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Universities in Germany the Best in Europe According to Students


EDUopinions – a unique education review site where you can find real students’ verified opinions about their university experiences – has discovered recently that Germany is the European country with the largest proportion of 5-star student reviews. This is particularly interesting given that it does not have as many universities at the top end of international league tables (as, for example, the UK).

On EDUopinions.com current and past university students write reviews which are then verified by EDUopinions and added to an institution’s page on the site, along with ratings out of 5 stars covering various topics such as ‘Student Life,’ ‘Professors,’ and ‘Facilities.’ These specific ratings are then compiled to create an ‘Overall Rating’ (also out of five stars) for the institution.

5-Star Comparison of Universities in Germany, the UK and Spain


students ranking German universities

Students in Germany Rate Their Universities as the Best in Europe

German universities display impressive amounts of high-scoring reviews; specifically with 41% of reviews on German universities being 5 out of 5-star ratings. On average, Germany’s universities ratings amounted to 4.2 stars out of 5 despite many of the institutions lacking a typical ‘prestige’ or ‘reputation’ with reviewers instead focusing on current standards at their institution. Impressively, no institution in Germany has a 1-star review left by a student.


students ranking UK universities

Ratings From Students in the UK Put Their Universities in Second Place

The United Kingdom’s percentage of 5-star ratings is 40% and therefore slightly lower compared to Germany. Impressively, out of its many institutions, 90% of the UK’s universities, colleges, and business schools EDUopinions reviews are either 4 or 5-star ratings. At the opposite end of the scale, only 9% of UK student reviews are 3-star ratings, and less than 1% are 2 stars. Similar to Germany, there are no reviews on UK universities with a rating of below 2 stars.


students ranking Spanish universities

Students in Spain Give Their Universities a Lower Rating

Contrastingly, the European country with the lowest average review rating for its institutions is currently Spain. Only 25% of students give Spanish institutions an overall rating of 5 stars compared to 41% of German and 40% of UK universities. In addition to that, over 25% of student reviews of Spain are rated at 3 stars or less.


EDUopinions Empowers Students to Share Their Own Experiences

To date EDUopinions hosts on its listing over 2,000 institutions and 110 countries globally. The site is one of the most reliable and easily accessible places online where anyone can learn about institutions of higher education through genuine, verified student reviews. The platform is particularly helpful for prospective students researching their next educational step.

EDUopinions is a truly global student community created to enable students to help each other through the sharing of their own, real-life, honest experiences at university, college, or at a business school. The site places a special emphasis on its reliability and thus checks each student review before publishing it online.

Visit EDUopinions today and browse reviews on universities around the world which likely include your own alma mater – on which we invite you to leave a review. Use your voice and valuable experiences to help future students.

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