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Where to Study to Get A Job in Tech in Europe


Technology is one of the most popular routes for business graduates – over one-third of prospective students say they want to target a career in the industry. However, with so much interest, it’s a crowded and competitive job market. So, if you want to get a tech job, where should you study today?

Europe is full of innovative tech hubs, from well-established large cities to fast-emerging startup cities. If you want to get a tech job, studying in one of these cities is the best way to ensure success.

In this blog, we’ll explore some of the best cities for jobs in technology and the universities you might consider applying to if you want to leverage that exciting jobs market.

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Want to Get a Tech Job? Here’s Where You Should Study


Get a Tech job in Berlin

Berlin is known as the “fastest growing tech hub in Europe”. The German capital has made a name for itself with the number of start-up accelerators (14), and amount of early-stage funds invested in the city (€436 million). Employment in the tech sector also grew 53% between 2008 and 2018, a testament to the number of jobs available.

Today, some of Europe’s biggest tech startups are headquartered in Berlin such as fintech company N26 and SaaS brand Contentful. The tech ecosystem has also been unaffected by large scale situations like Covid-19: 680 tech startups were registered in the city in 2020.


Tech jobs in Amsterdam

The capital of the Netherlands is more well-known for its nightlife than its technology, but it’s emerging as one of the pre-eminent startup centres in Western Europe. As well as having a thriving fintech scene (Amsterdam is home to Adyen, one of Europe’s biggest and most successful brands), the city has built a strong focus on sustainable and agri-tech startups.

Overall, Amsterdam is named the “best city to work in tech in Europe”, largely thanks to its high salaries. Tech workers in Amsterdam are paid an average of €4,036 per month, higher than in London, Paris, and Berlin.


Studying Tech in london

London has been one of Europe’s best tech hubs for years, and while it’s crown is close to being dethroned by other cities on this list, it’s still one of the best places to get a job in tech. The city is home to 38 startup accelerators, more than in any other European city, and startups in London secured €388 million in late-stage funding in 2015.

The UK capital also has the largest VC investment in Europe, almost double Berlin’s investment. It also has a strong fintech sector, holding 10% of the global market share, though other well-invested tech industries in the city include AI, robotics, and healthcare.


Barcelona Tech Jobs

Looking for somewhere sunny to settle down with your tech job? Then Barcelona is the place. With a high international population (1 in 5 of Barcelona’s inhabitants are from outside Spain) and increasing VC investment, it’s a hotspot for emerging startups.

In the future, Barcelona is looking to become a home for greentech businesses, with large companies like Dexma already seeing big investment. Overall, VC funding totals in the city place it number 4 in Europe, in front of Amsterdam and Munich.

As well as Barcelona, nearby Madrid is also making a name for itself as a large European startup hub. In 2020, it was named the 6th best tech city, above Barcelona, which placed 10th. Spain shares its tech focus across these two cities, making the county a great option for entrepreneurs or those wanting to get a job in tech.


Get a Tech Job in Stockholm

Stockholm has been known for years as a leading tech hub in Scandinavia, but it’s now getting the global recognition it deserves. In 2021, Stockholm registered 19 unicorns per 1 million inhabitants, making it the European city with the highest density of unicorns.

Most notably, Stockholm is emerging as a hub for game development, but sustainable tech is also getting serious funding from investors. Government funding means there are going to be lots of future opportunities for tech jobs in the region, with Stockholm aiming to be the world’s most innovative tech-driven region by 2025.

3 Great Universities for Getting a Tech Job

Below, we’ve outlined three universities in Europe that have a strong focus on technology as well as offering access to some of the continent’s best tech hubs. Want to easily compare the three universities? Then check out our reviews’ comparison page.

IE University

IE University

IE University has its home in Madrid, one of Spain’s tech hubs along with Barcelona. As such, the school has a strong focus on innovation and technology and offers programmes such as a Master’s in Digital Business and Innovation and an MBA degree with a strong focus on technology. In fact, 28% of IE’s graduates go on to work in the technology sector.

IU International University of Applied Sciences

IU International University

IU International University of Applied Sciences boasts two campuses in Germany, one in Bad-Honnef close to Cologne, and the second in the heart of Berlin. Here, you’ll be able to access all the job opportunities in one of Europe’s largest tech hubs. IU’s programmes have a strong focus on innovation, such as the Master in Information Technology Management. Even better, IU’s programmes are highly affordable, and there are plenty of scholarship options to make your study experience even cheaper.

EU Business School

EU Business School

EU Business School has three physical campuses: Munich, Barcelona, and Geneva. Each of these cities has strong ties with the tech industry, in particular Munich and Barcelona, which are regularly cited as some of the best tech cities in Europe. Programmes like the Bachelor’s in Business Management (Business Technology) give students a strong foundation in business principles, as well as offer advanced knowledge in business analytics.


Europe is home to lots of cities where you can both study technology and find your first graduate role in exciting startups. When it comes to choosing a place to study technology, however, always consider where your interests lie. Want to go into fintech? Then London is the place for you. Interested in sustainable tech? Then head to Stockholm or Amsterdam.

On that note, are you interested in getting a job in artificial intelligence? Then these are the universities you need to apply to.

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