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The Top 7 Most Affordable MBAs in Europe


Today, Masters in Business Administration, commonly known as the MBA program is one of the most sought out graduate programmes of all times! MBA applications for each semester literally encompass the majority of the graduate applications across various business schools. There are various reasons as to why students choose to go for an MBA and if you too are wondering the same, then let’s explore how an MBA in Europe is going to benefit you and why getting an MBA is worth it.

Affordable MBAs in Europe

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Are you wondering how getting an MBA can be beneficial for you?

  • An MBA programme is an investment in the career – Yes, it is a costly investment, but it generally fetches a high paying job. An MBA helps you to jump higher and faster on the career ladder.
  • An MBA Programme prepares students for managerial positions and generally helps in leadership positions.
  • An MBA programme helps students and executives achieve their entrepreneurial goals. If you are looking to start a business then an MBA will definitely help.

If your career goal comprises of a business career, then an MBA programme is one of the first few steps that you should want to take on! MBA’s in Europe can be very helpful in increasing your career options shall you choose business as your career line – It indeed broadens the horizons in that perspective! However, even though many students apply and are keen on pursuing an MBA, many aspiring applicants also tend to defer their applications due to limited options or financial constraints which is why, today we have set to explore some of the most affordable MBAs in Europe, especially the best and the top 7! In the next few paragraphs, we have set out to enlist all the details that you need to know, shall you want to pursue an MBA in Europe.

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Why should you pursue an MBA in Europe?

Though business schools of the European region are not the most popular choices amongst students as of now, European Business schools are currently receiving a lot of traction from various industries! MBA in Europe is one of the most upcoming programmes for international students.

In addition, the tuition fees of European business schools are comparatively competitive so, if you are seeking for budget MBAs that will add value to your career, we recommend pursuing an MBA in Europe!

There are various globally recognized international MBA programmes in English that are wide-spread across Europe and are known for their amazing career prospects within the geographical location.

Following is a list of the 7 best universities with the most affordable MBA programmes in Europe:

What are the pre-requisites for pursuing an MBA in Europe?

One of the most popular questions that international students have for a study abroad programme, especially an MBA, is the following: Is GMAT required for an MBA in Europe?

The answer to that question is yes! GMAT is a pre-requisite for applying to MBA programmes in Europe – It is a standardized test and its’ scores must be submitted along with other pre-requisites such as experience letters of work experiences, a certificate of your bachelors’ or under-graduate degree, LOR’s, SOP’s and an English language test score (IELTS, TOEFL) if the native language of your country is not English.

How much does an MBA Programme cost in Europe?

Barring a few other case scenarios, financial constraints is one of the primary factors to hinder the students from pursuing an MBA. This is especially the case for international students who are seeking to study abroad! Though, MBA programmes across the globe vary and even within a particular geographic location may be deemed as expensive for some schools, MBA programmes in Europe are relatively cheaper.

The top business schools in the United States will cost until 120,000 US Dollars whereas other business schools may cost between 70,000 to 80,000 US Dollars. This is the average price for studying a 2 year MBA programme in the United States. However, MBA Programmes of the best universities in Europe will cost you until 100, 000 Dollars. Though MBA programmes, in general, are expensive, they are comparatively cheaper in Europe. MBAs are expensive but they are also a precious investment for your career.

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To Sum Up:

Today, European MBAs are becoming increasingly popular among various industries and students. Not only the MBAs offered by these universities are affordable, but they are also accompanied by amazing career prospects within Europe and worldwide.

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