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Best Master’s in Luxury Brand Management


Do you love the finer things in life? Are you looking for a unique master’s programme – something to set you apart? Do you have an interest in the luxury sector and value distribution? Then a master’s in luxury brand management could be a good fit for you! In this article, EDUopinions will present the top degrees in luxury brand management in Europe to help you navigate your academic and professional career.

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What is a master’s in luxury brand management?

This graduate degree programme is often based on similar content as an MBA or MSc in management but with a specific view toward luxury brands. Because luxury brands occupy a unique place within markets, this degree programme equips students with industry insights and first-hand experience in the luxury sector. In addition to business management skills, students can expect to learn marketing strategies and creative models as well as take part in placed internships during their studies.

What can I do with it?

A master’s in luxury brand management can lead to a number of exciting and unique jobs after graduation. Just to name a few, students go on to be product & brand managers, retail merchandising managers, purchasers and development managers. More broadly, the majority of those in this programme go on to work in communications and marketing. With many different opportunities available, graduates can expect to find employment quickly and make a minimum of €40,000 per year, meaning you can be sure this degree will pay off.

The top master’s in luxury brand management:

Sup de Luxe

Sup de Luxe campus

Located in Paris, Sup de Luxe is a preeminent school for luxury management. Supported by the city’s vast and vibrant luxury sector, Sup de Luxe offers students a top-notch education on luxury brands via partnerships with industry professionals. Founded by Cartier in 1990 and part of EDC Business School, Sup de Luxe has grown into a highly successful business school, welcoming students from across the world for its three-term programme. With specialisations possible in jewellery, gastronomy, real estate, fashion and more, students in Sup de Luxe’s Global MBA in Luxury Brand Management can be sure to gain an in-depth knowledge of the industry.

NEOMA Business School

Neoma business school campus

This international master’s in Luxury Management offers students a double degree from both NEOMA Business School and MIP Politecnico Milan. This unique degree programme specialises in French and Italian luxury brands and approaches, maintaining partnerships with Champagne Taittinger and the PRADA group. Students in this programme can expect an interactive education, with plenty of site-visits, business seminars and contributions from industry professionals. Whilst learning the ins and outs of the luxury sector, students will split time in both Paris and Milan across three terms, leaving them with bountiful contacts in two major hubs of the luxury sector.

Burgundy School of Management

burgundy school of management campus atrium

Burgundy’s MSc in Global Marketing & Luxury Management is another one of the top programmes of its kind in Europe. With a focus on theoretical knowledge, this degree prepares students with a strong academic base in topics like marketing, financial risk assessment, social responsibility and the luxury market in general. In addition to this general instruction, students at Burgundy have the opportunity to select concentrations in fields including reinventing luxury, international negotiation and luxury entrepreneurship amongst other things. Finally, this programme lasts only two terms, which is shorter than many of its kind. For students looking for a fast-paced, energising master’s in luxury management, this may be the degree for you.

ESERP Business School


ESERP’s MSc in Marketing and Luxury Business Management takes place on the campus in the heart of Barcelona. The professors are composed of entrepreneurs, executives and academic experts with an extensive professional experience, and with expert knowledge of the characteristics and specifications of the main markets in the luxury sector. Students will develop the skills and capabilities that will allow them to identify and plan strategies to achieve their objectives. A practical methodology in which learning takes place through real cases that will prepare students for the correct analysis and execution of decision making in the business environment.

Grenoble School of Management

Grenoble school of management exterior

TheGrenoble School of Management offers an MSc in Fashion, Design and Luxury Management taking place over two years. In the first, students learn business essentials as well as fashion, design and luxury sector-specific skills through interactive classroom teaching, a specialised field research project and a one-week study trip for a European hub of their area of interest. The second year of the programme takes place through an extended final management project, which can be done at the same time as full-time employment. Owing to this programme structure, graduates of Grenoble are very likely to find work quickly after their studies, with 86% finding a job within four months of graduation.

ISM – International School of Management

a lecture at ISM

Offering an MA in Luxury, Fashion & Sales Management in both Berlin and Munich, the International School of Management (ISM) provides students with a well-rounded base in these sectors of the business world. This programme is particularly global, with an integrated semester abroad at one of ISM’s 190 partner universities around the world. Further, ISM students undertake project work, field trips and 12-week internships to gain first-hand insight on some of Europe’s top brands. All in all, this two-year degree is guaranteed to refine your business skills and help you integrate into the luxury sector.

Montpellier Business School

Montpellier Business School

Montpellier Business School offers an MSc in Marketing with a specialisation in French Excellence, Luxury & Fashion. This programme explores marketing on an international scale and offers a diverse curriculum. Students are exposed to real market scenario-based learning and the course prepares them for a wide range of careers. Specifically, the specialisation in French Excellence, Luxury & Fashion is globally recognised around different areas in marketing, luxury and fashion industries.

Macromedia University

Macromedia's Berlin campus

The specialised Master’s in Luxury and Fashion Management at Macromedia University of Applied Sciences is another one of the best master’s in luxury management in Europe. With a student body of 3500 representing over 90 nationalities, Macromedia also provides a highly international educational environment. Students in this programme at Macromedia can expect to learn about marketing, management, branding, entrepreneurial thinking and leadership skills. This programme can also be done in either Berlin or Munich, both major commercial hubs and ideal cities to launch your career in.


Richmond american university campus

Another unique school, Richmond: The American International University in London gives students the opportunity to graduate with an MA in Luxury Brand Management. This one-year intensive degree programme operates in partnership with the Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design and aims to equip students for the quick-paced, exciting world of luxury brands. Alongside classes on practical industry-relevant knowledge, students have the chance to participate in the school’s annual trip to New York as well as attend London Fashion Week. To top it all off, Richmond provides students with expert career support services, helping you to the next step in your professional journey.

Swiss School of Management – Rome

Swiss School of management during graduation

This one-year intensive master’s degree in Luxury Management, Innovation and Branding taught at the Swiss School of Management in Rome is yet another uniquely excellent programme. Emphasising the cultural and social aspects of the concept of luxury, this course covers everything an aspiring luxury brand manager may need to know. At the end of the degree, students write a thesis on a relevant area of interest or develop a formal business plan to implement after graduation. Regardless of which capstone project, you may choose, they are both purposeful and effective ways of applying your new knowledge onto your work.

Swiss School of Higher Education

swiss school of higher education at graduation

The Swiss School of Higher Education’s MBA in Luxury Brand Management takes place in Montreux and lasts three semesters. This master’s programme trains students to be knowledgeable and adaptable in the wider international economy, but with specifics for the luxury sector. With modules on luxury marketing, event planning, e-commerce, new trends and more, this master’s in luxury management gives students a broad and detailed knowledge of the industry. The final semester of the degree includes either writing a master thesis on a topic of specialisation or taking part in a placed internship.

Did any of these programmes catch your eye? Are you considering applying to one or multiple? Maybe you discovered luxury brand management is not your cup of tea? Whatever the situation, EDUopinions is here to help. Take a look at our list of the best business schools in Europe to study a Masters. You may also be interested in our top 4 places to live as a business student.

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