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The 8 most affordable Masters in Marketing in 2022


You know that you want to continue your studies but are still in the decision-making process? Is marketing something you are looking into? Before EDUopinions dives into the most affordable masters in marketing, it is important to know why it is good to study marketing in the first place. Let’s get started:

Best Masters in MarketingWhy study a Masters in Marketing?

Marketing is a skill that is much in demand. If you love analysing market trends, market communications and want to be a manager in marketing, then a masters in marketing is essential. Not only does it teach you the skills needed for a marketing career, but you also learn more about how organisations function, how to be a leader and other skills that will be beneficial for you anywhere you go.

Are Marketing Degrees in Demand? How much can I make with a Masters in marketing?

Indeed, marketing degrees are still in demand. Marketing-related jobs are some of the highest-paying jobs, however, this depends on the specialization. Different specialization can result in a huge difference between salaries. According to various surveys, the annual salaries of marketing personal starts from around $63,120 and can go up to $134,290.

What Skills are Required for a Masters in Marketing?

To succeed in the world of marketing, one needs a masters in marketing but also a whole different set of personal skills that every master’s in marketing school will look for before they admit you into the programme. These skills are:

  • Writing: How one represents a brand and make that memorable is the magic of writing. Creative and skilful writing is one of the most useful skills one needs to develop to achieve marketing success.
  • Basics of Web Design: With the digitalization of the world, being able to manage and handle websites has become an essential skill. It is the present and the future of marketing.
  • Social Media Management: Nowadays social media has become the core of digital marketing. Therefore, every marketer, even working in different fields, requires knowledge of social media marketing.
  • Analytics: Market analysis is the first step to build any marketing campaign. This should be any marketer’s basic skill or say basic instinct. The ability to carry out market research and analyze the data is a must for any marketer.
  • Networking: Marketing and networking work side by side. Networking is another soft skill that a marketer should master to gain as many clients as they can. This is a skill that not only helps a company to grow but also helps in the personal growth of the marketers.
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Which are the Most Affordable Masters in Marketing in Europe?

1. MSc in Marketing at ALBA Graduate Business School

ALBA Graduate Business School in Greece is one of the most popular business schools. They offer top business and marketing programmes for graduation as well as the higher levels. The business school offers both an MBA in marketing and an MSc in Marketing. The latter offers almost a similar syllabus yet is much more affordable than the MBA.

Duration: 14 months/Evening classes

Language: English

Programme Type: Full-time

Qualification: Master of Science

2. Marketing Management, M.A. at Cologne Business School

Cologne Business School

The Cologne Business School – CBS is fairly new compared to other popular business schools in Europe. However, it has maintained a good reputation among others. In fact, the business school has become one of the highly preferred options in a very short time, thanks to all of the many awards and recognitions received. Now it is the third most qualified and excellent school when it comes to business studies in Germany. Anyone who wishes to pursue a masters in marketing can opt for their M.A.

Duration: 4 semesters

Language: English

Programme Type: Full-time

Qualification: Master of Arts

3. Digital and Strategic Marketing, MSc at the University of Bradford

The University of Bradford’s innovative Digital and Strategic Marketing Master’s programme provides in-depth knowledge of the marketing tools and techniques valued by employers around the globe. Students learn how to plan and implement successful marketing initiatives while perfecting their analytical and problem-solving abilities. This programme has the approval of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and is based at the triple-crown accredited School of Management in Bradford. It can be studied either full-time or part-time, meaning students can choose to study around their current commitments. Home fees for 2021 entry are £11,326, and fees for International students are £17,682.

Duration: 12 or 15 months

Language: English

Programme Type: Full-time or Part-time

Qualification: Master of Science

4. Marketing and Communication, MSc at ESCP Europe

Studies in Germany in English

ESCP Europe was established in 1819 and is the oldest business school in the world. Intrigued? Anyone would be. It is a business school with a great legacy and history. This university was founded in Paris, France. However, now it has 5 branches in different countries including the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Germany, and Poland.

The MSc in Marketing and Communication programme at ESCP is not only an affordable option but also assures a good career ahead. It has a fair share of successful alumni including Patrick Thomas, former CEO of Hermès, and a former prime minister of France, Jean-Pierre Raffarin. It is a place that can open the door of many opportunities for you.

Duration: 1 year (full time)

Language: French and English

Programme Type: Full-time

Qualification: Master of Science

5. MSc in Marketing at Montpellier Business School

montpellier business school masters

Montpellier Business School is one of the oldest business schools in France. It is a university-level school that offers many programmes, including Bachelor, Grande Ecole Programme, Masters of Science, and Executive MBA.

Whereas the MBA in marketing programme can be quite expensive, one can opt for the MSc in Marketing. This programme lets you explore marketing on a global scale. It has a diverse curriculum that allows students to learn from a real-world scenarios.

Duration: 18 months

Language:  English and French

Programme Type: Full-time

Qualification: Master of Science

6. Marketing, Master at EU Business School

studies in germany in english

EU Business School is an internationally proclaimed business school with campuses in Barcelona, Geneva, Montreux and Munich. It is a business school with many options to pursue a masters in marketing. The MBA in marketing here can be a great option for you that is not only affordable but will help you shape up your career.

Duration: 1 year (full time)

Language:  English

Programme Type: Full-time

Qualification: Master of Science

7. MA in Strategic Marketing at Macromedia University

The Master’s specialisation in Strategic Marketing is offered within the Master’s in Business programme at Macromedia University of Applied Sciences and it is designed to provide the students with cutting-edge tools and prepare them as future marketing managers. They will gain theoretical insights and practical skills and they will be confident in shaping and executing the strategic marketing strategies for global brands.

After graduation, students will be qualified for a wide range of professional positions in marketing both in Germany and abroad.

Duration: Three semesters

Language:  English or German

Programme Type: Full-time

Qualification: Master of Arts

8. MSc in Strategic Marketing Management at BI Norwegian Business School

The MSc in Strategic Marketing Management at BI Norwegian Business School is a unique programme that focuses on core marketing strategies. They define the programme as “Strategic Marketing is about creating future-proof businesses that are able to create value for their customers, and make money in an ever-changing marketplace. This is a master’s programme for people who like to communicate, and support their message with a thorough understanding of statistics and analysis to substantiate their communication to their targeted market.

This is a great option for people who want to learn advanced marketing. The programme covers popular topics like Brand Management, Understanding the Consumer, and Strategic Management.

Duration: Full-time (1 year)

Language:  English

Programme Type: Full-time or part-time

Qualification: Master of Science

Conclusion about the most affordable Masters in Marketing

Now that you know where a Masters in Marketing can take you, make sure that you think carefully about which programme fits your needs. Last but not least, remember that EDUopinions is here to help you choose if you are still confused about where or what to study.

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Editor’s note: This article was first published on the 29th of January 2020. We’ve updated it for current readers.

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