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What Is a Marketing Degree?

A business cannot survive if its products are not marketed in the proper way. Luckily for all the businesses out there, the number of candidates wanting to pursue a marketing career is growing tremendously. 

The aim of this degree is to help students anticipate, manage, and satisfy customers’ needs and wants. By doing so, they will be able to effectively communicate the benefits of any business product to the targeted market. 

Due to the fact that marketing is a complex industry, which tackles many areas ranging from market research to advertising and promotion, this degree focuses on all parts of the process before concentrating on a particular area of study.


Benefits of a Marketing Degree

Good news for marketing graduates! If you did not know yet, marketing is an essential aspect of all types of businesses, from all sectors of activity. Thus, all of them rely on marketers to promote and sell their products. A high market demand comes with many job opportunities available. 

According to Labor Department Findings, graduates with a marketing degree can earn 98% more per hour than the ones working in the industry without having a specialised degree.

Furthermore, students are equipped with transferable skills, such as excellent communication abilities, strategic thinking, planning, data analysis and so on, that can be used in other industries too.

Marketing Degree Structure

Marketing degrees can be studied either as Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BSc). The major difference lies in the presence of more scientific and technological aspects, which are commonly seen in a BSc rather than a BA. 

Like most degrees, marketing courses last between three and four years, depending on the university. However, there are institutions which give students the possibility to do a two-year associate’s degree – also called a ‘foundation’ degree. 

Even if graduating from both degrees qualifies candidates to work in this industry, a Bachelor degree has higher chances to lead you to well-paid jobs. 

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Why to study Marketing?

It is worth studying Marketing there are plenty of universities you can choose from. Based on student reviews on EDUopinions, the overall rating of the Marketing is 4.2.

What is the best university to study Marketing?

The best university to study the Marketing is the Imperial College London with an overall student rating 5 on EDUopinions.

How many universities offer the Marketing?

486 of universities and higher education institutions offer the Marketing .

Is it easy to find a job after studying Marketing?

If you're wondering if it's easy to find a job after studying Marketing , let's check out the EDUopinions blog and find out!

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