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Is A Marketing Degree Worth It? 5 Things To Consider



Deciding which subject to study as a degree is naturally quite difficult. You’ll want to choose a subject that you enjoy and that will potentially lead to a career that you find interesting, as well as considering the skills required for the degree.

With a subject as specialised as a Marketing degree, these considerations are even more important.

So is a Marketing degree worth it? We’ve looked at all the details of this niche business degree to advise you.

What is a Marketing Degree?

Marketing is a broad subject and has as much to do with creativity as it does with business fundamentals. Not only will you explore typical business topics like sales, but also how to put together successful ads and how to use social media to your advantage.

More specifically, if you study marketing you’ll likely cover the basics of selling, branding, market research, public relations, ethics, and decision science. Though the degree is linked to business, you probably won’t delve into management or finance. However, you will be expected to look at the industry as a whole and may explore things like budgeting a marketing campaign.

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is a marketing degree worth it?

Some professionals are quick to say that marketing degrees are a waste of money. This is mainly because the profession changes so much. Some social media platforms that were in vogue 10 years ago no longer exist, while others have adapted and changed their output according to new trends. For example, marketers now have to consider how their ads will perform on Instagram Stories or Tik Tok, while traditional marketing methods like TV ads have become less important.

Additionally, marketing is a niche subject. A lot of the skills taught on a marketing degree do not transfer well to other careers. While a marketing degree will turn you into a great marketer, if you’re still unsure about your career path, then a marketing degree might not be worth it.

If you’re trying to decide between a general business degree and a marketing degree, or are just interested in creative skills, then these questions will help you find out if a marketing degree is worth it. 

1. You’re Interested in marketing

Have you binge-watched all of Mad Men and are still looking for more? Do you find yourself admiring adverts on TV or social media?

If you already have an interest in the world of marketing, then you might find that a specialist degree in the subject is right for you. Those with a passion for selling, understanding people’s pain points, and getting across information in creative ways will excel in this field. All this will make a marketing degree worth it.

2. You’re interested in digital skills

Marketing Degree Digital Skills

Marketing is one of the most innovative sectors of business. From social media marketing to data analysis, there are a lot of digital skills that go into being a good marketer.

Do you know your way around all of the most popular social media platforms and are as comfortable with analytics as editing Tik Toks? A marketing degree will give you the chance to put all these skills to the test while learning more about digital platforms and selling.

3. You want to work at a creative agency

A marketing degree won’t just allow you to work in marketing at a private company. With your creativity and communication skills, you may also find yourself working for a creative agency. For example, you might find a role as a marketer, social media content creator, or digital marketing manager.

There are also plenty of opportunities for marketing graduates outside of the traditional marketing path. You could work in public relations, start your own marketing company, or become an expert in SEO or customer relationship management.

4. You want to be an entrepreneur

Marketing Degree for Entrepreneurs

Digital marketing is a key skill for any entrepreneur in the 21st century. When you’re building your own brand, you’ll have to know how to sell yourself and build a social media presence.

For this reason, a Marketing degree is worth it for anyone looking to start their own business. It will give you insight into researching your customer base, creating ads, and communicating with customers.

5. You want to work in a creative business field

If you’re naturally creative but don’t see the value in a traditional art degree, then a marketing degree is a great choice. You’ll be able to flex your content creation skills by creating logos, brand names, and ads and get a foundation in data analysis and sales that will easily transfer to other industries.


So, is a marketing degree worth it?

If you’re a creative person who feels intimidated by a traditional business degree, then a marketing degree could be a good option. It offers a wide range of career options, from the traditional advertising route to more digital roles in SEO and marketing campaign management.

However, the degree is still niche. If you don’t have an innate interest in marketing, advertising, or selling, then you might find it difficult.

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