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6 Reasons to Study in Belgium


Are you considering a study abroad in Belgium? Maybe you’d like to do an entire degree in the country? Whatever your situation may be, EDUopinions is here to help. In this article, we’ll discuss six reasons to study in Belgium to give you a better idea of what makes this country so great for students.

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Quality of Education

First up, the country’s excellent quality of education is an obvious reason to study in Belgium. Historically, Belgian cities like Brussels, Antwerp and Bruges played important roles in academic advancements, and this tradition carries on today in the country’s world-renowned universities.

For those interested in studying politics, international relations and the like, Bruges is home to the College of Europe. This institution offers undergraduate and graduate programmes perfect for those hoping to be the change-makers of tomorrow.

If medicine is your area of interest, Antwerp is the place for you. The city is home to the University of Antwerp medical school, an excellent university hospital perfect for gaining practical experience during your studies.

Then of course there are the art schools of Brussels. Most famously, Bozar is recognised around the world for its top-notch arts programmes. Other art schools in Brussels include LUCA School of Arts and La Cambre. As well, the capital city has near countless options when it comes to areas of study. Business schools like Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management are great options, as are more general institutions like Université Libre de Bruxelles.


The Pros and Cons of Studying in Belgium

Another thing that makes Belgium unique is its languages. The country is home to numerous linguistic groups, the most populous of which are French, Dutch and German. But alongside these, there are a plethora of other languages and dialects too. From a historic and linguistic point of view, studying in Belgium is a goldmine!

Another side of the language coin is that it’s fairly easy to get around student life in Belgium even if you don’t speak one of the country’s official languages. Many people speak English, particularly in larger cities. What’s more, Belgian universities have many courses which they offer entirely in English. So whether you’re looking to learn a language or find a place where you can study in English, Belgium is a great option to consider.

Student life

Next on our list of reasons to study in Belgium is the student life! There is rarely a shortage of things to do as a student in Belgium. Cultural attractions like museums, art galleries, open-air markets, and cinemas are not hard to find. As well, universities and student societies typically organise societies and clubs for students, which can be a great way to meet people.

In terms of nightlight, Brussels and Antwerp are very exciting places to be as a student. First, these very international cities attract people from all walks of life. Second, prices tend to be more affordable than in other Western European capitals. Together, this is a recipe perfect for students!

Cost of living

As we just mentioned, the cost of living is another reason to study in Belgium. For starters, public universities in the country are relatively affordable, with yearly fees of around €900 for European students.

In terms of housing costs, students are in a good position too. Belgium has plentiful student housing options and at affordable prices. If you prefer to rent your own place, that’s also an option. Monthly rents in Belgian cities like Brussels, Bruges and Antwerp are relatively affordable. Reaching out to your host university for tips on finding housing is a great place to start.

Otherwise, expenses like food, entertainment and cultural attractions are reasonably priced. Oftentimes, student discounts can come in handy too.

Waffles, Beer & chocolateThe Pros of Studying in Belgium

Of course, another excellent reason to study in Belgium is their world-class waffles, beer and chocolate. Belgium is known around the globe for being masters of these two delicacies. But there’s more! The country is home to countless culturally beloved dishes, cheeses and beverages. Just a few examples include carbonade flamande or stoofvlees, sole meunière, chicon au gratin and stoemp.

As an international student in Belgium, you should at least try these delicacies! They give you a look into the county’s history and culture and can help you connect with locals.

a Well-connected country

Studying in Belgium

Another one of the reasons why international students love their time in Belgium is because the country is well connected with the rest of Europe. Brussels has direct trains to other capital cities like London, Paris, and Amsterdam. As well, as a young person (under 26), tickets anywhere within Belgium are fixed at €6.60! And of course, air travel is no problem to or from Belgium. If you love to travel or want to explore more of Europe during your studies, Belgium may be just the place for you!

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Starting to see what makes Belgium such a great place for students? This list of six reasons to study in Belgium just scratches the surface of what the country has to offer! If you have questions about studying abroad in the country, or what help to find another study abroad opportunity, feel free to reach out to one of EDUopinions’ free individual advisors.

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