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What can I do with a Master’s in Marketing?


Do you know what characteristic all successful companies share? They have a strong marketing team! And just like you today, many of their talented marketers had questions before they got where they are. Is it is worth studying marketing, is it hard, what is your career going to look like, and where should you study marketing? That is why in this article, EDUopinions provides answers to these key questions that most prospective marketing students are asking.

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Is it worth getting a Masters in marketing?

Marketing studies can be beneficial in various situations, including as a boost to your current professional life. That is why there are so many different types of marketing master’s degrees out there: full-time, online, part-time, at a university or through certifications. Therefore, you can easily access and follow courses next to your professional life. Such programmes can be general, such as Master’s of Business Administration in Marketing or Master’s of Science in Communication, but you will also find degrees that delve into a specific set of topics. For example, a professional might be trying to become an expert in a niche area of marketing by following a degree focusing on e-commerce, brand-management of consumer behaviour.

Whilst the most important aspects of a good marketeer are skills and creativity, following a marketing degree will almost always give you easy access to a valuable resource: a great network of (future) professionals. Career services organise extensive networking events during which you can meet other marketers and learn about the industry.

Is a Masters in marketing hard?

Marketing is a fast-changing field that will require you to work hard and stay ahead of the trends. Therefore, students can become overwhelmed with the amount of information shared during their courses. You be reading lots, but unlike other business degrees, you will also learn from other mediums such as videos and advertisements. Another difficulty is that marketing is a broad field that is not always straightforward. Universities offer a multitude of diverse subjects that are deeply rooted in other fields: one day you might study psychology through consumer behaviour, and the next you might be studying financial returns from clicking conversion rates. For some students, this is a challenge, but for many, it is rather an exciting aspect of their studies.

What do your marketing job prospects look like?

Magazine marketing

The growth of digital markets has increased the demand for online advertising and other ways to increase one’s visibility online. In a study by McKinsey, the international consultancy firm mentioned marketing as one of the 15 fields to “account for almost 30% of potential future net job growth”. Other sources talk about a more specific 9% increase in the job outlook for marketing professionals by 2024. This is excellent news for you! Moreover, it is a field that offers work-from-home and freelance opportunities, enabling you to work from halfway across the world. Nevertheless, it remains a competitive job market with some positions bringing significantly more advantages (including a better wage) than others. Here are some positions that might interest you:

  • Advertising director
  • Art director
  • Content marketing manager
  • Digital brand manager
  • eCommerce marketing director
  • Public Relations manager
  • Senior brand manager

Where are the best masters in marketing taught?

For the first time, the famous QS ranking platform has released a list of the best master’s degrees in marketing. An astonishing 63% of institutions on the list are located in Europe. Several European countries host many reputable business schools that often offer strong marketing courses. This is certainly the case for the United Kingdom, France, Spain and Ireland. The second hotspot to study marketing is the United States, with 21 schools out of 70 on the list.

In conclusion, marketing is a fast-changing and competitive field for which a graduate degree is a great asset. Now that we have, hopefully, provided you with useful answers to these general questions, you might have several more specific and personal queries. Wait no more and share them with our experts who are there to provide you with free support and advice. Additionally, you can look at our articles on understanding Marketing and your career options and the 8 most affordable Masters in Marketing. This will get you set up to peacefully start your graduate degree in this exciting field.

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