-on experience before starting full-time work. In addition, a business school is an ideal place to utilise your bachelor’s degree, combining business know-how and industry experience with your field-specific knowledge.

Doing an MBA in Italy

Study in Italy - Rome

Italy is an ideal place for those looking to do a master’s in business. Whether you completed your undergraduate degree in your home country and are looking for a global experience, or you are already an international student, Italian business schools have a lot to offer. The Italian lifestyle – what with delicious food, beautiful architecture and a healthy work-life balance – is an obvious incentive for many. But what may surprise you is the depth of impressive master’s programmes in Italy, providing high-quality experiential education in one of Europe’s largest markets.

Is Italy a good place for international students?

For international students living in Italy, the country offers many advantages. First, tuition fees (even at private universities) are often less than those in countries like the UK and US. Second, Italy’s centuries-long tradition of excellent higher education is increasingly available in English, meaning non-Italian speakers can join in on the country’s esteemed intellectual history. Finally, Italian culture is known for being very social and welcoming—an ideal environment for international students to meet new friends and make networking contacts alike.

Our list of the 8 best business schools in Italy:


ESCP Europe campuses in berlin, london, madrid, paris, turin and warsaw

ESCP is a globally-ranked business school in Turin, offering some of the world’s best master’s in business, finance and management. Their degrees are uniquely international, with students spreading time across two of six campuses in Turin, Paris, London, Madrid, Berlin or Warsaw. Even better, students are very positive about their experiences at ESCP, with 80% of international business graduates saying theirs was a “life-changing programme”.  Master’s degrees at ESCP can include semesters abroad, and consultancy projects and there are a plethora of elective modules available, making sure you graduate with the necessary skills to succeed in your field.

LUISS University – Rome

LUISS Rome business school exterior

LUISS University is a renowned higher education institution in Rome, Italy. This position within a research university is a major advantage of the business school, whose commitment to both academic and applied research makes for a highly-stimulating intellectual environment. As well, LUISS places a large emphasis on ethical and sustainable business practices, teaching students how to be responsible change-makers in the business world. Calling itself “a bridge between the academic and business worlds”, LUISS may be the perfect next step in your career journey.

European School Of Economics – Florence, Rome, Milan

The European School of Economics – ESE is a new concept in higher education, combining academic excellence, internationality and pragmatism. The ESE degrees and certificate programmes are designed to prepare a new generation of leaders and entrepreneurs. ESE offers Bachelor’s Degrees, Master’s MSc or MBA and Short programmes at its centres in London, Madrid, Rome, Milan, and Florence. ESE graduates are among the most competitive business professionals on the market, prepared for leadership roles in international marketing, finance, communication and management. With the ability to individually tailor their course of study

Bologna Business School

Bologna Business School Campus

Part of one of the oldest universities in the world, Bologna Business School offers a number of unique programmes across many different industries. Their Global MBA allows students to benefit from the university’s extensive network of global contacts whilst in an international campus environment. In addition, this degree allows students to specialise in one of five areas including automatics and robotics; design, fashion and luxury goods; food and wine; green energy and sustainable business; and supercars, superbikes and motorsports. Even though the Global MBA has quite a lot of room for specialisation, your interests may lie elsewhere, so Bologna also offers full-time master’s in many tech-related business fields as well. The bottom line: Bologna Business School has quite a lot to offer, from internationalised education and networking to countless opportunities for specialisation.

Rome Business School

Rome Business Students Graduating

The Rome Business School is a member of Planeta Formación y Universidades, an international network of businesses and universities committed to connecting knowledge and culture. Many of the businesses in the network helped develop the programme at Rome Business School and continue to be involved with students, who benefit from a wealth of industry contacts. Another advantage of Rome Business School is its ten-year history of offering courses online with genuinely engaging and impactful content. With so many options and flexibility ahead, Rome Business School may be the right fit for you.

SDA Bocconi – Milan

SDA Bocconi School of - campus

Completing your MBA at SDA Bocconi comes with a few advantages. First, a high-quality master’s at one of Italy’s best business schools will prepare you for working life, setting you up for a great job after graduation. Second, SDA Bocconi goes beyond many typical business school programmes in that it partners with high-calibre, world-renowned businesses like Google, Starbucks and Gucci to create the best student experience possible. Another aspect setting SDA Bocconi apart from the other institutions on this list is that it is the only one located in Milan, a global business hub and the heart of Italy’s entrepreneurial tradition.

Swiss School of Management – Rome

SSM graduation

Another global leader in business education, the Swiss School of Management (SSM) in Rome began with a vision to bring a practical student-oriented approach to international higher education. Their BBA, various MBAs with dozens of interesting and unique options, and doctoral programs are all designed to transform students into top-level business people. Throughout the programmes, students benefit from classes led by industry experts, and tangible experiences such as corporate visits or international conventions to make sure they get as much from their degree as possible. SSM also develops leadership skills, team building, public speaking, and other skills transmitted that will students apart in the job market. In all, SSM is a fantastic choice if you are looking into business schools in Italy.

Trieste School of Management (MIB)

Trieste School of Management Graduating Students

Next on our list of business schools in Italy, the Trieste School of Management (MIB) is another high-quality institution. Though Trieste may not be as populous as many of the other Italian cities already listed, the town and university have plenty to offer. MIB is accredited by the AMBA, EPAS as well as ASFOR, making it one of the most prestigious institutions of its kind in Italy. In addition to MIB’s excellent academics, students can expect to benefit from the programme’s focus on soft skills, helping to develop well-rounded business-savvy graduates.

Guglielmo Marconi

Guglielmo Marconi University

An entirely online research university, Guglielmo Marco University (GMU) offers an International MBA in addition to a number of other programmes in business-related fields like digital marketing, fashion management and design, risk management and human resources. Lasting 12 months, programmes at GMU are often disciplinary, allowing students to collaborate with those in other degrees for a greater breadth of learning. Further, GMU produces a large amount of research across a diverse set of disciplines, meaning that for students keen on research, this may be the place for you.

Conclusion About The Best Business Schools in Italy

Have these business schools in Italy sparked your interest? Planning your MBA application already? Or, maybe none of these suits your fancy? Whatever your situation, EDUopinions can help. You can also read about The Top Business Schools in Europe for Masters, Top 10 Italian Universities for Business Studies and also what you should consider before committing to a master’s and more!

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Editor’s note: This article was first published on the 13th of August 2020. We’ve updated it for current readers.

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