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My Experience at ESCP Europe: Incredibly Amazing!


ESCP Europe changed my life

Giulia Piantoni is a Master’s in Management graduate at ESCP Europe and her student path has been Turin, Berlin, Clermont-Ferrand, Hong Kong, Paris and Lugano. We asked Giulia to share her experience of studying at ESCP Europe and living in beautiful and diverse places.

My Experience at ESCP

Why did you choose ESCP Europe for your studies?

Earlier than ESCP Europe – during my bachelor’s degree, I studied a semester in France where I always used to hear about the “Trois Parisiennes”. Being curious I started reading more and I was absolutely amazed to discover ESCP Europe! My enthusiasm was born not only for the respectful reputation of the School as the world’s oldest business school and as one of the most selective French Grandes écoles and referred ones in France, but especially for the studies’ path, it offers!

Placed 4th worldwide in the 2019 Financial Times Master in Management ranking, the full-time general management Master offered by ESCP Europe is an international program of 3 years. It provides the opportunity to study in up to 3 countries, in 3 different languages, and collect a minimum of 40 weeks of professional experience. With ESCP Europe’s studies path, I had the opportunity to move around the world. My track has been Turin – Berlin – Hong Kong – Paris, without considering the summer internships for which I work in Italy (Turin), France (Clermont-Ferrand) and Switzerland (Lugano).

How has your study experience been so far?

Just a word: AMAZING! My experience so far has been incredibly AMAZING!

At the end of ESCP Europe, I found myself changed, both as a woman and as a professional. Thanks to the studies as well as the experiences the School offers, I have acquired organizational and management skills which make me able to provide relevant input to enable key decision-makers. Moreover, the activities in diverse environments let me develop a dynamic and mature personality eager to work in international backgrounds and able to deal with complex and stressful situations.

By supporting and teaching to students day by day, ESCP Europe prepares every year competitive and competent professionals yearning for showing who they became and what they learned.

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What is the professional path you want to follow after studying?

Before starting ESCP Europe, I had many doubts about my future, both considering my future job and the place where I would like to start my career. ESCP Europe’s Professors and the Staff of the School helped me by offering their support and always giving me advice to find my personal and working road.

Since I am young, I had had a passion for the automotive sector. With ESCP Europe, I had the opportunity to spend all my three summer internships within three automotive companies but in different working departments to better understand where I would like to work. I worked in FCA in Turin, in Michelin in Clermont-Ferrand and in Tesla in Lugano, experiencing respectively the departments of Planning & Marketing, Internal Audit and finally Sales. All these working experiences let me gain more consciousness of myself, my capabilities and furthermore my deeper interests, finally clarifying the right road.

How is study life in ESCP Europe’s cities?

As I mentioned, my ESCP Europe’s path has been Turin – Berlin – Clermont-Ferrand – Hong Kong – Paris – Lugano. With ESCP Europe, students get to know different cities and different languages, experiencing each city they live and study different cultures. The School offers the incredible opportunity to study without borders living simultaneously a European identity with a global perspective.

Changing city every six months / a year is not easy: I faced moments I felt really alone – always in a new place, with new people and with all my stuff packed again to move. The fear not to build strong relationships due to the limited time in the same place, the concern not to find a place where to live or also, the worry not to find again affections and friends left at home, sometimes made me troubled. However, at the end of my studies, I can affirm that ESCP Europe changed my life – for the best, teaching me to adapt and to be flexible for any occasion. Studying abroad and leaving my comfort zone made me a better person. Today that I live and work in my hometown I felt as restricted and I am looking forward to moving again.

What tips would you give to future students at ESCP Europe?

The biggest advice I would like to share as someone shared to me when I started my path is to try to take part of all the opportunities ESCP Europe offers to its students – from the activities within the School as the team projects, the exchange programs or the Double degrees, to the activities outside the school as the students’ associations or the sport teams! ESCP Europe is a community that helps you in any occasion and for anything: do not worry – you are not alone thus JUMP INTO IT!

Finally, I strongly recommend ESCP Europe! It has been an amazing opportunity: ESCP Europe changed my life forever and for the best.

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