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The 5 Most Affordable MBAs in Germany in 2024


German universities offer high-quality MBAs that are relatively affordable. In this article, EDUopinions explains why it is worth doing an MBA in German, how much it costs to study and live there, and what are the five most affordable programmes.

Is it worth doing an MBA in Germany?

In the past few years, Germany has been proving that its education is of high quality, even though it is less commonly known. Indeed, several German universities consistently rank among the best higher education institutions in Europe. They also offer more and more programmes in English. Furthermore, we cannot forget that Germany hosts several branches of big companies like Adidas and Google, which offer great career prospects. Finally, and most importantly, EDUopinions student reviews suggest that students are very happy with their studies in Germany.

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How much does it cost to study an MBA in Germany?

Even though education is famously free in Germany, it does not apply to MBAs. Nevertheless, German MBAs are still cheaper than in most other countries. For example, the average price of an MBA in the USA is USD60,000 for two years, whereas it costs around EUR20,000 in Germany (including much cheaper options). Additionally, there are several scholarship opportunities, and the high level of education provides you with great value for your money.

MBA in Germany

What is the cost of living in Germany?

Life in Germany is not particularly expensive, but definitely not cheap, especially in cities. Indeed, you should be ready to spend EUR800 or more on rent, charges, food and transportation. Nevertheless, your student status gives you great advantages for leisure activities, such as museums, theatres, restaurants and gyms. Overall, we think that you can live very comfortably with EUR900 per month.

EDUopinions’ list of The 5 Most Affordable MBAs in Germany

International Management MBA at CBS International Business School

cbs campus inside

The CBS International Business School, located in Cologne, offers a 120 credits MBA. In other words, completing this English-taught degree takes two years. It is catered towards students without an economics or business background. The first two semesters focus mostly on theory courses and skill courses are added as you advance in the programme. Then, during the third semester, you take part in a business project. This means that you are given a real-life case that you analyse.  Then you present your findings to representatives of the company that provided the case. Additionally, you follow simulation games to train your business skills.

The cost of this international MBA is EUR11,700 per year. Just like for any other MBA, there exist several nationwide scholarships that you can apply for. However, CBS also runs its own financial help programme.

MBA at Hochschule Fresenius


Hochschule Fresenius or Fresenius University of Applied Sciences is one of the oldest private universities in Germany. It has campuses in various locations: Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Munich, Heidelberg, Wiesbaden, Cologne and Idstein. Fresenius offers a big variety of English-taught programmes and they are all fully accredited and state-recognized.

Their programme in General Management, MBA Blended is designed for those who wish to take on leadership roles and gain in-depth economic expertise and management skills. The total cost of this MBA is EUR 7,740 for EU students and EUR 11,610 for Non-EU students. It’s an 18-month programme and it’s offered in Berlin (blended learning).

MBA at IU International University of Applied Sciences

IUBH_CS_bad_honnef_Studieren in Bad Honnef-min

IU International University of Applied Sciences provides quality programmes for Bachelor, Master, and MBA degrees with a whole new approach. They have been focusing on offering fully online programs for distance learning, yet students can also choose to study on-site and combine both online and on-campus studies.

Their MBA is designed for those who want to expand their expertise with sound business know-how and additionally develop themselves through innovative specialisation options. The total cost of this MBA is EUR 8,111 for EU students and EUR 12,167 for Non-EU students. It’s an 18-month programme and it’s offered in Berlin.

Master of Business Administration at OHM Professional School

OHM campus

The OHM Professional School, located in Nuremberg, offers a 60 to 80 credits MBA which is flexible. Indeed, the programme can be personalised for you depending on whether you have an economics and business background or not. In the latter case, the programme is one semester longer and subsequently a bit more expensive. Until the spring of 2021 included, the full programmes respectively cost EUR15,000 and EUR18,000. However, the price will change to EUR18,000 and EUR21,000 in October 2021. Note that an extra fee of EUR127 is required per semester.

All classes take place in the evening and on Saturdays. Generally speaking, the degree is internationally driven and focuses on international marketing, applied leadership and social competencies, and strategic management. You have the option to spend a week abroad at partner universities in the USA and China. Furthermore, you also get the opportunity to collaborate with companies like Siemens AG, Schwan Stabilo or Fraunhofer IIS.

Master of Business Administration Part-Time at Mannheim Business School

Mannheim Business School - campus

The Mannheim Business School, located in Mannheim, is known for its world-class research and teaching and its strong practice orientation. Moreover, it is highly international and offers the 9th best MBA in Europe, according to Forbes‘ ranking. Following this 120 credits master of business administration will cost you EUR13,164 per year. You can reduce this cost by applying as an early bird (by January 31st 2021) and receive a EUR3,000 discount. You can also take a bit more time to decide, apply by the 30th of April and still receive a EUR2,000 discount. Furthermore, the school has its own scholarship programmes, including a scholarship for women in business and another one for outstanding candidates.

Conclusion about The 5 Most Affordable MBAs in Germany

As numerous MBAs are offered worldwide, we hope that this article provided you with great input from Germany. However, do not hesitate to look at The Best MBAs in The Netherlands or even The 10 Best Online MBAs.

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Editor’s note: This article was first published on the 16th of November 2020. We’ve updated it for current readers.

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