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Studying in Poland: Tuition Fees and Cost of Living


Many students dream of studying abroad during their degree or even undertaking an entire degree in a foreign country. While plenty of study abroad options exist, many of them come at a high price. If you are a student looking for the perfect place to study abroad on a budget, Poland may be the place for you! Today, EDUopinions will outline some details about the cost of studying in Poland as well as what students’ experiences look like.

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Poland as a student destination

In recent years, Poland has become an increasingly popular student destination. This is thanks in part to the relatively low cost of living, but also because of the great universities the country has to offer. There are over one million students at nearly 400 universities in Poland studying both in Polish and English. With many large cosmopolitan cities, Poland is home to a number of distinct metropolitan areas; whether you are looking for art and culture, strong academics or natural beauty, Poland’s got it. Another advantage of studying in Poland is its prime location in Central Europe, nearby many other exciting destinations.

Tuition fees in Poland

Compared to some other European Union countries, Poland provides university education at very affordable prices. For EU/EEA citizens, full-time public universities are free and only require a small registration fee. For international students, tuition fees at public institutions are about €2,000 per year. While this is not a negligible amount, it is considerably less than in other European countries such as the UK, where international students pay upwards of £20,000 per year. Finally, for students at private universities in Poland, tuition fees are slightly more expensive, ranging from €2,000 to €6,000 per year. Again, this is still a considerable amount, but compared to private universities elsewhere in Europe, it is a pretty great deal.

Cost of living in Poland

Study in Warsaw

As tuition fees in the country, the cost of living in Poland is generally less than in other nearby countries. Studying in the capital city Warsaw is likely to be slightly more expensive than elsewhere in Poland, but as a general rule students should budget a minimum of €400-450 per month. This figure is based on living in student dorms and in addition, includes public transportation and health insurance costs, phone and internet bills, €200 on groceries and €50 on entertainment. And, if you plan to rent a flat of your own, you should be prepared to spend at least another €200 per month on accommodation. Of course, everyone’s individual spending habits differ, but student life in Poland can be considerably less than elsewhere in Europe. For more information about student-specific budgets in Poland, check out Ready, Study, Go! Poland.

Great universities in Poland

As mentioned above, Poland is home to hundreds of great universities and business schools, providing students with a wide range of options to choose from.

Kozminski University

Kozminski University - campus

Kozminski University is one of the top-rated institutions in Poland based on EDUopinions reviews. It is a non-profit university based in Warsaw, conducting studies in areas such as Management, Finance, Economics and Law. Kozminski’s English taught programmes are very popular to students from around the world.

Jagiellonian University

Jagiellonian University Campus

Jagiellonian University in Kraków is the top-ranked university in Poland and one of the oldest in the world, dating back to 1364. For those looking to immerse themselves in the heart of Polish culture and academics, Jagiellonian University is the perfect place. With alumni like Copernicus and Pope John Paul II, this university clearly has a history of successful alumni. These days, students have access to over 150 fields of study, plentiful research opportunities and endless extra-curricular activities.

University of Warsaw

University of Warsaw Campus

Another excellent option to consider is the University of Warsaw, whose department of management offers one of the best business programmes in the country. Located in the heart of Warsaw, this university promises an exciting and international experience to its students who come from near and far. With dozens of programmes taught in English and courses in 37 different languages, the University of Warsaw positions itself as a truly diverse learning environment.

Gdansk University of Technology

Gdansk University of Technology’s courses are taught at under and postgraduate levels with 18 subject areas taught through English. The university also operates an Erasmus programme through which student exchanges take place with institutions in Europe and beyond.

Sopot University of Applied Sciences

Sopot University of Applied Sciences campus

The Sopot University of Applied Sciences has two branches, one located in Sopot (the University’s headquarters) and the other one is in Chojnice. This university provides excellent conditions for professional education & development and it’s equipped with the latest-generation multimedia equipment.

What students think

Finally, let’s take a look at what students have to say about their experiences in Poland using EDUopinions’ real, verified university reviews. First, Ania, a student at Jagiellonian University, wrote about how intellectually stimulating and practically focused her studies were, calling it “a great place to study:

It's a great place to study

The Jagiellonian University is a great place not only for intellectual development, which is possible thanks to excellent professors and infrastructure but also allows us to develop their interests practically by participating in many interdisciplinary projects. The acquired knowledge and experience is an important step in your career.

Campus: Kraków

Another student from the same institution said they received an “absolutely outstanding education” and had an incredible time living in the city of Kraków. Read their full review here:

American Studies
Anonymous student
One of the oldest universities in the world

Absolutely outstanding education. Friendly people and very accommodating systems. Highly recommended to study and to obtain first-class education for a very reasonable amount of money. Also, Krakow is an outstanding city to live in. Plenty of historical monuments and great cultural life. Truly a gem.

Programme: American Studies
Degree: Master's
Campus: Kraków
Career Prospects
Student Life

Here is another review from a student of a Master’s in Management at Kozminski:

Global Master's ...
in Management
Kozminski University - one of the triple crown university across the globe

MIM program was the best program for me it helped me gain a lot of knowledge about the business field plus the internships gave me the experience at the same time, anyone who wants to learn these should go for MIM from Kozminski University.

Programme: Global Master's in Management
Degree: Master's
Graduation: 2023
Campus: Warsaw
Career Prospects
Student Life

Conclusion about the costs of studying in Poland

While low tuition fees and an affordable cost of living are certainly attractive, studying in Poland is not just a bargain—it is a great opportunity to earn a degree and immerse yourself in a new culture. If you have any questions or want to learn more about studying in Poland, reach out to EDUopinions for free, individualised advice!

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