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Which Business Schools in Europe Accept GRE?


Are you preparing an application to business school? Wondering about the testing requirements? Which schools accept the GRE and which ones prefer the GMAT? In this EDUopinions article, we will take a look at which business schools in Europe accept the GRE and provide some details on what makes them so great.

Do you need the GRE to apply to a business school?

The GRE is a more general type of exam used in the admissions process for various graduate programmes. Because of this, it is not typically required in applications to business school. More commonly, business schools will require the GMAT, which is a graduate entrance exam specific to business studies, or offer applicants the option of taking either the GMAT or the GRE.

What is a good GRE score for business school?

What counts as a “good” score depends on many factors, including the other components of your application, how competitive an admissions process is and your own academic and personal goals. Generally, students at the most competitive business schools in Europe score between 320 and 325 on their GRE, and often times above 325. That said, scores above 315 can also help lead to a successful application in many cases. Scoring between 300 and 310 is typically sufficient for less competitive programmes in Europe.

Do business schools prefer GRE or GMAT?

Increasing, business schools have started accepting the GRE in addition to the GMAT. However, a number of (competitive) business schools in Europe still prefer the GMAT to the GRE, mostly on account of the test’s business focus, making it easier to compare applicants. That said, the majority of business schools will treat the two tests equally. For advice on which test you should take, reach out to EDUopinions for free, personalised help!

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Which Business Schools in Europe accept GRE?

London Business School – LBS

LBS campus

First up is London Business School—an excellent option for graduate studies that also accepts the GRE in its application. Located in the heart of the city’s financial district, London Business Schools is a great option for anyone looking to find nearby work/internship experiences and networking opportunities. In addition, the business school has a campus in Dubai, making it ideal for students who want to study abroad in the Middle East. Offering a range of MBAs, masters and PhD programmes in addition to executive education, London School of Business is an all-around great option for your business studies.

University of Cambridge – Judge Business School

CambridgeJudge Business School-campus

Next up, University of Cambridge’s Judge Business School is another great option for business schools in Europe that accept GRE scores. The Judge Business School offers a wide variety of degree types, including specialised master’s degrees in finance, entrepreneurship, accounting, social innovation and technology policy. Because of the business school’s affiliation with University of Cambridge, the institution’s research output is strong—great for students who wish to do their own research. All in all, Judge Business School is a fantastic place to continue your studies and prepare for your future business career.

University of Oxford – Saïd Business School

Said Business School

The University of Oxford is home to Saïd Business School—another top-notch institution that accepts the GRE. At Saïd, students learn the skills necessary to become responsible business leaders capable of “making the world a better and more equitable place.” Like the business school at Cambridge, Saïd boasts an impressive research capacity, perfect for students who want to pursue an academically rigorous business education. In sum, students at Saïd can expect to get the best of both tradition and innovation thanks to Oxford’s long history of academic excellence and Saïd’s commitment to cutting-edge business pedagogy.

Alliance Manchester Business School

Alliance Manchester

Part of the University of Manchester, Alliance Manchester Business School also accepts the GRE in its application process. At Alliance, students of all levels can pursue business degrees—the school offers an impressive range of undergraduate, masters, MBA, DBA and executive education programmes. What’s more, students at Alliance have plenty of opportunities to network with business professionals around the UK and take up work/internship experiences, guaranteeing you finish your degree with more than just academic knowledge. Check out what this recent graduate had to say about their experience at Alliance:

International Management
Anonymous student
Endless networking opportunities!

I would 100% recommend this university! Throughout my 4 years there I received endless guidance and support from the amazing staff; both professors and student support teams. A particular highlight was the insightful guest lectures, networking employability events and career meetings, these significantly helped in preparing me for my future career.

Programme: International Management
Degree: Bachelor's
Graduation: 2020
Campus: Manchester
Career Prospects
Student Life

HEC Paris

One of the best ranked institutions in the world, HEC Paris is a popular choice among students looking for business schools in Europe that accept GRE. HEC Paris specialises in preparing students for the future of business. In light of business evolving so rapidly in recent years, students at HEC Paris gain skills to help them adapt to whatever the world of business looks like over the course of their careers. Further, the student body at HEC Paris represents 111 different nationalities, making it a highly international business school and the ideal place to make global contacts for a career in international business.

INSEAD Business School

Also located in France, INSEAD Business School provides a unique international educational experience for highly motivated students. Calling itself “the business school for the world,” INSEAD has campuses in several of the world’s largest business hubs, including France, Singapore, San Francisco and Abu Dhabi. This alone makes INSEAD a great option for your business studies, providing you with close access to highly significant markets all over the world. In addition, INSEAD’s programmes—ranging from masters to PhD—all emphasise diversity, independence and internationalism as important business values. What’s more, INSEAD is another business school in Europe that accepts GRE scores!

IMD Business School

IMD Business School is another great option to consider in terms of which business schools in Europe accept GRE. Based in Lausanne, Switzerland and Singapore, IMD Business School is an institution built for business leaders who are questioning, innovative and disruptive in the name of progress. If this describes you, you should consider applying to one of the institution’s highly-specialised programmes. For instance, IMD offers programmes designed for women only, family business only or board members only, providing an unparalleled level of specialisation in its teaching. For these reasons and may more, IMD Business School is a one of a kind place to complete your business education.

University of St. Gallen – HSG

Another Swiss business school, University of St. Gallen takes a unique approach to education. With a focus on entrepreneurship, University of St. Gallen allows students a large degree of flexibility when it comes to their curriculum, encouraging students to identify their strengths and broaden their horizons through unique combinations of classes and extra-curricular commitments. Further, all degree programmes incorporate a holistic core to ensure graduates are equipped with important business skills like flexibility, responsibility and intercultural communication. Even better, University of St. Gallen is another business school in Europe accepting GRE in their application.

IESE Business School

IESE Business School

Based in Spain, IESE Business School is another incredible institution at which to study, particularly for those interested in executive education. Financial Times has ranked IESE #1 in the world for executive education for the sixth year in a row, meaning you can be sure to receive a high-quality education there. Of course, their masters, PhD and sector-specific programmes are also of the highest quality and provide students with in-depth academic and experiential knowledge in their field of focus. Another advantage of IESE is that their five worldwide campuses in New York, Madrid, Munich and São Paulo all accept the GRE in their application processes—meaning you have the ability to study all around the world with just one entrance exam!

ESADE Business School


Last but not least, ESADE is another high-quality option for which business schools in Europe accept GRE. Based in Barcelona, ESADE Business School offers a “new educational paradigm,” in which every degree programme they offer is situated within an innovative learning ecosystem. In practice, this means that each degree programme provides its students with unique opportunities for networking, internships and hands-on learning and the chance to customise your education. This type of learning helps students gain a sense of business know-how even before graduation, making them highly-sought after in the job market. Altogether, ESADE offers a cutting-edge business education, perfect for students who think outside the box in their academic and professional careers.


Conclusion about which business schools accept GRE

As we have seen, there are many excellent business schools in Europe accepting the GRE. That said, this list is not exhaustive, with hundreds of other institutions in Europe that accept the GRE in their admissions process. For help with navigating the GRE vs. GMAT question, or to find more business schools that accept the GRE, feel free to reach out to EDUopinions for free, personalised advice!

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