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5 Reasons Why to Study Your MBA in Germany


If it is a business career that you dream of, an MBA from abroad can be very helpful in broadening your horizons. And while you are considering options abroad, we suggest getting an MBA in Germany because that can also increase your career options!

MBA in Germany

Although German MBA schools are not as well-known as the traditional MBA schools, they are no less than the traditional MBA schools in providing its’ graduates with a platter of opportunities. The amazing future prospects that student gain after studying MBA in the German economy is the reason, today, German MBA degrees are gaining popularity at a constant level.

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Why you should study an MBA in Germany:

1.Affordable Tuition Fees

Finances are one of the prime concerns for any student while pursuing a degree abroad. The hefty tuition fees are often a deterrent for many students who want to pursue an international degree! Add to it, the professional degree is often even more expensive, causing more financial hindrances.

Though the MBA in Germany does not offer free tuition, they are comparatively cheaper than the traditional MBA schools in the UK and US. For instance: A Mannheim business school’s executive MBA program will cost you up to 55,000 US dollars versus tuition fees at Kellogg’s executive MBA program which may be as high as 205,000 US dollars.

In addition to the affordable tuition fees, students can study in Germany with scholarships as well. This makes the German MBA degree far more affordable and value for money as compared to traditional business schools. This is one of the reasons why Germany today is gaining increasing popularity among students who want to pursue an MBA degree abroad.

The affordable tuition fee is definitely an attractive factor but apart from that, there are various other benefits too, so lets’ explore next.

2. Career Prospects in Germany are amazing

Barring a few case scenarios, there is no point in pursuing an MBA degree abroad if you are unable to work abroad and gain international experience. There are various factors involved that are often intertwined in helping students secure a job in an international environment. However, one of the major factors that can influence a students’ international experience is the career prospect situation of the country.

In this aspect, an MBA in Germany has an amazing career prospect! Globally recognized brands like Adidas, Google and Amazon often hire MBA graduates from German business schools. Thus, making study in Germany process viable for International students.

3. MBA Programmes in English

One of the major advantages of studying an MBA is you get to study in Germany in English! This is not often the case with every European school. The increasing popularity has encouraged the German Universities to incorporate more and more executive MBA programs in the English language. Usually, the Study in Germany guide will enlist all the MBA’s in English.

Not only is the MBA in Germany introduced in English, but there are also various universities such as the Mannheim Business School, Frankfurt School of Finance and Management and WHU that rank as the top business schools in Europe and the World. These universities offer MBA’s in English that are recognized across the globe!

4. Rated by students as the best

Nothing speaks more than the students of the universities than themselves!

EDUopinions routinely takes recommendations and reviews from current and past students. The statistical data here revealed that, in comparison to the UK and Spain, Germany University ratings were staggeringly impressive!

There was not even a single institution that received a 1-star rating by its’ students. Also, on average, the rating was 4.2 out of 5 for German Universities. These ratings indicated that the study in Germany process is indeed a lucrative process for the international students!

For more information, you can read students reviews here to gain an understanding of the students’ experiences in a German University.

5. Germany houses world’s top business schools

Another reason why study in Germany guide for international students in Germany houses some of the top business schools in the world!

Some of the German universities that offer globally recognized MBA degrees are Mannheim Business School, ESMT Berlin, Cologne Business SchoolTechnische Hochschule Nürnberg and EU Business School. These are to list only a few!

Not only are the German business schools more affordable than the UK and US business schools, they actually out-rank some of the traditional business schools in Europe and the World to top among worlds’ most renowned business schools!

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To Sum Up

Why is studying an MBA in Germany worth it? Not only the German Universities offer globally recognized MBA’s but they are more affordable. In addition, they are rated as the best in Europe by former and current students. Various universities in Germany offer its international students a globally recognized MBA degree with international exposure!

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